DEATH WOLF releases new album, ‘II: Black Armoured Death,’ today in North America

After successfully completing a North American tour with MARDUK and MOONSPELL, Swedish blackened punks DEATH WOLF are now ready to release their new album, II: Black Armoured Death, today in North America! To purchase II: Black Armoured Death, please head over to iTunes for a digital copy and CM Distro for various album formats.

For a preview of the album, please check out the following previously released tracks:

Death Wolf March

Noche De Brujas

World Serpent

DEATH WOLF was born out of the ashes of DEVILS WHOREHOUSE, a MISFITS and SAMHAIN cover band formed by Morgan Håkansson, guitar player and founding member of Swedish black metal legends MARDUK. The next chapter in the group’s history begins with the release of II: Black Armoured Death, which offers fans a more varied collection of tracks, ranging from the darker DANZIG material such as SAMHAIN to the brutal, focused attack of early punk-hardcore bands such as ILL REPUTE to the blackened crust witchery of AMEBIX to the dark, textured black metal mastery of NACHTMYSTIUM to the crushing doom aesthetics of CELTIC FROST and TRIPTYKON. No matter what your dark poison, DEATH WOLF has got you covered.

II: Black Armoured Death track-listing:

  1. Noche De Brujas
  2. World Serpent
  3. Lord Of Putrefaction
  4. Darkness Of Hel
  5. Sudden Bloodletter
  6. Malice Striker
  7. Night Stalker
  8. Luciferian Blood Covenant
  9. Black Armoured Death
  10. Death Wolf March
  11. Little Black Angel **DEATH IN JUNE cover**
  12. Snake Mountain
  13. Rothenburg

DEATH WOLF line-up:

Maelstrom – vocals
Morgan – bass
Makko – guitar
Hrafn – drums

DEATH WOLF online:

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