Hardcore Superstar with support on Come On Take On Us Tour Scandinavian leg 2013 at Kulturbolaget Malmoe,Sweden

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Hardcore Superstar

Come On Take On Us Tour Scandinavian leg 2013

Nasty Idols – special guest
Nitrodive – support act
Kulturbolaget, Malmö
2/3 – 2013

Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall


The Swedish glam/metal act Hardcore Superstar currently released their brand new studio album C’MON TAKE ON ME and only 4 days after the release was it time for the band to guest the best rock club in town Kulturbolaget. This show was the official kick off for the world tour. But the band started out with a small gig back in Gothenburg the night before. As support act did the band bring along the Malmö based sleaze legends in Nasty Idols. Nasty Idols new album titled KALIFORNIA came last year and this gig was the first one the band have done on the album so far. A few weeks before the show took place the announcement came that bass player and original/founding member Dick Qwarfort had left the band. His drop out came as a chock for many since he was one of the founding members. He’s replaced by Zoak which made his debut with the band on the show with Hardcore Superstar. As always, when a show is held on a Saturday it becomes a nightclub after so the doors opened already at 7 o’clock. Nitrodive was scheduled to kick off the night at 8. The show clashed with Dan Reed who performed at another club just a few blocks away but since this show was almost sold out I guess that Hardcore Superstar won the battle of the bands this night.

The lights went out already at 7.30 and it was time for the first band to do their thing.


Nitrodive consisted of three guys and they kicked off right away. They ran through two songs until the singer said thank you and introduced the band. He also said that they came from Gothenburg and that this was their first time in Malmö and that they hoped to come here in the future. He wanted the people in the club to sing Hey Ho Lets Go before they played a cover of the Ramones song “Blitzkrieg Bop”. Even though the members were pretty young they had a lot of routine and stage presence and they gave their all during the entire show. Just like Hardcore Superstar, Nitrodive play sleaze metal and even though the crowd wasn’t too excited I thought the band did a great job. Nitrodive’s time on stage ended after 25 minutes and during the show more people arrived to the club.


The venue was almost sold out which means it was almost 850 people there to see Nasty Idols and Hardcore Superstar this night. Many of the people were there to see the local Nasty Idols and many of the people were friends and family of the band. Nitrodive had used Nasty Idols drums so the change of gear went pretty fast and shortly it was time for more live music.


Nasty Idols

The lights went out at about 8:15 and as soon as the members showed up on stage went the crowd crazy and gave a warm welcome to their hometown heroes. It all began with “No more Rules” and “Kalifornia” followed instantly. Band members are:

Andy Pierce – lead vocals

Peter Espinoza – guitar

Rikki Dahl – drums

Zoak – bass

Pierce seemed to be a bit confused on stage and didn’t really know what he was going to do. He introduced the band with saying “We are Nasty Idols” and then followed “The Way Ya Walk”. That song woke up most of the people in the crowd and they all sang along in the song as well as in the next classical pick “Alive N Kicking”. Espinoza showed what a great and skilled guitarist he is by delivering some excellent guitar riffs throughout the show and another member worth mentioning is Dahl on drums. He is a really solid drummer and steady as a rock behind the drums. But for some reason it felt like the band wasn’t on top at all this night. I have seen them live before and it was clearly something wrong this night. It felt like they hadn’t rehearsed enough and the performance didn’t feel solid or safe at all. The one who seemed to suffer most from the change in line-up was Pierce. Before it was Qwarfort and Pierce together that took care of the connection with the fans and crowd and Pierce seemed to be a bit lost without his partner in crime.


The classic “B.I.T.C.H” taken from the 1991 year album CRUEL INTENTION followed and then came “1969”. Piece spoke on both Swedish and English (?) and introduced the song “Heads Down (In Tinseltown)”. Last song for the show was “House Of Rock’n’Roll” and as soon as the song was over left the band the stage and that song marked the end of 40 minutes of music. The band did an OK show and I thought the set list was great with both the classical tunes as well as some more current songs. It’s hard to say something about the new bass player because he didn’t make much impression on stage. He mostly stood solid on his spot playing. It sure felt strange not to see Qwarfort and Pierce together on stage anymore.



