Lacuna Coil with support at Dark Legacy European Tour 2012 Pumpehuset Copenhagen Denmark

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 Lacuna Coil

Dark Legacy European Tour 2012

This Is She – support act




15/11 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Lacuna Coil is out on a European tour supporting their new album DARK ADRENALINE released in January 2012. The stop in Copenhagen was the last one in Scandinavia before the band headed out in Europe. The last time I saw the band perform live was this past summer at the Graspop Metal Meeting Festival in Belgium and since then I really like the new album was really eager to see the band headline their own show in Copenhagen. Pumpehuset is located near the central station in downtown Copenhagen and has been renovated this year. It’s a three store building and the first floor can take about 400 people and the second floor can take 600 visitors.


I hadn’t been to Pumpehuset since they have renovated, so I was really eager to see how it all had turned out. This tour also celebrates the band being together for 18 years. The band promised to deliver something special during this tour. I met up with a few members before the show and they were all really friendly. The first act was scheduled to be on stage at 8.30 and when I came to Pumpehuset I was greeted by two construction barracks that was placed on top of each other. You entered the first barrack, put in your jackets there and then went up on a stair in order to enter the place where the show was held. On stage were two iron pipes placed and inside the pipes stood some kind of sticks. Besides that stood the usual things already placed on the stage.

This Is She

The small amount of people that had turned up to see the support act welcomed This Is She with applause and the lead singer thanked us and said it was nice to be in Copenhagen. The band members are:

Alana – lead vocals

Christian – guitar

Ryan – drums

Daniel – bass

The bands music can be described as alternative rock and had nothing much in common with the headline act’s music. The lead singer did her best to get the crowd going but she had a hard time. Alana said that the band had released an EP called NOBODY IS OK? And that they were about to play a few songs from the EP.




Drummer Ryan Folden was also going to fill in for the Lacuna Coil drummer in the next set. So Alana wanted us to give it up for Folden that we soon was about to see more of. When she said that I understood that not all of the members in Lacuna Coil was going to be on stage this night. The last time Lacuna Coil performed in Scandinavia the bassist wasn’t with them. Alana said that the band was going to be in the merch stand after the show if anyone wanted to talk with them or have a beer.

I lost interest in the band after a couple of songs and the music was not my cup of tea at all. As soon as their 35 minutes had ended, the crew began preparing the stage for the evenings main act. While the crew did their thing, people turned up however not many had made their way in the cold night to see Lacuna Coil.

Lacuna Coil

All of the members showed up on the stage during the intro and kicked off the show right away with “Don’t Believe In Tomorrow”. The first song was followed by “I Won’t Tell You” and Scabbia and Ferro jumped around on stage during the first two songs. Scabbia thanked the fans for the warm welcome and said that it was fun to be back in Copenhagen again and that it was quite a while since the band played in Copenhagen the last time.

Lacuna Coil are:

Christina Scabbia – lead vocals

Maus – guitar

Chris “Pizza” Migliora – guitar

Andrea Ferro – lead vocals

Ryan Folden  – drums (session drummer)

Scabbia said it was time to play a song from the brand new album DARK ADRENALINE and the song were “Kill The Light” and it was a song that the fans loved and the hardcore fans that stood right in front of the stage went totally crazy when they heard the song. It was Scabbia and Ferro that worked the hardest with connection with the audience and they walked to the edge of the stage to keep in touch with the fans throughout the show. Ferro announced the next song which was taken from the album UNLEASHED MEMORIES called “Senzafina”. After the song Scabbia and Ferro said that they thought the band should come and visit Copenhagen more often because it was so nice playing here and that gave the band a huge applaud from the fans. Ferro continued with saying that the upcoming three tracks were songs from the bands ground breaking album COMALIES and he asked if the fans wanted to sing a long with them. The fans exploded when they heard the first tones of “Heaven’s A Lie” which was followed by “Self Deception” and “Entwined” which Scabbia said was about the fans and the band. The fans kept up the energy in the song that followed which was taken from KARMACODE called “To The Edge”. Ferro then held a shorter speech about following your dreams and he said that everyone’s dreams can come true if you really wants it.




