Danish symphonic prog rock/metal band MYTHERY set to release debut album “The Awakening of the Beast”

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The Danish symphonic prog rock/metal band MYTHERY are ready with their debut album, which will be released August 12th via Mighty Music/Target. In the past two years, mastermind Nikolaj Holger has worked intensively on writing “The Awakening of the Beast” – a grandiose symphonic masterpiece, meant to contribute with a fresh musical perspective to the genres of progressive rock and heavy metal!

MYTHERY can hardly be labeled as a ”typical metal band”, as the band members have very different musical backgrounds. Drummer, composer and lyricist Nikolaj Holger had by the end of 2010 recruited a bunch of very talented musicians to take part in what would become a very ambitious musical project. Nikolaj Holger met Laurits Emanuel (vocals), Simon Rabenhøj (guitars), Tobias Dall (bass) and Mikkel Rosenbeck (keyboards) while studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, and violinist Michala Høj was added to the line-up in late 2010. The vision was to create a distinctive, trademark sound that could be traced back to the roots of symphonic and melodic metal and, at the same time, push the boundaries of these genres. The result of their collaboration – “The Awakening of the Beast” – draws inspiration from the progressive and melodic elements of Dream Theater and the symphonic elements of Nightwish.

Tobias Dall and Mikkel Rosenbeck are primarily jazz musicians, Michala Høj has a successful career as a classical musician behind her and vocalist Laurits Emanuel’s voice brings a touch of indie rock to the music.  None the less, each member, and their individual qualities, contributes to the characteristic sound of MYTHERY and the bands musical vision is undeniable.


The nine track album consists of four single tracks and the 30-minute epic title track of the album ”The Awakening of the Beast”, which is split up into five separate parts.


Check out the cool snippet for “The Crusade” on YouTube here.



The Awakening of the Beast

Release: August 12th 2013


Track list:

01 – Another Universe

02 – Epoch of Destruction

03 – The Crusade

04 – Godforsaken


The Awakening of the Beast

05 – Overture

06 – A Dark Epiphany

07 – Awoken by the Fire

08 – Through Shadow Eyes

09 – The Words of Salvation



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