Demented – Across the Nature\’s Stillness

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Reviewed: June 2013
Released: 2013, Klonosphere
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

French Death Metal outfit Demented return with their second album \”Across The Nature\’s Stillness\” , an effort which comes three years after their debut release. Whilst the new release is well produced, well structured and sounds professional, there is not a great deal that stands out in terms of the great albums of the year. I don\’t want to say the album isn\’t a good listen, because it is, but in a genre which is so saturated these days, \”Across The Nature\’s Stillness\” fails to stand out from many other albums of the same generation.

Anyway, enough of the comparison\’s, let us focus on the album itself which was released earlier this year by Klonosphere. The album is sound musically, the production is just above standard (not impeccable), and the musicianship is very impressive, a lot of groove which I know is popular these days mixed with a nice amount of death metal and a rather satisfying mix of pedal and blast beats (too much of either is torturous).

Songs such as Psycho Pomp introduce an element of almost blackened thrash to the mix with a satisfying synth sitting in the distance. Despite this element of variety, it is still hard to see this album on it\’s own, separating itself from the pack. Unfortunately I think most bands will have this problem, in a genre which is so hard to perfect and so hard create something unique out of, bands will more than likely be tarnished with the \”Heard it all before\” tagline, whilst in actual fact writing some great music, Demented definitely fall into this category, as good as the album is, it is not very memorable for the aforementioned reasons.

A breath of fresh air on the album is the surprise track \’Innefable Mysticism\’ which features an unknown beautiful female vocal with a very sweet sounding piano accompaniment. The album then continues with some fine groove and some insatiable elements of thrash and death metal, despite the albums monotony there are definite elements of creativity and imagination, with some divine time signatures and some incredible musicianship.

This is an album that I think should do well, but probably wont do as well as I\’d hope. Combining their death and thrash with some great melody and even some metalcore-style breakdowns, for instance in the track \’Ceremony\’, the band have made a real effort at creating something that stands out, however I don\’t think it will in the eyes of a wider audience, there is something missing which stops it climbing over the proverbial wall.

The latter half of the album is unfortunately not great at all in terms of variety, at times I felt like I had it on repeat and became quite bored, even though the music was impressive, the last few tracks leave a lot to be desired in terms of imagination.

All things said I think the album is decent, but not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, with some fantastic musicianship on show and some interesting ideas, Demented have (hopefully) made themselves known in the European scene and I hope they can progress into future, more creative endeavours.

Review by Andy May


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Track Listing:
1. The Ritual
2. Shaman
3. On The Edge
4. Spirits
5. Psycho Pomp
6. Ineffable Mysticism
7. Sign Of Creation
8. The Ceremony
9. Reviving Fire
10. Light From The Stars
11. Listen To The Silence
12. Breathing Forest
13. Crossing The Land’s Enlightenment



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