Anthrax / Exodus / Municipal Waste – Metal Alliance Tour, Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 2013

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Anthrax / Exodus / Municipal Waste

Metal Alliance Tour

Theater of the Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA
April 18, 2013

Review by Infamousbutcher
Photos by SheWolf

Anthrax Tour poster
Tour Poster

The second thrash renaissance continues! When Anthrax announced they were going to play their timeless thrash landmark AMONG THE LIVING in its entirety on this tour, I almost shit! Unfortunately I had missed the last time they did this in 2005, so I didn’t think I get another crack at hearing rarely played killer tracks like “One World”, “A Skeleton in the Closet”, and “Imitation of Life”. To make the tour even more enticing, Anthrax teamed up with old school bay area thrash stalwarts Exodus and newcomers Municipal Waste, Shadows Fall, and Holy Grail for The Metal Alliance Tour. That’s a thrash menu that guaranteed to rattle your brains and bruise your body, so strap on the shit kicker boots, put on your denim patch jacket and let’s fucking rage!

Joey Belladonna – Anthrax

Tonight’s show is as the historic Theater of the Living Arts (TLA for short) on South Street in Philly. South Street is a happening place for metalheads, rockers, goths, punks, and suburbanites wanting to get in touch with their wild side. I’ve been to the TLA many times but this is the first time I realized how fucking small it is! Capacity is about 500 people, there is standing room on the floor, and upper balcony / bar with some seats, and a few seats downstairs at the bar. Sound quality was good and FUCKING LOUD! I think the Metal Alliance Tour should have been at a bigger venue like The Trocadero (my personal fave) or the Electric Factory. Place was packed and pretty hot since it is April and the ac isn’t on yet.


Tony Foresta – Municipal Waste

First band we caught the full set of was Municipal Waste, who came out guns blazing with their brand of old school thrash! The volume and intensity went through the fucking ceiling as Municipal Waste blasted “Unleash the Bastards” with fury but tongue planted firmly in cheek. Frontman Tony Foresta stomped all over the stage bellowing and screaming as Ryan Waste shredded the riffs and Phil Hall and Dave Witte dropped the fucking rhythm and percussion on us! With song titles like “The Thrashin’ of the Christ” and “Headbanger Face Rip” these guys don’t take themselves seriously and are downright silly at times, but the set was a good thrashing time! They definitely have an Anthrax / Suicidal Tendencies vibe, but with more humor. The crowd went into a frenzy once Municipal Waste came on and never let up, good pit action and crowd surfing throughout! One fan tried to get onstage but the bouncers pulled him off and kicked him out. It’s a pisser for the fan, but after what happened to Dimebag 9 years ago and what recently happened to Randy Blythe, in most venues getting onstage with bands just isn’t tolerated anymore. Municipal Waste is like the party thrash band, as they played songs like “Beer Pressure”, “Mind Eraser” and “The Art of Partying”. They aren’t big on politics; “Black President” was a Napalm Death style 3 second song that got a good laugh! For the finale, Tony and Ryan started a “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!” chant that got everyone involved! Overall a fun 45 minute set that got the crowd stoked up for what was coming.


Ryan Waste – Municipal Waste


Dave Witte
Dave Witte – Municipal Waste


Land Phil
Land Phil – Municipal Waste


Tony Foresta – Municipal Waste


Gary Holt – Exodus

Exodus came out at 8:10 with the newer track “The Ballad of Leonard and Charles”. I’d seen Exodus once before in 2010 and I didn’t care for it. The music is good 80s thrash and Gary Holt is fucking awesome, but at this point in their career singer Rob Dukes completely fucking ruins anything Exodus has to offer. His style is like a metalcore bully with very little vocal range. On top of that, he regularly insults the crowd in an effort to rile the fans up. I really hate it when a frontman acts like a total dick to the fans. He referred to us Philadelphia fans as “the Broad Street Pussies” which did not go over well! Can someone call Dave Mustaine to show this phony what a real tough guy is like?

Rob Dukes – Exodus

The highlights of the set included classics like “A Lesson in Violence”, “The Toxic Waltz”, and “Strike of the Beast”. Crowd response was decent with moshing and headbanging but the whole thing felt a little hollow.

