Illdisposed – Sense The Darkness

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Reviewed: February 2013
Released: 2012, Massacre Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Infamousbutcher

Denmark’s preeminent death metal outfit Illdisposed has been around for more than 20 years. Somehow I’ve missed these guys and I’ve never heard any of their material. Their twelfth full length album, SENSE THE DARKNESS, was released in 2012 on Massacre Records. Basically, think technical melodic death metal with some thrash and groove elements, and you have Illdisposed’s SENSE THE DARKNESS in a nutshell.

On the plus side, the musicianship on the album is damn impressive. The riffs and solos are top notch, providing a Carcass HEARTWORK-type feel, but more progressive and groove laden. The opening title track is pretty amazing with the changes in tempo and atmosphere. Solos are melodic and riffs chug effectively throughout the album. Unfortunately, starting with track 2 “Eyes Popping Out” through track 11 “We Do This Alone” the vocals suck balls. The vocals are a mess of effects on most of the songs, taking away the brute, guttural power. Somebody needs to tell these guys that harmonized death metal vocals sucked in the early 90s when bands like General Surgery and Morgoth used them and they still blow chunks now. A good dm vocalist (John Tardy, Frank Mullen, Martin Van Drunen) doesn’t need excessive effects, that’s my opinion.

I would have given SENSE THE DARKNESS 3 or even 4 stars, but the vocals turned me off so much I am knocking this down to 2. If you are not as picky about vocals as me, you might really dig this.


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Track Listing:
1. Sense the Darkness
2. Eyes Popping Out
3. Time to Dominate
4. Never Compromise
5. Stop Running
6. I Am Possessed
7. Too Blind to See
8. The Poison
9. Another Kingdom Dead
10. She\’s Undressed
11. We Do This Alone

Bo Summer – Vocals
Jakob \”Batten\” Hansen – Guitars
Thomas \”Muskelbux\” Jensen – Drums
Smukke Ken – Guitars
Kussen – Bass