ARKHAM WITCH and OUTRAGE tape releases

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RAW Metal (division of Metal on Metal Records) has recently put out 2 releases on cassette format (pro-tapes, limited to 66 copies each).

The first one is “On Crom’s Mountain”, the debut album of the UK heavy/doom metal brigands ARKHAM WITCH (originally released by Barbarian Wrath on CD in 2011). The tape edition has a new cover art (by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi) that will be also used on the vinyl edition of the album (to be out soon on Journey’s End Records). The most spot on and colourful description of this album must be from Hellride Music Forums (by Michael Ballue): “Ten (…) rough and ready, in your face metal smashers leaping out of the speakers to savage the listener like a rabid wolf. (…) The magnificent beast that first roared on the demo is just bigger, stronger and more experienced. (…) Arkham Witch have an all too rare ability to write songs that are unadulterated metal yet catchy and immediate beyond belief. As you head bang, they burrow into your brain like an aggressive horde of parasites. (…) There is a wealth of variety and not even close to a single clunker in this over 50 minutes of mayhem.(…)” You can find more info about “On Crom’s Mountain” and listen to the entire album on the page of this release.

The second cassette is OUTRAGE “7 is 1 and Other Tales” which is a tape-only compilation release, consisting of two titles this old German act recorded and self-released in 2006: “7 is 1 Take One” full-length and “Tales of Counted Sorrows” EP. These songs show the band developing their own particular style of blackened thrash metal with a touch of doom – the compositions have more twists and less early black metal elements than their old ’80s material (of which many songs were re-recorded in 2011 and released as “Go to Hell” CD), while still remaining quite primordial. One of the songs (“Killer”) features guest vocals by Volker “Iron Lung” Frerich of WARHAMMER. For more info about “7 is 1 and Other Tales” and for listening to a few tracks head on to the page of this release on Metal on Metal Records website.

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