Barge to Hell Dec. 3-7 2012

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Day 3

 For Day 3 I had some ambitious plans with friends to go wander around our destination stop, Nassau Bahamas. Royal Caribbean offers a variety of excursions that customers can choose from. For Nassau these varied from transportation to a private beach to dolphin encounters to museum tours. We decided not to purchase any of the tours but to just wander around the town ourselves…until we found a beach with little bar that was serving 4 shots and 4 beers for $10. It was a quick end to our wandering but we had a very enjoyable day relaxing on the beach and we even sampled some Conch fritters, a local staple. Many other Barge attendees and band members found their way to this beach as well.


We got back to the Barge well before the 5:30pm “curfew”. I got some time in one of the hot tubs before getting ready for the next set of bands. I made it out on the pool deck in time to shoot a couple songs at the end of Monstrosity’s set. The Florida death metal band had a good sized crowd watching the set.

Napalm Death

Napalm Death were of course very energetic on the pool deck and they had great sound for this set. It was their third show in four days and the fans were still out in large numbers going crazy on the floor.


I went for dinner this evening with a couple of friends and we were seated at a larger table with Solstafir and a very awesome couple that I ended up conversing with quite a bit. The couple turned out to be Jeff Becerra’s parents. While they didn’t have any embarrassing baby photos to share, there were some cool stories about the beginnings of Possessed.


I had missed Artillery on day 2 because they started way too early in the morning for me so I made sure to get to their set at the Lounge. Although having a competing time slot with the end of At The Gates’ set and the beginning of Moonspell, a good sized crowd came out to see the Danish thrashers. The Stützer brothers demonstrated crushing riff work. Artillery’s new frontman Michael Bastholm Dahl vocals were excellent and he headbanged and engaged the audience throughout the set.

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste were especially fun this evening as frontman Tony Foresta informed the crowd he had never been so drunk prior to getting on stage before and that he had already puked numerous times. But even with the high level of inebriation, the band played well. There were Frisbees thrown out into the crowd during the set. Tomas Lindberg from At The Gates and Rob Dukes from Exodus got up to join in on “United Forces” by S.O.D.



Black metallers Kampfar shut down the pool deck to a tired but resilient crowd. The band sounded good and the lighting along with the smoke rolling around the stage provided the perfect atmosphere to compliment the music.

The night (morning?) ended with some more karaoke hilarity. This night I spent quite a bit if time in the lounge hosting karaoke and it made me really appreciate how in Canada smoking is not allowed in bars. I was definitely not used to sitting around in such a smoky environment. Many of us hung out for quite a while, trying to squeeze out as much time awake on the cruise as we could with the last day already upon us.