CAULDRON W/Monument, Amulet @ Camden Barfly

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Cauldron / Monument / Amulet

@ Camden Barfly

28th November 2012

Review by Anna Dumpe

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Tonight we faced the cold outside and made our way to Camden Barfly in North London, to see Cauldron, and the evening is looking to be all about headbanging, drinking beer and traditional heavy metal as we know it. It’s about as good as Wednesday night can get!

The first band we get to catch are London based retro-metalheads Amulet.

Looking and sounding all old school their sound reminds of the finest and earliest heavy metal from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The name Amulet kind of speaks for itself, as the band has a mystique image.

They bring up black magic and religious subjects in their songs and tonight they have turned the stage into a mini graveyard.

Amulet perform heavy metal just how it sounded in the first place. They blast out riff after riff, but the singer with his youthful energy and high-pitch vocals adds more naive and romantic character to the band’s image.

Amulet would appeal to fans of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Witchcraft and Pentagram. They are definitely one of the most exciting new bands around London and their EP Cut The Crap is available in 7-inch vinyl format. No CD’s or MP3’s – these guys keep it classic.

Next band up are Monument – the real defenders of the NWOBHM from London.

They are determined to bring back the music genre that once ruled the UK’s music scene, but now seems to have slightly vanished from the spotlight.

They’re confident in what they do and they know exactly what they’re after!

These guys wear their influences on their sleeves and it’s nothing but NWOBHM.

If Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Diamond Head are among your favourite bands, you might as well want to check out Monument and their EP Rock the Night!, as it would make a perfect addition to your CD collection.

Monument deliver an energetic show that’s full of epic stuff & great energy!

Everything is Epic…epic vocals, epic guitars, epic drum beats, epic stage presence… you get the point yeh?!

Cauldron are three heavy metal fans coming from Toronto, Canada and simply playing music that they love. Kicking off their European tour to promote their new album Tomorrow’s Lost, they must be living every metalhead’s dream.

These guys live, breathe and bleed metal and tonight’s performance proves us no wrong. They start with the opening track from Tomorrow’s Lost – “End of Time”, which sets the perfect speed for tonight’s performance.

The guys are on fire and it’s obvious that they care about the quality of performance. Cauldron do their best to get the audience going, but the crowd seems a bit stiff at some points.

Maybe it’s because it’s Wednesday. Maybe it’s because they haven’t had enough to drink yet. Or maybe they’re just warming up.

Anyhow, when Cauldron perform „Nitebraker”, which is the first single off Tomorrow’s Lost and a killer track in general, the crowd has finally awakened. „Nitebraker” has riffs written after the greatest heavy metal standards, melodic vocals and even a catchy chorus.

The energy on stage in insane and the band seem ready to do anything it takes to make it a good start of the tour. Songs like „Frozen in Fire” and „Bound to the Stake” from their previous recordings sound immense and go down as classics, leaving us wondering how does Ian Chains (guitar) manage the whole performance being the only guitarist in the band. He provides a heavy dose of rhythm switching to guitar solos and back without any hassle.

Jason Decay’s vocals are truly unique and can be easily identified. Listening to Cauldron records, you might think that there’s no way this dude can sound exactly the same live, but he actually does. His vocal capabilities are undeniable; it’s only up to the listener if they find this kind of high-pitch and singular vocals appealing. It’s either you like it or you don’t.

Cauldron throw in a treat for those who prefer their heavy metal even more extreme.

They play a cover version of „Sacrifice” by Bathory. If nothing before blew your mind, then this obviously does the job. It sounds heavy, fast, angry and everything else elpic. They manage to perform the song in their own unique way, still holding on to the original values.

And then there are the obvious classics – „Miss You to Death”, „Burning Fortune”, „All of Nothing” and „Chained up in Chains”, which is the final song of the night. These songs go down brilliantly and are exactly what the fans have been waiting for. They’re all written in traditional heavy metal style, but yet, Cauldron manage add a modern twist to their sound and that’s what makes this band stand out.

These days everyone seems to try and come up with something new and sound different than anyone else. But when it comes to young musicians who simply believe in the beauty of keeping it classic and traditional, they still manage to stand out in today’s music market. And when you see a band like Cauldron, you know that the main driving force behind the band is their love for the music and nothing else.

Tonight Cauldron are in the best shape and play a superb set in front of a packed out crowd at Camden Barfly. Next time when they’re back in town, make sure to go and check them out.

These guys deserve even bigger and better appreciation!