CHRIS CAFFERY – Plans To Record A New Solo CD

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“Well, the Christmas Story marathon has ended…the TSO marathon continues!!! Hard to believe it was 1999 when we first played here in Cleveland. Such an amazing ride so far! I remember the first post Christmas show we ever did was December 26 in Cleveland a couple years later! We had already played like 4 shows here and the demand was so huge we came back after Christmas as well! I remember sitting in my hotel room that night with Daryl Pediford. We were laughing, saying some silly jokes about something we only understood. I remember him talking about the ghosts. He said there were ghosts there. As I travel around and look back at the friends I have lost who I have worked with in this business I know for sure the ghosts are here. I feel them at different times. Onstage and offstage. Daryl, Criss, Ray Gillen…the list goes on. Amazing musicians and friends who are no longer with me this Christmas but are always there in spirit. Thank you so much for these past 25 years. That was the first time I played a December 26th show…my first show with Savatage on the Mountain King Tour in Providence. Since then I have traveled about 1/2 million miles, played for close to ten million people. I have truly been blessed. I know I am not a perfect person. But I always try to learn from my experiences and hope to leave each day making people smile. Every day I take a look here and see the thousands of you that stop by to say hi it makes me smile. Thank you for being my friends! I look forward to next year…I am planning on recording a new solo CD, it really seems to be what everyone is asking me to do when I see them on this tour. Savatage? I still am as hopeful as you guys, but you know how that one goes!!! TSO…studio and more touring of course…what and when? Always a mystery like the man behind TSO itself! That’s what makes it magical! This journey is never written in stone. As long as Paul is at the wheel I know it will be an amazing adventure! I, like you, can’t wait to see what comes up! But I am blessed to be a part of it and blessed to have your friendship and support! I am going to go walk and look at Christmas lights! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!”

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