Crashdiet with support on Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013 at Kulturbolaget Malmoe, Sweden

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Crashdiet: Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013

Sister – special guest
Toxic Rose – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmoe, Sweden
6/2 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



THE SAVAGE PLAYGROUND is the title of the brand new Crashdiet album which was released at the beginning of January. The previous studio album, GENERATION WILD, came out in 2010 so it was about time for the boys to release something new for the fans. The band has been out on tour in Europe, America, Australia and have done shows at various festivals as well. This current mini-tour takes the band to Oslo and to 4 cities in Sweden before it ends. Along on the tour Crashdiet brought along the bands Sister and Toxic Rose. The show in Malmoe took place on a Saturday which meant that Kulturbolaget throws a nightclub so the doors opened at 7 o clock and the first band was scheduled to go on at 8. This show was also the first one for me this year at my second home – Kulturbolaget.

The majority of people in the venue were young girls but as time passed by more people entered the club. Most of the crowd were dressed as 80’s rockers with raggedy shirts and tight pants combined with crazy high hair styles. I could spot a fence in front of the stage which made my night because it’s much more easy to take pictures without having fists and crazy headbangers in front of the camera lens. At 7.30 went the lights out and it was time for the support act to take place on stage.

Toxic Rose

The band kicked off the show instantly and it took three songs before the singer thanked the people in the crowd for being there supporting them. Toxic Rose played pretty OK sleaze rock, however they made a very insecure impression on stage. They didn’t have much connection with the audience and stood mostly with their eyes down on the floor. After 25 minutes it was time for the band to say thank you and good bye. Toxic Rose didn’t do a bad show but they sure need some more time to rehearse before they can take on a crowd again.

Toxic Rose
Toxic Rose
Toxic Rose

The crew worked fast with preparing the stage for the next act, Sister. The young sleaze fans stood positioned in front of the stage on the exact same spot in wait for Crashdiet. It felt a little funny when a really young fan walked by me wearing a Motley Crue t-shirt from the Dr. Feelgood tour. I mean, he couldn’t even had been born around that time and I had been there watching the actual tour. But maybe that says more about how old I am? I don’t know…ha ha. After 20 minutes it was time for the special guests to take on Kulturbolaget.


All of the members besides the singer came out and it felt like the audience woke up when they heard and saw Sister. The singer ran on stage to the tones of the first song and it was obvious that Sister was used to being on stage as opposed to Toxic Rose. The four members in the band are:

Jamie – lead vocals

Lestat – guitar

Rikki – bass

Cari  – drums

Jamie looked like a young Jocke Berg (singer in Hardcore Superstar) when he moved around on stage jumping like a crazy person. Rikki looked like Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue was also the first band that came to mind when I heard the first song from Sister this night. The band played really loud, almost too loud. Sister played heavy sleaze rock influenced by punk. Jamie worked really hard with getting the crowd in the right mood. 40 minutes later was the show over and Sister was a perfect warm up for Crashdiet. The only negative thing was the volume. It felt like Sister played way too loud.


Sister’s backdrop was taken down and up came Crashdiet. In front of the drums stood two old oil barrels sprayed with graffitti and those two were  also along on the previous tour. The audience began to feel a bit anxious and started to clap and cheer for Crashdiet to go on and I could feel the excitement in the air.



The band arrived on stage to the tones of their intro and the first song for the night was “Change The World”. “Circus” taken from the new album THE SAVAGE PLAYGROUND followed instantly. The band members are:

Simon Cruz – lead vocals

Martin Sweet – guitar, b-vox

Eric Young – drums

Peter London – bass, b-vox

Cruz was in total control on stage and he had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the start. Cruz thanked everyone for the applause and the show continued with “Tikket” which was followed by “Anarchy”. Both the lights and the sound worked in favor of the band. I couldn’t but be impressed with how tight the band have become. They have really grown into a solid troop and they have never been better than what they are today. The last time I saw Crashdiet was at Wacken Open Air in Germany 2 years ago and since then have the band grown much. Cruz thanked the fans for being there and said that the next song had Sweet written – “Breaking the Chainz”. That song woke up the audience and everyone sang along in the song from the start to the beginning. The entire stage filled up with smoke and Cruz said it was time to sing a song about everyone at the club and it was “Rebel”.


Even though the hardcore fans in the front of the stage went crazy it felt like the majority of the people was a bit reluctant towards the band. Most of the people stood solid and looked at the band and didn’t make much noise at all. Cruz was handed a harmonica and kicked off “Native Nature” after which he said it was time for another new song in “Licking Dog”. It was followed right away by “Queen Obscene/69 Shots”. And it wasn’t until now the audience woke up and start to participate in the show. The fans sang a long with Cruz and clapped their hands. In the middle of the song wanted Cruz everyone to sing but it didn’t work out because the fans sang so low so he had to turn to the band and ask them to tone down the music a bit. That worked much better and when Cruz sang “You’re a sex bomb love machine” sang the fans “69 shots o gasoline”. Cruz continued to sing the chorus and the fans sang back to him.


Cruz did a great job and the bands before so commercial sleaze music has now turned into a somewhat heavier version which is only good. It feels like Crashdiet is on the right track when it comes to the music.

Cruz said that the band had a really crazy fan in the audience tonight. He came from Denmark and had seen the band 15 times. “Got A Reason” followed and Cruz played guitar in the song. And I can’t deny that it sounds a lot better when both Cruz and Sweet plays guitar. The music sounds much edgier and rawer than what it does with only one guitar. Cruz wanted everyone top sway their arms in “It’s A Miracle” and he thanked everyone for the great response the band got. In the middle of “Garden Of Babylon” came a woman on stage doing belly dancing. When she walked off stage she took Cruz with her while the rest of the band continued playing. Then walked Young off stage while London played and then he also went off. That ended the ordinary show that lasted for about 60 minutes. But the band shortly arrived on stage again to do encores. First out was the huge hit “Riot In Everyone” which was followed by “Chemical”. The older songs sounded a lot better with Cruz on vocals. The long awaited “Generation Wild” then followed and that song marked the end of the show. However wanted the fans hear more so the band entered the stage once again to do a second row of encores. The new single “Cocaine Cowboys” was the absolute last song for the night and by then had Crashdiet performed for about 80 minutes.


Altogether the show was really good. The lights and sound worked perfect and the band were on fire. Cruz has really grown into the role as lead singer in the band and he did an excellent job this night. The set list contained a good mix of both old and current songs and it was a real plus that the band sounds heavier live compared to on album. They didn’t play any songs at all from their second album THE UNATTRACTIVE REVOLUTION with the Finnish singer Oli Twisted. The only bad thing, which the band couldn’t help, was the crazy ass smoke machine and the partially lame crowd. Otherwise was this a great show!


Set list


Change The World




Breaking the Chainz


Native Nature

Licking Dog

Queen Obscene/69 Shots

Got A Reason

It’s A Miracle

Garden Of Babylon


Riot In Everyone


Generation Wild

Encore II

Cocaine Cowboys



Thanks to head of press at Kulturbolaget Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass to the show.
Thanks to the security/staff for a nice treatment.

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