Deicide live at The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, November 7, 2012

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The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

November 7, 2012

Review and pics by InfamousButcher

For 25 years, Deicide has been blasting their brand of satanic death metal, crucifying audiences worldwide! My first exposure to these madmen from Tampa, Florida was in 1992 when LEGION came out. A good friend of mine (David Davis) was a huge fan of Decide and he quickly turned me on to their brand of blasphemous, scourge you to death with a cat o nine tales death metal! 2011’s highly acclaimed brutal release TO HELL WITH GOD proved that Glen Benton (bass, vocals), Steve Asheim (drums), and Jack Owen (guitar) can put a new twist on the classic Deicide sound but still keep it as savage as ever! This US tour is the latest leg supporting this killer album.


Tonight’s show is at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, one of my favorite venues for a metal show. The place looks like an old theater with a balcony except there are no seats downstairs. Stage is new and sound system is superb. The rest of the place hasn’t seen a paintbrush in a number of years, but that adds to the atmosphere! Unfortunately the show was less than half full tonight and the balcony was closed, I’d say there were only 300 – 400 hardcore fans that came out. Not sure if this is because it was a Wednesday night or it was too soon after Hurricane Sandy had ravaged the east coast.


Glen, Steve, Jack, and returning guitarist Kevin Quirion took the stage at 9:50 and after Glen gave the crowd a salute, tore into “Homage for Satan.” Sound was blistering, tight, loud, and brutal! Glen commanded the stage, bellowing out guttural vocals and occasional ear piercing shrieks! I was very impressed with his vocals, which sounded similar to the way they do on TO HELL WITH GOD but heavier and a bit deeper. He used more higher-pitched vocals later in the set on the older material, more on that later. Glen is a very underrated bass player; I was blown away by his speed! Steve is fucking amazing with his blast beats and fills, just flawless insane drumming through 20 songs! I’ve seen a lot of great death metal drummers like Mike Smith, Pete Sandoval, Tim Yeung, Ed Warby, Carl Stokes, and Paul Mazurkiewicz, but Steve is on a different level. When it comes to being tight, precise, and sick, Steve is the king. Former Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen was quite good with his riffs and solos. Both he and Kevin have filled the Hoffman brothers’ shoes quite well. Kevin provided high pitched backing vocals throughout the set to re-create the blended vocal effects Glen uses on the albums! How awesome is that?  


Glen joked around a bit with the crowd between songs and didn’t seem to take himself as seriously as he did back in the day, a recurring trend I’ve seen with death metal today. After the first 3 songs he told us his second ex-wife is from Philadelphia, but he doesn’t hate us, just her! He said something about being mesmerized by big tits but it eventually didn’t work out. Glen introduced “When Satan Rules His World” as “When Satan Shits His Pants” and also said he would never be permitted in a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting! However, Glen did take the music seriously and he didn’t skimp on any challenging vocal parts.


Show was out-fucking-standing with lots of classics from the first album DEICIDE and the third album ONCE UPON THE CROSS as well as several tracks from TO HELL WITH GOD and a few tracks from other albums. I would have liked some stuff from LEGION but that is a minor complaint. My favorites of the night included “Dead by Dawn” (BOOK OF THE DEAD!! Completely fucking insane! Grinding riffs!), “Once Upon the Cross” (FEAR HIM! FEAR HIM! Great vocals by Glen and Kevin!), “Serpents of the Light” (fucking killer!), “Save Your” (sounds like savior), “Conviction” (slower grinding new track!), “Kill The Christian” (pretty direct to the point chorus!), “Sacrificial Suicide” (TAKE ME! Ultra brutal, much heavier than the album!), “Lunatic of God’s Creation” (Smear the blood on the naked corpse, naked corpse – MANSON!), and “Oblivious to Evil” (JOIN US!). Pit was fun but not that rough, I get fired up for the old shit so I was in there for the last three songs! After the show I was hoarse and a little sore, sign of a good metal show!


Deicide still brings it every night folks! Glen and Steve have soldered on without the Hoffman brothers and are still fucking killing it. If you have never seen the legendary Decide, don’t miss this awesome tour! For I’m the Decide, Dominus, what could you do?   

1.    Homage for Satan

2.    Dead by Dawn

3.    Once Upon the Cross

4.    Scars of the Crucifix

5.    When Satan Rules His World

6.    Serpents of the Light

7.    Save Your

8.    Hang in Agony Until You’re Dead

9.    Conviction

10.    Blame It on God

11.    They Are the Children of the Underworld

12.    Death to Jesus

13.    Witness of Death

14.    Desecration

15.    Into the Darkness You Go

16.    How Can You Call Yourself a God

17.    Kill the Christian

18.    Sacrificial Suicide

19.    Lunatic of God’s Creation

20.    Oblivious to Evil


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