Gojira with support at L’Enfant Sauvage World Tour 2012-13 European Tour Mejeriet Lund Sweden

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L’Enfant Sauvage World Tour 2012-13

Klone – support act
Trepalium – support act

Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden, 1/11-2012

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


A cold Thursday provided an excellent day to listen to thrash music so I headed to Lund in order to see the French geniuses in Gojira take over the club Mejeriet. I saw the band earlier this year at  the Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark but then they only played for an hour. This night the band was going to be the headline act and therefore could almost play for as long as they wanted.


I guess that no one has missed to either read about, or hear, the brand new album L’ENFANT SAUVAGE that got great reviews in almost every media possible. On the tour the bands Klone and Trepalium joined forces with Gojira. Even though I arrived a bit late to the venue, there were hardly any people waiting to get in, the only ones standing there were a few very young guys talking about Gojira being their gods. At 7:30 it was time for the first band and it was Trepalium that was ready to set Mejeriet on fire.


The band consists of five guys from France and their music can best be described as thrash metal with some melodic influences. Nothing much happened on stage during the set and the members stood solid on their spot doing their thing. The only one who moved around was one of the guitarists but there were no signs of connection with the crowd. Their moment on stage ended after 35 minutes and even if the band was good at what they’re were doing there were no spark amongst the guys or no signs of joy to be performing.

There were no photopit this night and the organizers had only put up a fence in front of the stage which were going to make my job a bit hard. However I was only allowed to take photos during the first three songs as usual.

At 8.10 a lot of people began to turn up and at 8.25 was the light cut and it was time for the second act to head up on stage.



Telling from the applause, Klone more appreciated than the earlier band. Klone, like Trepalium, focused on the music rather than the talking. The band had a guy playing clarinet which looked funny but didn’t  impact the sound much. I had a really hard time grasping the music that for me sounded like a strange mix of metal and jazz. If I liked Trepalium I felt the opposite towards Klone and lost interest quite fast. Luckily the show ended after 35 minutes and I started to prepare for Gojira.




A lot more people had turned up during the Klone show. More people were on the floor in front of the stage instead of standing in the balcony. The fanbase consisted of mostly young guys. A massive wave of fans had positioned themselves right in front of the fence and I soon understood that I was going to have a hard time taking pictures. A huge backdrop hung behind the drums portraying the cover art work of the latest album. After 30 minutes it was so time for Gojira to conquer Lund and the lights went out and the fans screamed at the top of their lungs when the band showed up.



The members turned up to the tones of an intro and kicked off with the furious “Explosia”. “Flying Whales” continued the show and the energetic fanbase tagged along right away and screamed and cheered for the band during the entire show.

The band consists of:
Joe Duplantier – lead vocals, guitar
Christian Andreu – guitar
Mario Duplantier – drums
Jean-Michel Labadie – bass

“The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe” followed and after the song was over Joe Duplantier thanked the fans for turning up on this cold night to support the band. It was as I expected, really hard to take pics because of the massive headbanging that was going on in the front. He said that the band had played the wrong song earlier but that didn’t matter because now it was time for “Backbone” taken from the album FROM MARS TO SIRIUS. The smoke machine worked its ass off and the stage was covered in smoke. The lighting wasn’t that good either and all of the band had suffered from the same matter during the night. Joe Duplantier said it was now time to play the title track from the new album “L’Enfant Sauvage” and the bands technical thrash/death metal mixed with progressive influences worked really well for me and the show sure was a positive surprise in my opinion. “The Art Of Dying” transcended straight into “Toxic Garbage Island” and the fans loved every minute of the show.




Joe Duplantier said that the band had a great time on stage and that they had never performed in Lund before and that they loved visiting new cities. He said that the audience were great but wanted the fans to move around more and that they had a really good time playing for the Swedish fans. Unfortunately for the band, there weren’t a lot of people watching the band. Mejeriet was maybe semi-full. In “Tron” the band had only begun playing the intro when Mario Duplantier had problems with his drums. While the crew fixed his drums he jumped down to the front of the stage taking the mic saying that he wanted to see more movement in the crowd and that it looked like the fans was sleeping. It didn’t take long before the drums were ready and the band kicked once again off “Tron”. The band had a really great light show going on behind the drums that created different patterns on the black wall behind Mario Duplantier. The patterns also moved across the stage but it looked the best when it was placed on the wall. Joe Duplantier said that the band had played in Gothenburg the day before and that the fans in Gothenburg told him that there are strange people living in Lund. That made the Lund-fans boo of course but Joe Duplantier said that the band had been checking out Lund earlier during the day and that they only had good things to say about the city.



“Wisdom Comes” and “Oroborus” followed and a small circle pit was formed at the right side of the stage. As soon as the song ended everyone left the stage except for drummer Duplaniter and it was time for him to do a solo. He made a short solo that was OK but not more. The band then came back and continued the show with “Clone” and “The Axe”. The band felt really tight and solid as a unit and it was obvious that the guys have spent many times together on the stage. Joe Duplantier said that it was now time for the band to play the last song which were “Vacuity”. When the song ended went the band of stage and by then had 75 minutes of complex and entertaining metal passed by really quickly.



The fans weren’t satisfied and screamed for more. That made the band come out again and the lead singer thanked everyone again for the great support the fans had given the band through the night. The final song and the one and only encore for the night was “The Gift of Guilt”. As a final goodbye the guys threw out guitar pics and drumsticks to the fans and another 10 minutes had flew by.

I have only positive things to say about this great show. The sound was excellent as well as the set-list. The light show was really cool and added another dimension to the raging music. Despite the small amount of people felt the ones that were there eager to see their favorite band and gave their all to make Gojira feel welcome. The only negative thing was the poor lighting (not the lighting patterns behind the drums). Otherwise was this an amazing night at Mejeriet and I think that the fans were as happy as I were when I took the bus back to Malmoe. I bet that Gojira soon is making their way back to Scandinavia to perform again.




Flying Whales

The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe


L’Enfant Sauvage

The Art Of Dying

Toxic Garbage Island


Wisdom Comes


Drum Solo


The Axe



The Gift Of Guilt


Thanks to the boss at Kulturbolaget Totte Lundberg for help with press/photo pass to the show.


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