Cauldron Interview @ Camden Barfly

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Cauldron Interview

@ Camden Barfly

Interview by Anna Dumpe

Interview Photos by Michelle Murphy

Just a few hours before Cauldron take to the stage at Camden Barfly tonight to kick off their European tour, we sit down and have a chat about their new album Tomorrow’s Lost, touring, their favourite music and just a little bit about how they will be spending Christmas.

The night before I met Cauldron, the guys were out and about at West End’s Crobar and for anyone who’s ever had a wild night there, must know that a headache the next day is guaranteed! So, it’s not a surprise when I find out that the band today are feeling slightly tired and worse for wear.

You all had good night last night, so how do you feel today?

Ian: SHIT! (Laughs)

Well done! It’s your 2nd day in London, so what you’ve been doing so far and do you have nay favourite places to go when you’re here?

Ian: Nothing but interviews, sleeping and drinking. That’s all we’ve done. But whenever we’re here we like to go and do a bit of record shopping in Camden.

Myles: This is my first time in London and after last night Crobar is definitely my favourite place.

Jason: Favourite places in London are always the venues we play, I guess.

Where have you played in London so far?

Ian: We’ve played at The Old Blue Last a couple of times.

Jason: As well as that, we’ve done Camden Underworld and O2 Academy Islington, which was cool.

Your European tour kicks off tonight at Camden Barfly. What countries are you most looking forward to and where in Europe you tend to get the best crowd reaction?

Jason: Spain, Sweden and Germany are always a lot of fun. Fans over there are crazy, loud and they know all the lyrics, which is kind of scary.

Ian: Yeah, those guys sing all the words and they sing all the guitar solos as well.

Jason: It’s very surreal, but at the same time it’s such a cool feeling. They really show their appreciation over there.

The new album Tomorrow’s Lost is out now. Tell us how is it different from your previous recordings and what subjects do you bring up in the new album?

Myles: I think it sounds darker that previous releases.Jason: I think it’s more or less the same style, but the song writing is more ‘straight to the point’ and it’s more refined. Lyrically, most of it is about day-to-day struggles that come with life and shit like that. It’s a pretty real record.

So it’s a new Cauldron album and yet another new drummer. I’ve noticed there’s some kind of a „Spinal Tap” situation going on, as you tend to change drummers quite a lot.

Tell us, when did Myles join the band and how did you find each other?

Jason: Yeah, I know… We do like new drummers.

Myles: They change drummers more than they change socks! (Laughs)

But what happened was I joined the band in July. I met Jason and Ian through a mutual friend and we spoke about me joining the band earlier in the year already. I knew that they are looking for a new drummer so I sent them an audition video mostly of me in a shop getting beer.

They didn’t even watch the drum parts!

Ian: Yeah, and then he kept us in suspense and considered joining the band for like 6 months.

Jason: During that time we auditioned other guys, but Myles finally decided that he wants to do it and we started from there.

As well as that, you’ve released a new video for "Nitebraker”. It’s pretty epic as you’re all playing zombies chasing this couple through woods. Tell us about the idea behind the video and how much fun you had shooting it?

Ian: We didn’t have fun at all! (Laughs) It was freezing and we were filming the video the whole day until the sun came up the next day.

Jason: We started shooting on Saturday afternoon and finished Sunday morning at 11am, because there’s this scene in the video where we rise from our graves, I was actually buried in the ground for over an hour from like 3 to 4am while all the other guys were getting their make up done or whatever. They kept telling me it’s going to be five more minutes and at one point I just fell asleep under the ground.

Well, you’re definitely not claustrophobic then!

Jason: I don’t know, because it was kind of weird. It’s not that I liked it, but I think it was worth it all in the end.

The whole Halloween theme runs through the video and it was released on the 31st of October. Was that your main idea to make a Halloween themed video?

