OVERKILL: European Killfest 2013 Scandinavian leg, Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark

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European Killfest 2013 Scandinavian leg
Electric Hellfire – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
27/4 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


At the end of April it was finally time for the American thrash legends of Overkill to visit Scandinavia. The place – Amager Bio, and since the band released their brilliant new album THE ELECTRIC AGE last year, I was thrilled to hear some of the new songs live. Overkill isn’t known for showering Scandinavia with shows. Usually they only do festival shows in Europe. However, on this tour they traveled to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and of course the rest of Europe. Just before the band headed out on tour a new edition of the latest album was released. The new edition is called THE ELECTRIC AGE TOUR EDITION and it includes a booklet and a bonus EP called LIVE FROM OZ that includes four live tracks. The last time I saw Overkill on a stage was at Wacken Open Air last year and the show was a statement of the bands greatness.

Amager Bio is an old movie theater that holds about 1000 visitors and the venue is really nice and located at the outskirts of Copenhagen. The support act Electric Hellfire wasn’t anything I’d seen or heard before. A short line had formed outside the club and I could hear that many Swedes had come to see the show. At 8:50 was it so time for the support act to enter the very large stage, a stage that included nothing more than a backdrop, the gear and some mics.


Electric Hellride

The show began instantly and after two songs the bands singer said that Electric Hellride, from Denmark, was proud to be opening for Overkill and thanked the headliner for bringing them along for this show. The drummer sat in the front in the middle with the rest of the band to the right and left of him. All of the members, except for the drummer, changed places on stage all the time and the music could best be described as thrash/groove metal. The members were lit up really poorly and stood mostly in the dark. I got tired after hearing a few songs but it’s hard to say something about a band or a song that you never heard before. Electric Hellride’s performance lasted for about 40 minutes and the small crowd seemed mostly eager to hear the headline act.


The crew worked hard and fast to get the stage ready for Overkill and we could see a big backdrop with the cover of the new album that lit up and shined when the intro began was put on place as well as a huge drumkit and other stuff. At 10 the lights were turned off and the intro music turned on. As soon as the fans heard the intro they began to shout and clap their hands in order for Overkill to enter stage.



“Come On And Get In” was the first song out and it was full speed ahead right from the start. “Rotten To The Core” followed instantly and then said Ellsworth that Copenhagen and Overkill is always going to be a “Wrecking Crew” and that song brought down the biggest applause yet.

Overkill is: Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – lead vocals, D.D Verni – bass, Dave Linsk – guitar, Derek Tailer – guitar, and Ron Lipnicki – drums.

Ellsworth looked really cool but he disappeared now and then from the stage during the lead guitar parts for some reason. Ellsworth thanked the crowd and the band continued the show with “Bring Me The Night” and the new song “Electric Rattlesnake”. It was Ellsworth and Verni that moved around the most and kept on connecting with the fans. The entire band was really solid and tight and felt like an unstoppable mean machine. Ellsworth asked if the fans wanted to hear more and smiled when he heard the massive echo of fans that shouted for more. “Infectious” taken from the album HORRORSCOPE followed and it was only to lean back and enjoy watching these legends doing their thing on stage. Ellsworth wanted fans to scream louder and more and said that it was fun to see that everyone seemed to be enjoying both the older songs as well as the more current ones.


During “Ironbound” I was once again struck by how amazing Ellsworth is as a frontman. He’s also a really great singer as well and he really connected with the audience. The only thing Verni needed to do was to look cool, he is coolness personified. Ellsworth thanked “all the motherfuckers” for coming and said that he dreamed way back to 1988 when it all began to take off. He said it had been a long way to go but now they’re here and loving what they’re doing. When the fans heard the first notes of “Hello From The Gutter” all hell broke loose and everyone went crazy. Linsk did a great job and he was the one who took on most of the lead guitar parts. Ellsworth disappeared from the stage during this song and it felt like the band dragged out the song a while and waited for him to come back.

Then fans shouted “Overkill, Overkill…” and the band looked really happy. For the most part of the show, Ellsworth had a grin on his face. Ellsworth said that they didn’t care about what anybody thinks of them, they behave how they want they drink beer and they’re “Old School”. “Thunderhead”, “Who Tends The Fire” followed and the last song is a really old one, from 1989 and 8 minutes long. That slowed down the show a bit but the fans didn’t seem to mind that they only headed over to the bar to fill up their beer glasses one more time. Ellsworth said that the band and the fans is a brotherhood that had kept together through bad times and good times and the song “In Union We Stand” followed. It felt like this song was the one the audience had been waiting for and everyone sang a long. Everyone but Ellsworth and Lipnicki went of stage in the middle of the song and Ellsworth wanted everyone to sing the chorus with him. “Elimination” followed and that ended the ordinary set for the band.


However, 90 minutes wasn’t enough for the fans so they shouted for the band to come back on stage. It didn’t take long before the band came back and fired off “Coma” as the first encore. Ellsworth showed the finger and said that this was something everyone in New Jersey learned to do early on and the fans gave him the finger back and he laughed. Of course was the last song “Fuck You” and what a way to end a show.


My expectations were ridiculously high when the show started and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was an amazing show with some excellent songs. It was nice to see the band in a small venue like this compared to on a festival stage where it’s hard to get close and personal with the band. And as Ellsworth said, it felt like the fans embraced the new songs with the love they have for the old ones. About one hour after the show when the band headed to the bus they also stopped and talked with the fans, no divas in Overkill, that’s for sure! Overkill showed they are a force to reckon with and when it comes to thrash shows this particular show is sure one of the better ones I’ve seen so far this year. If you want to see Overkill live this summer in Europe then be sure to check out any of the festivals they’re performing at.



Set list


Come And Get It

Rotten To The Core

Wrecking Crew

Bring Me The Night

Electric Rattlesnake



Hello From The Gutter

Save Yourself

Old School


Who Tends The Fire

In Union We Stand




Fuck You (The Subhumans cover)




Thanks to Marcus Jakob at Nuclear Blast Germany HQ for help wit press/photo pass



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