Kreator Morbid Angel Nile and Fueled By Fire : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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The 7th Of December 2012

Nosturi Helsinki


When the co-tour package consisting of Kreator, Morbid Angel, Nile and the young thrash guns Fueled By Fire was announced, it wasn’t any shock as the tickets were sold out. Generally, these kinds of packages definitely pull hundreds of people to shows, resulting a number of sold out gigs. The whole Nosturi club was entirely packed and full when about 600 metal freaks crawled to testify these four bands in action. The night was a real dream come true for all the fans to witness these leading names on the metal map on the same night and the whole gig was a worth every cent for sure. Sweating raging pits were rolling all night long and the was at present for obvious reasons.

Fueled By Fire hailing from California got the opportunity to kick off the massive metallic event off. The four Californian thrashers definitely rely on a traditional thrash metal approach without offering any modern gimmicks. The vicious and razor sharp songs with solos sounded a bit of reminiscent of Exodus and Testament. Even though Fueled By Fire have been thrashing since 2002, the stuff may sound a bit generic in some cases. However the guys thrashed with ultimate passion throughout the support slot and definitely gained a few new fans with their strong and intense performance. FOF definitely warmed the audience up well for the next act.

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After a short mandatory break after Fueled By Fire, it was time for Nile to unleash their blasting mythological death metal. Nile has packed venues full on a tour of their own before, but touring with Kreator and Morbid Angel is definitely an excellent way to play even in bigger venues and in front of bigger crowds and more dedicated fans. Unfortunately, the sounds turned a little bit muddy in the front row at Nosturi, however they sounded utter brutal murderous in the back. Both Karl Sanders and Dallas Tole-Wade shared the growling parts equally. During the 45 minute set Nile unleashed two songs from their latest album AT THE GATE OF SETHU and the rest of the set consisted of albums such as ANNIHILATION OF THE WICKED,  BLACK SEEDS OF VENGEANCE etc. Nile may sound a bit generic for normal metal fans, but for the all devoted extreme metal fans Nile’s performance was a real feast of the deadly metal based on the Egyptian mythology.

Sacrifice Unto Sebek

Defiling the Gates of Ishtar


Hittite Dung Incantation

Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame


Supreme Humanism of Megalomania

Cast Down the Heretic

Black Seeds of Vengeance

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Morbid Angel made the debut show in Finland back in 2004 at Nummirock with Steve Tucker. Until 2008 and 2011 Morbid Angel returned to Finland with David Vincent in the ranks to headline the Tuska Open Air. But until now, the legendary Florida death metallers made the first ever club show in Finland, ever. It took definitely took a long time to have their first club show!!! When the gig was blasted to start with the immortal riffs of “Immortal Rites” the audience went entirely berserk, arranging one hell of a maze of torment of a pit, lasting nearly the whole Morbid Angel set. The crowd was pleased to have the more old school based set list consisting of the most essential Morbid Angel from the ALTARS to the most recent one ILLUD, skipping a couple of albums from the Tucker era. The band kept some eccentric break between every song meanwhile Vincent communicated with the crowd, Trey Azagthoth obviously pondered about the technical mysteries of the guitar and the amplifier as constantly talking to some tech guy. After all his “Astro-X” signed flying-V got switched to another guitar. However, Azagthoth was the man in the shade on the stage, but the myth and the legend around him has made him one of the respected guitarists in the extreme metal genre. The second guitar Destruchtor handled his job with the routine grip, but with the straight stance. Even though his role in Morbid Angel is obvious, but the charismastic vocalist/bassist David Vincent is the one to dominate the stage and control the audience. The current drummer Tim Yeung kept blasting the beats out with the merciless tempo and proved being the right man in the right place. Morbid Angel came and conquered by performing the real lesson of what death metal is all about. The one can hate or loathe or adore them for a reason or another, but the legends still kill. But hey where was the controversial Radikult ?

Immortal Rites

Fall From Grace


Maze of Torment

Existo Vulgoré


Lord of All Fevers and Plague

Chapel of Ghouls

Dawn of the Angry

Where the Slime Live

Bil Ur-Sag

God of Emptiness

World of Shit (The Promised Land)

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Kreator was of course the headliner, somehow it felt eccentric when going back to the Tuska Open Air fest in 2008, as Kreator had been placed to perform in the middle of the day whereas Morbid Angel was the headliner. Well time flies quickly for sure. The stage was covered by a white curtain, where old and new pictures were reflected. Finally the curtain was dropped and dragged off in the wake of the opening riffs of “Phantom Antichrist” roaring out of loudspeakers. The whole floor once again turned to be one hell of a battlefield where kids were raging and having real riot of violence, running like maniacs. Even though kids fell to their knees, they were picked up immediately by other fellows, that was truly encouraging to see metallers still care about metal comrades when having fun in the pit. As for Kreator, Mille and Ventor have pushed ahead year after year without slowing down, the band still sounds tight, accurate and relevant. The last decade was a piece of evidence of Kretor’s ability to create the lethal thrash hymns, it shows as the going-on decade won’t make any exception. Kreator is definitely a well oiled Teutonic thrash metal patrol at stages. As for the setlist, it can be argued if it is good or solid or if it was a piece of crap. However the set consisted of the newer material recorded with the current line-up (been together 12 years by now) such as “Enemy Of God”, “Horde Of Chaos” etc and of course the older classic material from the heyday of the 80’s for example the mandatory “Pleasure To Kill”. All in all Kreator’s repertoire is so massive and large, creating the working setlist to please everyone is a real mission impossible. All the tunes sounded crystal clear in the massive murdering soundworld. The four piece thrash giant sounded extremely aggressive professionals, well-trained and hateful at Nosturi. The audience was whipped by Mille’s neverending briefing to destroy the place by arraging the wall-of-death and going more insane in the pit.
Phantom Antichrist

From Flood Into Fire

Enemy of God


Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)

Extreme Aggression

Voices of the Dead

Civilization Collapse

People of the Lie

Death to the World

Endless Pain

Pleasure to Kill

The Patriarch

Violent Revolution

United in Hate



Flag of Hate

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