Ian: No, the main idea is that at the end of our previous video for „All or Nothing” we all die. So this is just like a continuation where this kid is looking for our graves, because he has heard that we are buried somewhere in the woods. We wanted to go with the whole „Sleepaway Camp” (horror film made in 1983) theme.

Let’s talk about the music that you guys listen to. Where do you think heavy metal would be today if Black Sabbath never happened?

Ian: I think everything would sound like Huey Lewis and The News, which I am a huge fan of. (Laughs)

Jason: Who knows… It’s really hard to say. Even though Jimi Hendrix did change a lot as well!

If you could pick an era, which era in music you would choose to live in?

Jason: 1984 to 1986, because that’s when my favourite records were made.

Ian: It’s 1982 to 1986 for me.

A lot of great albums were released by bands like Gravestone, Stormwitch, Obsession, Savage Grace, Omen and so on…

Sounds great! So who are your personal idols and if you could, would you like to give them any advice?

Jason: I’ll probably ask them for an advice, but if I could give some of them a musical advice I’d tell them to play some old stuff, so they don’t suck anymore.

Myles: Iggy Pop’s an idol for me and I’d suggest him to tighten up those abs a little bit. (Laughs)

Jason: Yeah, and stop smearing peanut butter all over himself. (Laughs)

Ian: My advice to Tony Iommi would be to get well soon. He really is THE MAN! And to Criss Oliva from Savatage – ‘don’t get in the car!’

That’s awesome, guys! So what is you opinion about the metal music scene nowadays?

Ian: It’s great, because there’s a new band coming out every minute! There are a lot of quality bands out there these days.

Myles: …and most of them are Swedish!

Jason: I think the metal scene looks pretty good and it’s a lot different than it was 10 years ago.

I think the fact that everyone’s a musician these days is a lot better than if nobody was into music. It’s better than there are no bands out there, because it creates a scene.

Therefore there’s people who are available and willing to come to our shows, which is great and we can keep on doing what we love.

What would you say is the ‘ultimate’ heavy metal record for each of you?

Ian: Huey Lewis and The News Self Titled! (Laughs)

But if seriously, then it’s Savatage – Sirens. I think that’s just a perfect heavy metal album and I would recommend it to someone who wants to find out what heavy metal is all about.

Jason: What works for me might not work for someone else, but I like Metallica- Master of Puppets a lot. It’s pretty cliché, but it’s true.

Myles: Black Sabbath – Vol. 4. It has got good songs and especially good drumming.

Bill Ward has such a good feel when he plays.

What do you think about the current Black Sabbath situation with Tommy Clufetos stepping in to replace Bill Ward?

Jason: It’s bullshit!

There’s got to be enough money going around to have all four guys play together.

Myles: Yeah, I don’t like this either… It’s a bit ridiculous.

Ian: I don’t think any of them should have done it without Bill Ward, but it just shows that it’s all about the money, I guess.

What if you try to look from the drummer’s point of view? Imagine that you were offered to replace Bill Ward? Would you do it?

Ian: …and be the most hated drummer in heavy metal?

Jason: Yeah, because if he (Tommy Clufetos) doesn’t do it, someone else is going to!

I mean I don’t blame the guy for doing it. All I’m saying is I would rather see Black Sabbath with Bill Ward and Tony Martin or Ian Gillan on vocals rather than Ozzy with someone else on drums.

Alright, it’s time to wrap it up. So it’s the time of the year, guys, so what do you normally give each other for Christmas and how you’re going to celebrate while being on tour?

Ian: I stopped buying presents a while ago.

Jason: We just can’t afford to buy shit for each other! (Laughs)

Myles: My presence is my present to these guys. (Laughs)

Ian: We normally ignore Christmas, but I think we’re going to hang up stocking in the van.

We’ll celebrate Sinterklaas (the character of Santa Claus in the Low Countries) because our driver is Dutch. We’re going to leave our shoes out on the December 5th and in the morning we’ll find chocolate letters in our shoes.

Jason: (Growls) It’s going to be BLACK CHRISTMAS!!!! (Everyone Laughs)