Best of 2012 – Marko

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Best of 2012 – Marko


1. Kiss: Monster

KISS - Monster
KISS – Monster

The bands 20th album MONSTER picks up where SONIC BOOM was two years ago. The album sounds identifiable KISS and includes all trademarks of which the band is famous for.Although the single tracks of the album are penned by Paul Stanley’s it’s mostly the other guys who are shining on this album. Simmons’s “Wall Of Sound”, “All In The Love For Rock’n Roll” sung by Singer and especially Tommy Thayer’s excellent “Outta This World” present this album at its best.

2. Accept: Stalingrad

Accept - Stalingrad
Accept – Stalingrad

Accept did the comeback of the year with its brilliant BLOOD OF THE NATIONS in 2010 and STALINGRAD it really does not lose an inch for it.The bombastic title track, “Hellfire” and “Shadow Soldier” are all excellent metal songs and future Accept classics.

3. Slash: Apocalyptic Love

Slash - Apocalyptic Love
Slash – Apocalyptic Love

APOCALYPTIC LOVE is the second solo release by former Guns’n Roses guitar hero Slash.Unlike the previous album which included various special guests and different vocalists on each track this album was recorded by members of Slash’s touring band. It appears to have been a good solution because this album is much more complete than its predecessor and it sounds like a band album this time.

4. Testament: Dark Roots Of Earth
5. Stone Sour:House of Gold & Bones
6. Unisonic: Unisonic
7. Adler: Back From Dead
8. Europe: Back Of Bones
9. Kreator: Phantom Antichrist
10, Adrenaline Mob: Omerta
11. Dokken: Broken Bones
12. Corrosion Of Conformity:s/t
13. L.A Guns: Hollywood Forever
14. Doogie White & La Paz: Granite
15. Axel Rudi Pell: Circle Of Oath


1. The Cult: Choice Of Weapon
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd:Last Of A Dying Breed
3. Rush: Clockwork Angels¨
4. Black Country Communion:Afterglow
5. ZZ Top: La Futura



Van Halen: A Different Kind of Truth
The new Van Halen album is the disappointment of the year. One can only wonder how a band like Van Halen can sound so uninspirng and loose. There are no single great songs on the album which actually is a collection of leftovers from the bands early albums. There’s a reason why someting wasn’t good enough to make it on the first attempt, right? Eddie Van Halen sounds great as always but he can’t save this album alone. Highly overrated album from highly overrated and band, that’s the truth.

Steve Harris: British Lion
This album is something that no one could have anticipated from Steve Harris. It’s an album full of dull and pathetic mid tempo songs with no any hooks or interesting there. It doesn’t help that the vocals are really weak and just breathless. The bass does sound great but that only can’t save this miserable release.

Manowar: Lord of Steel
It’s a fact that Manowar is always been just a joke for many and I gotta admit that after hearing this tragicomic bungle I do agree with those people. Long gone are the glory days when the band made such classic albums as HAIL TO ENGLAND or KINGS OF METAL. What we got now is a really poor sounding album full of bad songs with childish lyrics. This album is nothing but short of disgraceful publication.

Aerosmith: Music From Another Dimension
Although MUSIC FROM DIMENSION is not a bad in it’s entirely it’s still a huge disappoinment after eleven years of waiting.The songs on the album are so breathless that I can’t help of thinking that maybe the band has nothing more to say?


Motörhead: The World Is Ours I & II
Nothing new here but straight rock’n roll with Lemmy’s style.


KISS: Destroyer Re-surrected
It was great that this classic album finally got a proper re-mastering from the original producer Bob Ezrin. There’s nothing revolutionary there but the sound is now much more clean and the rhythm section does sound more powerful now. I was hoping to get more extras though,there’s plenty of that stuff out there, but the only bonus included is “Sweet Pain” with original guitar solo by Ace Frehley.


Sunstorm: Emotional Fire
Sunstrom is a project band of former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and some members of German hard rock band Pink Cream 69. This is the third release from the band and included re-recorded versions AOR classics from bands like Michael Bolton and Cher but also some originals so it’s not actual covers only album but close enough for me.


KISS: Monster
The basic idea of this book is so crazy in itself that this must be the book of year. The few who do own the book do agree with me for sure!

Peter Criss: Makeup and Breakup
If I do remember correctly, this book has been under works since the late 80’s. Out of all those KISS related books or memoirs this one is the most interesting and also the “dirtiest” one for sure.

Ace Frehley: No Regrets
Ace’s book goes along the same paths as Criss’s but it more “clean” and not as interesting as the other one. Perhaps Ace simply doesn’t remember half of his life?


AC/DC: Live at River Plate
There are other live DVD’s from AC/DC already out there but this one is just brilliant and it truly captures the magic of the band in live situation perfectly.

Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
This needs no explanation there. The DVD sounds and looks amazing. It’s really sad that the band decided not to do more shows after putting this out.High class stuff.

Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder -The Movie
This DVD actually came out already years ago but because of some legal problems it wasn’t available in public but just a short time through bands own website. The package includes two separate DVD’s,the other one is the actual HEAVY METAL THUNDER -movie. It’s really well combined documentary from bands entire career including ton’s of interviews and footage from past years to date. The other DVD includes a show from year 1981, a show from year 2008 and bits and pieces from everything between. Over five hours of NWOBM, doesn’t that sound interesting enough?


Family Jewels
It’s not too good to be honest but it’s the only reality series which I do follow sometimes still…


KISS: Live at HMV Forum,London, UK

MELBkiss2008 345.JPG

I have seen numerous KISS shows but this one was really special since the band played a full show in such a intimate 700 seat venue. The show was a part of bands then ongoing promotion for the new MONSTER album and it was literally HOTTER THAN HELL!

KING DIAMOND: Live at Swedenrock festival,Solvesborg, Sweden

King Diamond Live @ Sweden Rock
King Diamond Live @ Sweden Rock

This was something I wasn’t excepting to see ever again. King has gone through very difficult issues with his health but the man is now back with a vengeance. The show was amazing and King was singing better than ever..LONG LIVE KING!

TNT: The 30’TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW, Trondheim, Norway

TNT has always been one of my favorites from the melodic genre and not least because of their (former) vocalist Tony Harnell. The man now appeared as a special guest with the band forthe first time since 2006 and sounded just phenomenal. All three TNT vocalists present and the band backed up with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.Amazing event!


One this year most positive surprises was the new band of former Guns’n Roses drummer Adler. The album BACK FROM THE DEAD is one the best releases of the year and it’s full of modern hard rock anthems with a lot of potential to really put Adler and co on the map.
The band also performed on KISS KRUISE on last November and they totally convinced me on live situation as well. Way to go Steven!!


La Paz
La Paz is an Englsih old school had rock band fronted by one time Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and current MSG, Tank etc vocalist Doogie White. La Paz was actually the band where White was singing before heading into larger patterns but now, over twenty years later, the band decided to regroup and released its first full length album ever. The material, part of it is from the old days and some of it is brand new, does sound excatly like early Whitesnake/Rainbow and that’s something what you can rarely hear anymore on these days.


The death of Jon Lord, Ronnie Montrose and Mark Reale.
Horrible news after another. Every year we do some rockstars but the year 2012 was one of the worst in a long time.


New Black Sabbath album
– Although I have no any exceptations it’s going to be really interesting and one of the main events of the year!

New albums from other classic bands.
– There will be new releases from Deep Purple, Helloween, Saxon, Carcass, Motörhead etc etc..

Another great run of tours and festivals
– KISS KRUISE III, Swedenrock, Sonisphere, Tuska Festival, KISS European tour etc…