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Atomic Blast interview

Interviewed by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Atomic Blast 1 final

Their name may make them sound like a flash-in-the-pan but talking with Atomic Blast conjures up a very different image. They may be a young band, but their debut EP Noise Of Revolution is kicking up a din of its own with its groove and thrash influences. Charmingly depreciating in comments like ‘everyone could write songs like ours’, the truth is not every one brings this much heart with them. Sounding like they’re having as much of a blast as the bombs they’re named after, we talk to Atomic Blast about life before Noise Of Revolution, and their next big bang…

Like an Atomic Blast, you’ve kind of appeared on the radar in a very sudden way, and indeed I believe you are quite a young band – does it feel like everything has happened all of a sudden for you?

Atomic Blast (AB): Well, actually yes, everything happened quite quickly since we started getting serious. Love it! We hope to keep on collecting as much success!

You hail from Bologna, Italy – what’s the local scene like there?

AB: There are a lot of locals in Bologna (and all over the country), but many of them are very little and unorganized and sometimes they don’t have respect for the bands. Luckily it happens rarely to us.

Were you all playing music, or in bands, before Atomic Blast?

AB: Yeah, we all were already playing some instrument: Mattia originally played guitar like Daniele and Simone, but he decided to change because the band needed a bass player. Tobia has been studying piano for 8 years, and when he was 13 he started taking drum lessons. The only exception was Francesco, who started singing only when Simone proposed him to join the project.

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As a debut EP, Noise Of Revolution is being highly praised by fans and critics alike – has the feedback been more than you’d ever hoped?

AB: Certainly we didn’t expect all these good reviews! We only wrote simple songs, but always by heart, nothing special. Everyone could write songs like ours. Apparently, people like the way we do that. And we’re glad they do it!

Your style is compared to a lot of very high profile groove/thrash bands but what approach are you really aiming for in your music?

AB: Well… I don’t know what we’re going to do! We only want to do “our” music, to play what we feel! Our aim is to write songs that make us recognise, you know, we want that when people listen to our music they can say “They’re obviously Atomic Blast, this is their style!” However, it’s likely that in our songs you can always hear our groove and thrash influences!

You held a release party for the album last month – how did that go?

AB: Yeah it was a wonderful release party ! There really was a lot of people, we didn’t’ expect! That same night played with us also Dreamshade, a swiss metalcore band, and Mourn In Silence, an Italian black metal band: they both kicked ass and we really had fun!

Was it quite a surreal experience? Did it make the album seem fully real?

AB: Great experience, absolutely one of the best live we ever did!

You joined Spider Rock Promotions at the recommendation of Neurasthenia vocalist/guitarist Neil, and I believe also recorded Noise Of Revolution at his studio – you must have quite a good relationship then?

AB: Absolutely yes, we know him slowly getting better and we understand that is a very good person, full of quality and blasphemies. If the recording doesn’t occur in his studio were probably the disk would not have been the same.

Atomic Blast 3

What does it mean to the band to have your industry peers speak so highly of you?

AB: Obviously we are very pleased! The compliments from other bands are even more lovely than people’s ones!

I believe that Spider Rock alluded that Noise Of Revolution was almost a mini-album with Atomic Blast being ready to make the leap to full length perhaps by the end of the year – does this mean recording/writing is underway on new material as we speak?

AB: Yes we are already writing new songs that will compose the full length, we are not sure of the release date, you know, we want to take the necessary time to produce the record in the best way … want it to be original and captivating.

Can you give us any insights into the type of thing you’re working on? Are you looking to keep the same sound?

AB: The sound might remember Noise Of Revolution, but we already have in mind a few surprises for you. However, we’re still working on it and we don’t want to reveal too much information until the release.

As a younger band, do you very much feel as though you’re still learning and growing, both personally and musically? Do you have any particular personal targets you are working towards?

AB: Of course, every new experience makes us grow up in all directions, and as we said before, we do not have a precise objective, we want to do what we feel as we feel it at the time and work on it.

Looking a long way into the future, what would be your ultimate goal or aspiration for Atomic Blast?

AB: Who knows… we hope that future reserve always great surprises and experiences that make us become more and more peculiar!

Thanks again!

AB: Thanks Metal Rules! It’s an interesting interview!


Wondering just what Noise Of Revolution is like now are you? Well as you’ll see from Metal-Rules’ review it’s a blast –


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