Accept on the Stalingrad European Tour 2012 at Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark

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Stalingrad European Tour 2012

Amager Bio



30/10 – 2012

Reviewed an live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Once again was is so time for me to head across the bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark to go to Amager Bio to see the German heavy metal icons Accept. Earlier this year came the bands brand new album STALINGRAD which is the follow up to the 2010 year album BLOOD OF THE NATIONS. Scandinavia was the last leg of the tour for the band that kicked off the tour in America. Personally U.D.O led by the former lead singer Udo Dirkschneider more of Accept for me than this version of Accept. As an old fan of Accept I miss the characteristic voice of Dirkschneider singing in Accept but I guess I had to put aside my feelings towards the band and see and hear them with an open mind and heart.

Amager Bio is an old movie theater that has been turned to a venue for bands and the place can take about 1000 visitors. Accept was scheduled to be on stage at 8 o clock and there were no support or guest acts that opened for them. I turned up early during the day to meet the band and it was a lie to say that the time went fast but finally it was time for the doors to open and time for me and meet up my friend that had turned up.  Amager Bio is a really nice place to see shows and at the end of the hall there is a balcony where you can stand and watch the artists perform. When the clock had turn 7.45 a lot of people had turned up and you could feel the excitement in the air. A drum kit, two mic stands and a huge backdrop portraying the cover of STALINGRAD was placed on stage and behind the drums. About 20.15 was it so time for Accept to enter the stage in Amager Bio.




The band arrived on stage to the tunes of an intro and as soon as the fans saw the bandmembers they began to shout and clap their hands even louder than before. It all kicked off with “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” which is the opening track of STALINGRAD and the first song went straight into “Hellfire” which was the next song.

The band members are:

Peter Baltes – bass

Stefan Schwarzmann – drums

Herman Frank – guitar

Wolf Hoffmann – guitar

Mark Tornillio – lead vocals

Tornillio had the crowd in the palm of his hand form the very start of the show and you can imagine what the crowd felt when they heard the first tones of “Restless And Wild”. Everyone sang along with Tornillio in the song and Tornillio together with Baltes and Hoffmann did their very best to fire up the fans even more. Tornillio said it was great to be in Copenhagen, reached out the mic to the fans to scream in and kicked off “Losers And Winners”. As soon as there were a guitar solo going on ran Hoffmann out on the edge of the stage together with Baltes and Tornillio backed a bit in order to let the two original members shine. Then followed “Stalingrad” in which Tornillio took out a flag in the middle of the song and waved with back and forth. “Breaker” and an extra-long version of “Bucket Full Of Hate” with a solo from Hoffmann in followed and the show continued on with “Monsterman”.

The Accept of today felt really edgy and there were no doubt that all of the members had a really good time on stage. The middleaged icons felt really vital to say the least. Tornillio did a really great job and there were no problems with his voice resources at all. But it was pretty obvious who was leading the band and that was Hoffman and Baltes. Frank mostly stood beside the drums and played not participating in any of the front action. Hoffmann and Baltes took most part on stage and put on a fun show for everyone at Amager Bio. Tornillio dedicated the next song “Shadow Soldiers” to everyone inside the military that makes the world a free and safer place to live in. This particular song isn’t one of the strongest songs on STALINGRAD and it made the tempo slow down quite a bit. When the song ended was it time for a solo from Hoffmann and everyone went of stage. When the solo ended he played the intro to “Neon Knights” and everyone came back out again. The band treated us with a little surprise when they played “Bulletproof” taken from the 1993 album OBJECTION OVERRULED. The dip the show had with “Shadow Soldiers” and “Neon Knights” was easily and quickly forgotten when the show continued with great songs as “Aiming High”, the classical “Princess Of the Dawn” (where the usual sing a long part from the crowd was skipped) followed by a bass solo by Baltes and “Up To The Limit”.




The crowd went again crazy and it was really nice to see that Accept of today actually worked really well even without Dirkschneider. Tornillio hardly talked in between the songs but it wasn’t anything you longed for either, you only wanted to hear more from the vault of Accept’s great song treasure. “No Shelter” and “Pandemic” followed and when the fans heard the familiar intro to “Fast As A Shark” began everyone on the floor to either sing, scream, clap their hands or dance. A few did all of that at once. This is one of the bands biggest hits and clearly also one of the  most awaited songs this evening. After the song was over thanked Tornillio the fans for being there supporting Accept and the ordinary show was over after 1,45 minutes. However the fans weren’t satisfied and wanted of course hear more and the members came back all sweaty and kicked off another great classic song in “Metal Heart”. “Teutonic Terror” and the megahit “Balls To The Wall” where the crowd sang the chorus and is the song that really defines Accept ended the show and the band once again thanked everyone for turning up. As “Bound To Fail” was played as an outro went the idols of stage.





The show was nothing but 2 hours of pure fun, energy and a really vital Accept on stage. This was metal in its purest form and shape and I’m really lucky to be one of the fortunate ones who was able to see the band in action this night. The set list was excellent with a few surprises included. Hoffman and Baltes was surely one of the strongest duos that was standing on a stage during 2012. This version of Accept is a brilliant band and Tornillio really proved that he is a worthy replacement to Dirkschneider.


Note: Accept is now confirmed to perform at Sweden Rock Festival 2013.



Hung, Drawn and Quartered


Restless And Wild

Losers And Winners



Bucket Full Of Hate


Shadow Soldiers

Guitar solo – Hoffman

Neon Nights


Aiming High

Princess Of the Dawn

Bass solo -Baltes

Up To The Limit

No Shelter


Fast As A Shark


Metal Heart

Teutonic Terror

Balls To The Wall

Bound To Fail (outro)


Thanks to Markus Wosgien at Nuclear Blast HQ for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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