Scabbia said that the band was about to get off stage but that they soon were going to return and when they got off, the crew came up and placed chairs and I could sense an acoustic set coming up. Maus and Migliora was the first ones back on stage and sat down on the chairs. Scabbia followed the guys and said that this was a special tour and what they now was about to do had  never been done before by Lacuna Coil before. “Falling” then came in an acoustic shape with only Scabbia on vocals. When the song was over Ferro came back on stage and Scabbia made a joke about the chairs being so high that she almost fell off it. “Closer” and “Within Me” followed. The acoustic versions of the songs sounded really great and it would be easy to believe that these songs waere going to be showstoppers but so was not the case. “End Of Time” and “Shallow Life” ended the acoustic part of the show and it was time to plug in the gear again.


The change of gear from acoustical to electric took about 5 minutes and the band once again returned on stage now in a different set of clothes again. The band also changed clothes to the acoustical part of the show. Scabbia said it was time to rock again and fired off “Our Truth”. Ferro and Scabbia jumped around on stage getting the crowd going and announced the next song which was “Upsidedown” taken from the new album. The only negative thing with the show was the really lousy lighting as well as the smoke machine that had gone crazy. Partially it was so much smoke on stage that it was hard taking pictures. Ferro said it was time for the band to see how many hardcore Lacuna Coil fans that was in the venue. It was now time to go back in time to the second album UNLEASHED MEMORIES and the songs “To Live Is To Hide” and it seemed that many of the fans had been with the band from the start because many sang a long with the band in the songs. Scabbia urged everyone to jump during  “Fragile” and it was pretty obvious that the older songs were much more popular amongst the fans than the more current ones.




It felt like the third part of the show was more energetic and fun both for the band as well as for the fans. During “Swamped”,  Ferro announced that “No Need To Explain” was the oldest song the band was going to play tonight and it was taken from their first EP, “Survive” and “Trip The Darkness” followed and the fans did their best to show their love and affection to the band. And the band seemed to be genuine happy with the warmth and love they received from the floor. Scabbia said that they had borrowed drummer Folden from the support act because the original drummer Criz was at home taking care of his newborn baby girl. The ordinary bass player Marco wasn’t on stage either because he had injured his arm. Therefor the band played without a bass player. Scabbia promised that the next time the band visits Copenhagen they all would be there. The steel bars behind the drums and the two on each side of the stage began to lit and it was a really nice light effect. Scabbia said that the band had gotten tired of the social networks and that they were only out to get your money and because of that have Lacuna Coil created a cellphone app of their own for both Iphone and android. Scabbia said that the fans had been wonderful and that it had been a blast performing for us tonight. The last song was dedicated to everyone who had lost a friend or a relative and was very special for the band. It was “My Spirit” who Scabbia dedicated to Pete Steel from Type O Negative. That song ended the ordinary set that had lasted for almost 120 minutes. The steel bows showed letters in neon lights saying goodbye.


It was a brilliant show with a great set list and amazing sound. It was unfortunate that so few took the chance to see Lacuna Coil live. It was obvious that the band had a great time on stage and even though their music maybe isn’t the happiest one was the band members sure happy campers. Lacuna Coil delivered some solid world class goth metal. The only negative things was the bad lighting, the crazy smoke machine and the fact that not all of the members participated. But besides that was this show one of the most memorable of 2012.

Set list


Don’t Believe In Tomorrow

I Won’t Tell You

Kill The Light


Heaven’s A Lie

Self Deception


To The Edge

Give Me Something More

Falling – unplugged

Closer – – unplugged

Within Me – unplugged

End Of Time – unplugged

Shallow Life – unplugged

Our Truth

Upside Down

To Live Is To Hide



No Need To Explain


Trip The Darkness


My Spirit



Thanks to Laura Thulke at Century Media Records for the help with

press/photo-pass to this show

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