Set list

No More Rules


The Way Ya Walk

Alive N Kicking



Head’s Down In Tinseltown

House Of Rock’n’Roll

You could now almost feel the excitement in the air and a lot more people had arrived to the club during the Nasty Idol show. It began to feel a bit crowded now. Even though the crew worked as fast as they could to prepare the stage for Hardcore Superstar began the crowd to feel a bit restless. At 9.30 turned the club black and the intro began to play and so was it time for the headline act to enter the stage.


Hardcore Superstar

“C’mon Take On Me” was the first song out and it was shortly followed by “Guestlist”. Thank god for the fence in front of the stage because without it I wouldn’t had been able to take any pictures at all. The fans waved, cheered and danced around as soon as the band showed up on stage.

The members in the band are as always:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals

Martin Sandvik – bass

Adde Moon – drums

Vic Zino – guitar

The born frontman Berg had the crowd in total control from the very start and the adoring fanbase did what he told them to. “Because Of You” and “Wild Boys” followed and Berg said it was really nice to be back in Malmö again. It was a good place to start the tour here in Malmö. Berg jumped and ran around like a maniac and both Zino and Sandvik helped him out with connecting with the crowd. Berg dedicated the next song to all the ladies in the club, it was “Sophisticated Ladies”. Once Hardcore Superstar is on stage nothing can stop them. They are a brilliant live act and not many bands beat them at their turf. “Dreaming In A Casket” followed and the temperature had already turn tropical. Both the sound and lighting worked perfect and it was really fun to see the connection the fans and band shared. This band sure have some hardcore fans that love and adore them. Berg continued with saying that it now was time to play some new songs. First came “Wont Take The Blame Pt1” and then came “Wont Take The Blame Pt2”.


Then Moon and Sandvik went of stage and Zino stood beside Berg who began to sing on a song by the iconic Swedish 70’s rock band Nationalteatern. The song went straight into “Someone Special” and as soon as the crowd heard the song they began to sing a long which made Berg and Zino look really happy. It was really nice to hear this song taken from the bands debut album BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA from 2000 in this shape. Sandvik and Moon returned on stage and the band kicked off “One More Minute” and once again thanked Malmö for the support and the warm welcome. “Last Call For Alcohol” followed and at the end of the song stopped everyone besides Sandvik to play and Berg said he wanted a girl from the crowd to come up on stage. Berg chose a girl from the crowd and Moon came with a shotglass of alcohol to the girl who grabbed it and swept everything in one sip. That happened so fast that Berg didn’t see it and his response was “oh what a thirsty one she was”. The rest of the members also had a sip of something and Berg said that everyone now know what they were supposed to do and that was to sing a long in the song. First Berg sang a line and the crowd responded with Last call for Alcohol!. When the crowd had done that a few times was it so time for the girl on stage to join in the chorus. The third time the girl took the mic from Berg and directed the crowd in the sing a long.


“We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and the classic “Liberation” ended the show and what a perfect way to say goodbye. But as soon as the last song was over shouted the fans for more and it were only for the band to once again enter the stage in order to still the need from the fans and play some more music. “Above The Law” came first and the song gave proof of that the current songs worked as well as the old ones did. Sandvik and Moon went again off stage and left Zino and Berg and the duo started off “Run To Your Mama”. Moon and Sandvik returned at the end of the song and joined in. “Moonshine” and “My Good Reputation” in which Berg jumped down in the photopit singing the last song with the fans down there, closed the show altogether and a sweaty band thanked the happy crowd for a really great show. It was lucky the guys followed up the short original show that only lasted for 60 minutes, because only one hour of music had felt cheap.


It was an amazing show that included a few surprise moments like the unplugged version of “Someone Special”. Maybe I missed a few personal favorites but overall it didn’t matter because the 80 minute show of pure fun and energetic sleaze metal was brilliant. Hardcore Superstar once again proved that they are one of the top acts within their genre. If you have the chance to see the band live somewhere on the world tour please take it, you won’t regret it!

Set list

Cutting The Slack (intro)

C’mon Take On Me


Because Of You

Wild Boys

Sophisticated Ladies

Dreaming In A Casket

She’s Offbeat

Won’t Take The Blame Pt1

Won’t Take The Blame Pt2

Barn Av Sin Tid/Someone Special – unplugged

One More Minute

Last Call For Alcohol

We Don’t Celebrate Sundays



Above The Law

Run To Your Mama – unplugged


My Good Reputation




Thanks to Kristian Kornhag, head of press at Kulturbolaget, for help with press/photo pass to the show.

Thanks to the security/staff for nice treatment.


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