Derkéta – In Death We Meet

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Reviewed: March 2013
Released: 2012, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

“In Death We Meet” is the first full length record by Death/Doom Metal band Derkéta; an all-female band whose history dates all the way back to 1988. Back then, the band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were struggling to get signed like many other Death Metal bands of the time, and they did manage to release some demo material and an EP up until 1990, when the band split up.

Later, guitarist/vocalist Sharon Bascovsky got together with members of Nunslaughter and decided to record new material to be included in a 1999 split. In 2002, Sharon got together with Jim Sadist from Nunslaughter and a bassist named Heather Harris and recorded a track for a way split with Gravewürm, Witchburner and Sadomaniac.
So now that the band has apparently estabilized, they have unleashed a monster of a record that sports raw production values, with some intense low growl vocal work from Bascovsky.
It is impressive how this band has apparently kept their sound intact, delivering a record that can have a place alongside other classic Death/Doom Metal bands like Autopsy and Cyanide.

The album opens with the ten minute long “Goddess of Death”, a pummeling slow number that builds its heavy riffing up for some time before the vocals come in, which add an eeriness to the music. The tempo eventually picks up a little by the end of the song, but as a whole, the band is focused on slow paced destruction of the ears. Next track, “Obscurities of Darkness” continues the band’s agenda of slow and powerful sludgy Death Metal sections, with guitars providing riff after pummeling riff.

“Rest in Peace” begins slowly before the band lets loose and goes into faster territory, alternating between both slow and fast for the rest of the song. “Until Our Death” sports some more melodic Doom Metal riffs, with one section where the bass carries the song , and some faster sections.

Next is “Shadows of the Past” which contains some good stuff on the part of the rhythm section, although the tempo is kept again slow to mid tempo, while “Last Rites” contain a brief fast sections mixed with the more Doom Metal stuff.
“Witchburned” has a very catchy intro riff, and is one of the faster tracks on the record.
The title track closes the album with the Doom Metal aspects of the band in full effect, which makes the track another skull crusher of a tune with some infectious riffing going on.

It is amazing how this Derkéta has kept so true to their sound so many years after being formed. The mixture of Death and Doom Metal on this record is very good and sound very natural. Fans who are looking for bands that are keeping the old school Death metal flame alive, here’s one record that will certainly satisfy.

Review by Titus Isaac


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Track Listing:
1. Goddess of Death
2. Obscurities of Darkness
3. Rest in Peace
4. Until Our Death
5. Shadows of the Past
6. Last Rites
7. Witchburned
8. In Death We Meet

Terri (Heggen) Lewis – Drums
Mary M. Bielich – Guitars
Sharon Bascovsky – Vocals, Guitars
Robin Mazen – Bass