The 69 Eyes with support on I Know What You Did Last Summer Tour 2013 I still know European tour Kulturbolaget Malmoe, Sweden

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The 69 Eyes – headline

I Know What You Did Last Summer Tour 2013 I still know European tour

Baby Jane – support act



9/3 – 2013

Review and live pics by: Anders Sandvall


X is the title of the new studio album from the Goth metal act The 69 Eyes that came last year. It’s their tenth album since the release of their debut album BUMP N GRIND from 1992. X is an excellent album but it takes a few listens until you can fully appreciate it. The European tour began at the end of January in Germany and it closed the day after the Malmoe show in Norway. The band is pretty cheap with gigs in Scandinavia the band only tour in there home country of Finland so when the Helsinki vampires is in your town it’s obligated to witness their show. Kulturbolaget was the host of the show this night and since it was Saturday there was a night club held after the show. The doors opened at 7 o’clock and the support act Baby Jane began their show at 8. The time flew by pretty fast and suddenly it was so time for the night to begin.

Baby Jane

The small crowd welcomed the band with causal applauds but the hardcore fans in front of the stage seemed happy to see the band. There were five members on stage so it was a bit crowded to say the least. The bands singer came out in boxers and a leather vest and sunglasses, nothing more. It didn’t feel safe for us photographers when he stood with one foot on the amp dangling his stuff just above our heads…hehe. The singer thanked the crowd for coming and then hurried up with the next song. Baby Jane’s music is best described as 80’s glam/sleaze metal and their music fit quite OK to the headline acts. Soon it was time to slow down the tempo and the band played a standard ballad which only brought down the tempo and energy in the club. The singer thanked The 69 eyes for taking Baby Jane on tour and said that the bands album was available to purchase in the club tonight. As soon as the band went of stage, after 30 minutes, the crew began to prepare the stage for The 69 Eyes.




More people had luckily arrived during the show but it was not sold out at all. Behind the drums hung now a back drop with the headline acts band name and on each side stood stacks of amps and on them hung smaller back drops with the cover art work of the new album on them. The crowd was really mixed and there were both young goth girls as well as guys in jeans and t-shirts there. There weren’t any photo pit so the people stood close to the stage. That meant that I only could take pictures standing with the rest of the audience. The bands music appeals to a lot of various kinds of people I guess. It took about 35 minutes until it was time to dim the pause music and the lights and finally was it time for the headline act to go on stage and face the welcoming crowd.


The 69 Eyes

The Helsinki Vampires entered the stage to the theme song from the TV show True Blood and the show kicked off instantly with the songs “Love Runs Away” and “Perfect Skin”. The fans greeted the band with open arms and the show continued with “Tonight”. Band members are:

Jyrki69 – lead vocals

Bazie – guitar

Timo-Timo – guitar

Archzie – bass

Jussi69 – drums

It was Jyrki69 and Timo-Timo that moved around the most on stage. Bazie and Archzie were more laid back and focused on the music. Jyrki69 didn’t almost do any talking in between the songs and let the music do the talking. However he thanked the fans for being there and said that the Helsinki Vampires were at our service and announced “Gothic Girl”. After the song he said that the band released their new album X and that they were going to play a lot of songs from the new album. And so followed the new song “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. The entire band was dressed in black and a few of them had sunglasses on and everyone looked pretty cool. At least their clothes fitted their approach and their music really well.


“I Love The Darkness In You” followed and it was nice to see and hear that both the lighting as well as the sound system worked perfect. “Betty Blue” followed and the audience greeted the new songs as warm as they did with the old ones and sang along in most of the songs. Needless to say were the classical songs most popular. It was really fun to see Jussi69 behind the drums because he has a very characteristically way of playing the drums to say the least. Mostly you see his arms go up and down and now and then he climbs on top of his drums. He’s not only a good drummer he is also a stage personality.

The next song was dedicated to all the girls in the club – “Dead Girls Are Easy”. The band did a cool thing with turning the song “Borderline” – the second song from the album, to a semi acoustical song. It sounded a bit country but was actually better this way than on the album. While Jyrki69 talked to the crowd a fan at Bazies side was talking to Bazie and annoyed him for some reason asking him again and again for a guitarpic which Bazie gave him but the fan wasn’t satisfied. The fan continued to disturb Bazie and wanted to give Bazie a pic that he took but the fan wasn’t done disturbing Bazie and continued to try to talk to him and so on. It took a few songs but in “Dance D’Amour” got Bazie tired of the fan and threw his guitar on the ground and kicked his micstand to the floor and went of stage. The fan had apparently been messing with Bazie’s guitar equipment and that’s why he was so angry and I understand him. While Bazie cooled off the rest of the band covered for him and the show continued. It only took a few minutes until he were back on stage again continuing the song.


Jyrki69 is a brilliant frontman and worked hard connecting with the crowd and when he presented the song “Never Say Die” which is a classical song the crowd exploded of bliss and sang a long with Jyrki69 all through the song. Next song up was the first single from the new album “Red” which was followed by “Feel Berlin”. Jyrki69 asked if the crowd wanted to rock? And the crowd said yes and “Devils” were played. “Devils” was the last song for the ordinary set and the band went of stage. 65 minutes of music wasn’t enough for the hungry crowd which shouted for the band to return. And to the fans delight showed Bazie first up on stage playing casually on his guitar until the rest of the band joined him in “The Chair”. Jyrki69 had taken of his shades and by now were all of the band pretty sweaty and the show continued with “Brandon Lee”. “Lost Boys” was the absolute final song for the night and Jyrki69 thanked everyone for being there and supporting the band. The entire club sang a long in the song and it was a great way of saying farewell to the band. As soon as the song was over came Jussi69 down on the floor handing out drumsticks to the fans. Altogether lasted the show for about 80 minutes and the members went of stage to the tones of the theme to the TV show Sons Of Anarchy.


How was the show then, well amazing, brilliant and genius! The set list was perfect and included both the great new songs as well as the beloved classical tunes. I wanted to hear and see more of The 69 Eyes, 80 minutes was too short. If you want to see the band live then be sure to check out their touring dates because the summer festival tour is soon to begin. Kulturbolaget deserves a big THANK YOU for this excellent booking. This show may be one of the best show this year, and the year has just begun.


Set list


Love Runs Away

Perfect Skin


Gothic Girl

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Love The Darkness In You

Betty Blue

Dead Girls Are Easy



Dane D’Amour

Never Say Die


Feel Berlin



The Chair

Brandon Lee

Lost Boys




Thanks to Kristian Kornhag, head of press at Kulturbolaget, for help with press/photo pass to the show.

Thanks to the security/staff for nice treatment.

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