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Singer Pete Newdeck – Tainted Nation

 Interview by Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Tom Hack for setting up the interview. Thanks to Massacre Records for providing promo pics.


Pete Newdeck is the singer in Tainted Nation (as well as drummer in Eden’s Curse). I sat down with Pete before the band headed out on tour in the UK to have a chat about the band and the new album. The debut album is titled F.E.A.R. and if you’re into modern metal with an edge, make sure to take a listen to the album. Tainted Nation consists a lot of well known names such as Mark Cross (Firewind, Marco Mendoza, etc.), Ian Nash (Lionsheart) and the Swedish bass demon Pontus Egberg (The Poodles etc). Read on!

Hi Pete. How are you today? Are you ready to kick off the interview?

Hi Anders. I am doing good thanks, just packing my bags to hit the road with Tainted Nation. But shoot!!

When and where was Tainted Nation born? Could you tell the readers the story behind the band?

Myself and Mark Cross became very good drumming friends from touring together with Firewind and Eden’s Curse. We stayed in touch and when I sent him the demos myself and Ian Nash had done, he was knocked for six or even seven. He didn’t know it was myself singing, so the biggest surprise hit him like a car!!


Was it a given from the start that Mark Cross and Pontus Egberg was going to be part of the band?

Pontus was very quickly located as the man we wanted, he didn’t resist. He was very pleased to get in the ring.


Is Tainted Nation considered a band or a project at the moment?

We are very much a band we all have other commitments but as we speak, we are getting ready to hit the road in the UK. being in a band with such talent makes you want to take it out to the people so we are a band a good band. And a live band too.


How would you like to describe the music that Tainted Nation plays?

ROCK 2013 kinda says it all I hope!!

How long did it take to write all the material to the debut album F.E.A.R.?

It took the best part of a year, fine tuning and rewriting, but I am very proud of our achievement it was worth all the heartache (if you can call it that)


Who writes the music and lyrics in the band and what are the lyrics about?

Myself and Ian had most of the writing, the lyrics were from myself. They cover pain, angst, frustration and real life. If you read through the lyrics there is something there to relate to for everyone it shows at times I was in a dark place!!

The song “Dare You” was put online what did the fans and media think of the song?

The reaction was unbelievable. We had some 80 thousand plays in a week many people started talking about us. Another proud moment as the testing of the waters.

You chose to do a cover of the song “Bimbo” originally made by the Swedish band Lambretta. Why did you want to interpret that song and why call it “Loser”?

It was always a favorite song of mine also it was something slightly less obvious to do so it was a bit of a surprise. We had to call it LOSER as the original was sang by a girl about a girl who stole her lover. In our version, the roles are reversed or I would appear to be very gay if I hadn’t hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Ted Poley features on the album. Tell us about how he ended up with you guys?

Ted is a friend of many years. He heard the demos and asked if he could sing one the rest is history. The duet we did on “Never Promised You Anything” is awesome.

In retrospect are you happy with the outcome of F.E.A.R?

Very happy.


Have you read any reviews of the album? What have the critics to say about it?

It’s been overwhelming. Many many great reviews. In fact the majority of reviews have loved our work.

Do you care about what the critics have to say about your work?

Yes. And most artists who say that they don’t care are liars!!

Who did the cover art-work and why is the album titled F.E.A.R.? Does the title have any special meaning?

It was a Brazilian /Scottish collaboration with a company called Hell’s Gone crazy…it took a while, but the result was exactly what we had in mind. F.E.A.R. = fight enemies and rulers!!


How come you named the band Tainted Nation? Where does the band name come from?

It was a name based around the corruption we see globally, from government to government, and monarchy, to self proclaimed saviors. Including the terrorism and the poverty. Every country is a Tainted Nation in some way.

Who plays the keyboard on the disc?

Two great friends. Eric Ragno and Ferdy Doernber both exceptional musicians who added their mark on songs they played.


 Production, mix and studio work

Who produced the album and where was the album recorded?

I produced the album. It was recorded at Tewkesbury UK, Athens, Greece, Stockholm Sweden pretty spread out, but that’s part of the magic.

Was it hard to produce your own band? What do you consider being your strongest feature as producer?

I cannot say it was any harder. My strongest feature was my focus. I had a picture in my head, and I just needed to paint that same picture onto a big fucking wall!!Being a producer means you have to pay attention to detail. You have to tell a band member that you need another take on a certain song. I am the guy with the late nights and the delivering of the mastertapes….oh the glamor!! hahaha


Did you also mix the album or who took care of that?

My good friend Dennis Ward did the mix. He was awesome as usual. We played around with lots of stuff and Dennis was happy to do whatever it takes. He is a great and talented guy and it’s a pleasure to be associated with him.

Mixed stuff

I know that you were out on tour back in 2011 in England how was that? Were you out as headline act or support act?

We supported the Electric Boys…it was our first trip out and it enabled us to really get to grips with playing together live. We really enjoyed it.


Do you see any problems or difficulties in the fact that the band members doesn’t all live in the same country?

There are always problems with bands and members, we knew that before we started. We all have a great relationship and deal with any logistical problems when we need to.

Is Joel Peters a solid member in the band or a session member?

Yes . Joel was playing live with us, so we thought it a natural thing to get him in full time. He is a great guy and a huge talent. Great singer and guitar player

Are there any plans on heading out on the road soon? Do you have any festival shows for the summer booked yet?

We have R-Mine festival in June, Skyfest in September and as I said we are out doing shows as we speak.

Are you co-operating with any management or booking agency at the moment?

Yes  rock n growl management highly recommended!! www.rockngrowl.com

What do you want to say to the unlucky ones that haven’t discovered Tainted Nation yet?

We will hunt you down there is no escaping !!!


Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy F.E.A.R?

1.It’s new

2.It’s modern

3.It’s a fucking monster!!

Well, that was all for me and metal-rules.com for this time. Finally do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers and fans?

Thanks for taking your time for reading this, and hopefully we will see you out there somewhere soon!!

I wish you all the best in the future and I really hope that you’re coming to Scandinavia to perform really soon!

Thanks so much. We really hope so too.




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