Lost Dimension – Eclipse

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Reviewed: February 2013
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

For an active Metal fan there is an enormous amount of material to seek out. In today’s market there are thousands of albums released annually, some good, some not so good. The debut album ECLIPSE falls somewhere in the middle.

Lost Dimension is a quartet from Quebec, Canada one of the nations strongholds of Metal. A large percentage of the nations highest quality Metal comes from Quebec so it makes it even harder for a new, young, independent band like Lost Dimension to stand out. The album cover is a bit dull as is the album title but the band name is good and the font for their logo is good as well. The packaging of this independently released eight-song album is good; it has the lyrics, (which are quite good) notes and a picture of the very young looking band. The production is decent from a home-made effort.

ECLIPSE suffers a bit in the vocal department. The singer, Alexis employs a half-talk/ half-sing style somewhat like Dave Mustaine uses. I’ve never been a big fan of talk/sing style and his singing needs development. It sounds like he is straining much of the time and he stays in a lower register. The songs are grounded in traditional and classic Metal, but the vocal delivery kinda of gives it a bit more of modern edge. The individual performances are quite good and the songs that run in 6-7 minute range are quite diverse. The solos are good showing hints of Power Metal flair. The tempo of most of the album is mid-paced with a few hints of 90’s slower thrash, and hints progressive song-writing weaved into the mix. It’s like they haven’t quite focused their attack yet.

Not every band can be great, not every band is horrible, but many of them are average. I feel Lost Dimension has a way to go to demonstrate they have what it takes to get signed. ECLIPSE shows hints of promise and with time and experience I could see them growing into something more unique and interesting.


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Track Listing:
1. Éclipse
2. Be the One
3. Trinity
4. Dare to Fail
5. A Last Sigh
6. Farewell Father
7. Mindfuck
8. Éclipse End

Alexis Aiello Guitars, Vocals
Simon Boudreault Guitars
Marc-André Gagné Bass
Louis-Richard Parent Drums