Lee Altus – Exodus
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson – Exodus


Gary Holt – Exodus


Scott Ian – Anthrax

At 9:30 the lights dimmed, “Worship” was piped in over the PA, and the familiar riffs of “Among the Living” began to churn as the crowd screamed! Energy just streamed through the crowd as Scott built up the song riff after riff until blastoff! It was fucking amazing, the heaviest Anthrax opener I’ve ever heard and this is my 11th Anthrax show! Charlie’s drumming was pulverizing and just perfect, Frankie’s bass thundered, and Joey’s scorching vocals filled the room! Crowd went insane singing, moshing, and headbanging, for a few moments the entire floor was moving! Next was the best known mosh song ever, “Caught in a Mosh” which of course got an intense response. Anthrax sounded very tight and together, fucking nailing it live as usual. Throughout the set I could hear lots of fans singing along to the AMONG THE LIVING cuts, even the rare ones. The vibe was really cool and you could clearly hear Joey above the crowd. Early in the set my favorite tracks were “I Am the Law” (usually saved for the encore but tonight we get it early, RESPECT THE BADGE!) “Efilnikufesin” (SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE SAID – NFL!) and “A Skeleton in the Closet” (SPILL YOUR GUTS OLD MAN!). They were fucking flawless, better and heavier than the album versions with deft riffing from Scott and superb vocals from Joey. HOLY SHIT! At this point I was pretty blown away and we were only 5 songs in!

Frankie Bello – Anthrax

Usually, when a band plays a full album they do it from start to finish from the opening of the set, unless they are douchebags like Metallica who play full albums backwards. For this tour, Anthrax opted to use an approach as if they were touring for the album in 1987, play a few tracks, mix in some other stuff, go back to AMONG THE LIVING for a few more, etc. I didn’t think I would like this approach but actually it worked out great! Up next was a somber “In the End”, dedicated to the late Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrell Abbot. Images of Ronnie and Dime appeared on the sides of the stage as the band played, it was quite moving. Anthrax has an album of covers out now called ANTHEMS, which as Scott put it, is a bunch of songs the band wishes they had written themselves! From ANTHEMS we got an excellent rocking version of AC/DC’s “TNT”, Joey’s vocals are much more melodic than Bon Scott’s or Brian Johnson’s and it was cool to hear that take on the song.

Joey Belladonna – Anthrax

Most metalheads know that guitarist Rob Caggiano recently left Anthrax to join Volbeat. For the Metal Alliance Tour, Rob’s replacement was Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais. Jon did an adequate job, I thought the band’s sound wasn’t quite as good as it was for the Anthrax / Testament / Death Angel tour and I attribute that to Rob not being there. This is a minor complaint though; overall the performance was superb and very heavy.


Scott Ian – Anthrax

Other highlights included mind-blowing versions of the rarely if ever played “One World” (WELCOME TO IT!), “ADI/The Horror of it All” (incredible vocals by Joey), and “Imitation of Life”(FUCKING-A!, much heavier than the album version). Of course we got a furious WAR DANCE for “Indians”, so much so that Scott didn’t have to stop the song to make sure we had the proper fucking intensity! Anthrax seemed to be very happy with the hardcore Philadelphia crowd and never had to goad us to be more involved.

Jon Donais – Anthrax

To me, the best live thrash bands are Slayer, Anthrax, and Overkill. You can’t go wrong with a show or a live record from any of these bands and all of them have the ability to crush you even if you have seen them double digits. Anthrax is still on fire since Joey’s return in 2010, us metalheads are so fortunate he is back where he belongs. Catch these thrash titans live when you can, prepare to be ALL CAUGHT IN A MOSH!


Joey Belladonna – Anthrax


Scott Ian – Anthrax


Joey Belladonna – Anthrax

Municipal Waste set list

1. Waste in Space (Main Title)

2. Unleash The Bastards

3. The Thrashin’ of The Christ

4. Sadistic Magician

5. You’re Cut Off

6. Authority Complex

7. Beer Pressure

8. Thrashing’s My Business… And Business Is Good

9. Terror Shark

10. Headbanger Face Rip

11. Black President

12. Mind Eraser

13. The Art of Partying

14. Born to Party


Exodus set list

1. The Ballad of Leonard and Charles

2. A Lesson in Violence

3. War Is My Shepherd

4. Fabulous Disaster

5. Blacklist

6. Bonded by Blood

7. The Toxic Waltz

8. Strike of the Beast

9. Good Riddance


Anthrax Set List

1. Worship

2. Among the Living\

3. Caught in a Mosh

4. I Am the Law

5. Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)

6. A Skeleton in the Closet

7. Hymn 1

8. In the End

9. T.N.T.

10. Madhouse

9. Indians

10. One World

11. A.D.I. / Horror of It All

12. Got the Time


13. Imitation of Life

14. I’m the Man

15. Antisocial