MICHAEL MONROE: Live at Club Tavastia

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The year 2012 was another great one for Michael Monroe. The band did shows in the U.S, South America, Sweden, and they played numerous shows in Finland, including all the most significant festivals. Lately, the band has been working on a follow up for highly successful SENSORE OVERDRIVE, and the album should be out in early 2013. The band returned to Helsinki and Club Tavastia in early December and played three sold-out shows in a row. These gigs were the last ones of the SENSORE OVERDRIVE –tour, which lasted over one and half years.

The show kicked off with a string of SENSORE OVERDRIVE tracks. “Trick of the Wrist” sounds still like a perfect opener. It’s a total kick-ass opener for a rock show like this. “Got Blood?” and “Modern Day Miracle” continued good and energetic vibes on stage before it was time to jump back in time and play some old school Hanoi Rocks. “Motorvatin” always works, and Demolition 23 classic “Hammersmith Palais” made things even better.

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Altogether the set included 18 songs. Six SENSORE OVERDRIVE tracks, selected gems from Michael’s earlier solo work and past bands, and cover songs from Michael’s favorite artists.

Michael was hyper-energetic itself. The man worked hard and made all his known manners like splits, “hanging” with microphone cables, and… you know the rest. The band was energetic, but wisely they made sure that there was always enough room for Michael to do his things. The band does sound great, but I have to say that Dregen is a good fit for the band. The man looks like he’s always been there, and he gives some extra for the band’s overall stage presence. I don’t know if Dregen has now been given a shot to write any arrangements for the upcoming Michael Monroe album, but that would be at least interesting to hear some, especially if you’re looking back for his past career and songwriting with Backyard Babies.

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This was the last show of this long tour, which started over one year ago, and perhaps for that reason, it was more or less just a regular gig with no big surprises there. Don’t get me wrong; basically, everything was working great, and the band literally rocked their socks off, but perhaps some criticism can be said about the setlist. Of course, it’s OK to play a lot of tracks from the album you’re promoting, but how about the rest? Does it serve anybody to play songs like Iggy Pop’s “I Got a Right,” AC/DC’s “Rock ’n Roll Damnation,” or “Hurriganes’s “Get On” when you have tons of great material of your own in your back pocket?  Also, the same worn-out Hanoi classics have been heard on every show since Hanoi break up, even though there would be a lot of other great choices there as well. Hopefully, we’ll see and hear some substantial changes there on the next tour?





Trick of the Wrist

Got Blood?

Modern Day Miracle


Hammersmith Palais

I Got A Right


All You Need

Nothin’s Alright

Ain’t Nothin’ To Do

Not Fakin’ It

Bombs Away

Malibu Beach Nightmare

Dead, Jail, or Rock ‘n’ Roll


Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation

Back To Mystery City

Taxi Driver

Get On


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