TREMONTI @ Electric Ballroom, London

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@ Electric Ballroom, London

18th February 2013

Review by Ollie Thomas

Photography by Graham Hilling


Mark Tremonti is better known for his involvement in Creed and also (more recently) Alter Bridge, who are well on their way to world domination. With AB Frontman Myles Kennedy juggling the band with doing vocal duties for none other than Slash, that gave Tremonti the freedom to do whatever he wanted for a bit.

The result was a self-titled, solo project, so now tonight, it’s time for Tremonti and co to bring their critically acclaimed album All I Was to the capital, and some very loyal, loving fans.
Starting off the night is band Logan (3.5/5); who were the surprise package of the night!


The Scottish based group are an ideal fit for tonight’s show and from the outset they hit you with heavy, pounding, classical grooves.

It’s still early on in the night, and not everyone had arrived but the band seemed to be relatively unknown to the audience, but their ability to get the crowd involved and interacted worked so much they kept fans away from the bar, which just goes to show how good their performance was!


Britain’s own hard-rock outfit Heaven’s Basement (2/5) were next to take to the stage!


I have to say, I never liked these guys too much as they seemed to come across as dreary, dull and totally uninspiring.


While they may have fitted in with the style of the gig other performers tonight, they appeared to be playing by numbers for much of it.


Typical, clichéd, over-used riffs and a flat performance really make them a band you probably don’t want to remember.


Finally it was time for headliners Tremonti (3/5).


The man of the night gets his show started with the single “Leave it Alone” and from that point on, one thing is very apparent. Tremonti is not a showman by trade and that shows during his performance.


His verbal interactions with the crowd are seldom and brief.


He lets his music stand for itself, and although the sound is great, there isn’t a single missed note through the set and all his songs sound big, as you’d expect that of a man of his experience.


Usually when a band member starts a side/solo project, it’s usually for one of two reasons; they either have some material they want to work on that doesn’t fit in with their current band, or they just want a bit of fun.
The former doesn’t seem likely here, as many of these songs seem like they could easily fit in with your typical Alter Bridge setlist – which must mean Tremonti’s reasoning goes with the latter.


However, the setlist is rather uninspiring for someone with those intentions. Usually a new solo project with just one LP under it’s belt, doing a fairly large headlining set, will throw in a couple of covers or perhaps versions of songs of their main band (possibly to please fans attracted by where they come from) but neither of these two are present.


Tremonti’s setlist does seem rather uninspired tonight, and it is basically a shuffle of Wish You Well with a couple of B sides thrown in to extend the set somewhat.
He could have done to have mixed it up a bit just to keep it more interesting for some people who perhaps don’t love the entire album, and just to give them something they couldn’t get listening to the album with their eyes closed.


If you’re a big Tremonti fan then I’m sure tonight was perfect for you, but perhaps some curious Alter Bridge fans (and neutrals) might come away feeling slightly underwhelmed.


Overall, a very solid performance but not all that entertaining.