Centurian – Contra Rationem

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Reviewed: March 2013
Released: 2013, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

After twelve years of waiting we finally have a new release form Dutch death metal outfit Centurian. After three previous releases (the last being Liber Zar Zax released in 2002) the band have waited twelve years to release “Contra Rationem”. Worth it? Not overly.

The album is a good listen, but as is so often with death metal these days there’s nothing that jumps out from the crowd, nothing that leaps out and can be seen instantly by everyone. Which for me is where the standard has been set.

In itself the album is a good one, if not a little samey. The vocals are powerful and the guitars have a dark, old school sound which complements the production of the album, the drums are animalistic and relentless, which is just what you want from a death metal album, right?

There are some great hooks and some great musicianship, but when that’s not enough these days then you have to criticise deeper. The problem I find with this is that I find the same positive thing being used way too much. It’s like when you hear a great breakdown in a song, then constantly hear it throughout the album.

However that’s just me overanalysing. Although not a world beater, the band have been confirmed for this year’s Neurotic Deathfest, and from the sounds of the album I can imagine their live performance is a that of a very high standard (Especially if they’ve been practising for twelve years!). Have you ever recorded somebody head banging and then played it back slowing it down and then speeding it up again? That’s probably what the crowd at one of their gigs looks like.

Recommended to those death metal long haired bearded types, I’d buy this album if reasonably priced, a good listen and a good effort, whether it’s worth the twelve year wait is up to the true fans of the band, for they have more patience than I.

For fans of Deicide and Vader I’d definitely recommend this, despite it’s criticisms there are many postives to extract and the criticisms do not detract from it’s credibility as an album.

Review by Andrew May


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Track Listing:
1. Thou Shalt Bleed for the Lord Thy God
2. Crown of Bones
3. Feast of the Cross
4. Judas Among Twelve
5. Antinomium
6. The Will of the Torch
7. Sin Upon Man
8. Damnatio Memoriae
9. Adversus

Niels Adams – Vocals
Rob Oorthuis – Guitar
Patrick Boleij – Bass
Seth Van de Loo – Drums/Backing Vocals