MOTORHEAD w/ Anthrax @ Brixton Academy

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Motorhead / Anthrax / Diaries of a Hero

@ O2 Academy Brixton

17th November 2012

Review by Anna Dumpe

Photography by Michelle Murphy

One of the most anticipated tours of the year rolled into town as Anthrax and Motorhead make an appearance to O2 Academy Brixton to play a sold-out show. There have been talks previous to tonight about how ‘No Rock, Metal music fan can miss tonight’s performance’! Have been circulating since April and created a mass-excitement in the world heavy metal.

So we were sure not to miss tonight and to experience the loudest Rock’n’Roll show of the year and damage our hearing without a care in the world!

We get to the venue early enough to catch the support band Diaries of a Hero.

Opening for such bands like Anthrax and Motorhead would be kind of a big deal for any artist, and playing in front of an audience of old-school metal heads knowing just how judgmental they might get about anything that’s new and different, is a pretty nerve wrecking thing to do.

They open tonight’s show with a trashy, yet melodic set. Even though the room is half empty, they deliver a great show and put a lot of energy in it. It’s clear that this could be their chance of a lifetime and they need to prove themselves as a potential band.

Diaries of a Hero catch our attention with their melodic choruses, harmonizing guitar licks and epic breakdowns. Despite the comparatively short set, they manage to throw in a drum solo, which is a challenging move from an opening band.

They perform songs from their debut album Behind the Mask and  Follow the Hero” is a song that stands out the most.

It even makes the most sceptical guys in the crowd look up and stop staring in their drinks.

They finish their set with two songs from the upcoming album that’s currently in the recording process. From what we hear tonight, the following album is looking to be heavier and more mature. Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys in the future!

Anthrax are the next one up and they take the stage as energetic as ever.

The band seems to be in a great form with Jon Dette (ex-Slayer, Testament) filling in for Charlie Benante on drums. Within few seconds into their first song ‘Caught in a Mosh’ they already own the audience. Fists are up in the air and human bodies are already being thrown around in front of the stage. …as you do at a thrash metal show.

Delivering a fast and heavy set, Anthrax remains one of those bands that will always seem unstoppable. Say nothing about the never-ending line up changes or personal stuff that’s been standing in their way. The energy is still there and Anthrax members are as hyper as when the band first got together.

Scott Ian is probably one of the maddest guitarists out there as he manages to jump from one side of the stage to the other in seconds, whereas the bass guitarist Frank Bello could easily set the stage of fire with his energy alone. And it always makes it more special to see the band perform with the classic singer. Joey Belladonna’s unique melodic vocals determine the sound of Anthrax and seeing him on stage amongst other members just makes perfect sense.

„In the End” from their latest album Worship Music and is a great anthem and tonight it is dedicated to two of the greatest musicians ever lived and has had an influence on what heavy metal is today. Massive posters of Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrel appear on stage and the crowd salute in an honour.

Classics like „Antisocial”, „Indians” and „Madhouse” go down brilliantly, but when the opening bass chords for „Got the Time” kicks in, the crowd just lose their minds. Hundreds of head-banging people run around in every possible direction and spill beer all over the place. Awesome indeed.

We’re very sorry and disappointed to announce that we can’t provide you pictures from Anthrax set tonight, because of a misunderstanding that occurred between organizers we were not able to shoot Anthrax.



1.Caught in a Mosh

2.Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t

3.Antisocial (Trust cover)


5.In the End


7.Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover)

8.Be All, End All

9. I Am the Law

Before we get to analyzing Motorhead, let’s start with some old news.

It’s Lemmy Kilmister we’re here to see. He’s a living legend and for that particular reason he always stays the same and never changes. We all know what to expect from the man and that’s exactly what we get. If you expect some kind of a grand stage show or an exotic dance performance, you’ve come to the wrong show.

If you’re here to watch Motorhead perform some of the greatest rock’n’roll classics for an hour and a half while getting pushed around by hundreds of crazy Motorhead fans, then you’re in for a treat.

Motorhead really are the loudest live band and everyone who doubts it should finally go and see them live. It’s a bit ridiculous at some points, because it doesn’t even matter where in the room you’re standing.

You could be head-banging right by the stage, you could be in the middle of a mosh-pit or you could be simply trying to purchase a pint of beer at the back of the venue. It’s so loud you won’t be able to hear your own thoughts.

But then again, who cares? We’re here to see Motorhead, go mad and not worry about a thing. And the truth is that no one in the audience seem to be giving a flying f**k about any kind of rules. Half-empty drinks are flying around like graduation hats and every other person is lighting up a cigarette (or any other substance you can burn and inhale). Welcome to a rock’n’roll show! 

Lemmy’s presence on stage and his gruff singing voice is the essence of the band’s sound which has Jack Daniels & Marlboro Lights written all over it.

Mickey Dee’s drumming is spectacular. It’s an entertainment to watch him smash the hell out of his drum kit and how he sets hundreds of drumsticks flying in different directions. His blonde hair flashing behind the gigantic drum kit looks like someone’s shaking the hell out of a mop and his joyful character brings a lot of life to the show.

Phil Campbell’s stage image is more reserved, but his performance and the bluesy guitar solo in between “Doctor Rock” and the classic track “The Chase Is Better Than the Catch” is like a breath of fresh air in-between all the madness.

Classic tracks like “Killed by Dead” and “Ace of Spades” start mayhem within the crowd and the latter one, possibly, is the only reason why so many people have come down to Brixton Academy tonight. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s classic and it never gets overplayed.

As soon as the band leaves the stage, thousands of devil horns are being thrown in the air asking them to return for more. For an encore, Motorhead throw in a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Are You Ready” and finish their tonight’s set with the long awaited “Overkill”.

There’s nothing else like a Motorhead show. It’s simple, straight forward and unique. No matter how many times this band will hit the road playing the same old classic tracks at each show, we can guarantee that all the venues are going to be packed out and people are going to have a great time. Long live Motorhead!


1. I Know Hot to Die

2. Damage Case

3. Stay Clean

4. Metropolis

5. Over the Top

6. Doctor Rock

7. Guitar Solo

8. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch

9. Rock It

10. You Better Run

11. The One to Sing the Blues (incl. Drum solo)

12. Going to Brazil

13. Killed By Death

14. Ace of Spades


15. Are You Ready (Thin Lizzy cover)

16. Overkill


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