Overtures: lead vocalist publishes his audition-recording for Kamelot

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Trough Overtures’ Facebook and Youtube pages, lead singer Michele Guaitoli – frontman of the Italian heavy/power-metal band – has published the recording sent to Kamelot two years ago as audition to substitute Roy Kahn.

“Something like two years ago Roy Kahn announced his split from Kamelot. As for the most of their fans, I was absolutely shocked and I felt really sad about it: Roy Kahn was (and still is) one of the most important influences for my musical growing. He is one of those singers who, release after release, always gave me strong emotions, without making me care or even think about any technical questions: he simply arrives. Beyond the obvious opportunity, those were the reasons that made me decide to try to submit my audition. I am actually extremely happy that their choice went on Tommy Karevic, an amazing vocalist that I was already following in Seventh Wonder, and I am still a huge fan of Kamelot. Today, in response to some requests I had by mail from some Overtures’ followers, I decided to publish the clip I loaded on Youtube 2 years ago: this link was meant for Kamelot and for a few friends, but seen the situation, I made it public, but I want to say it clear: I look at Kamelot with HUGE respect and admiration, and I absolutely don’t mean anything with this clip: watch it just like you watch any other cover on Youtube!”

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IsvEY6CY7g’]

Overtures just finished the recordings for their third album “Entering the maze”: more news about it will be released soon.

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