BLACK FLAMES OF BLASPHEMY III: The 3rd Invocation Gloria, Helsinki Finland

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Black Flames Of Blasphemy
Black Flames Of Blasphemy

The third traditional Black Mass Of Blasphemy festival was arranged by the KRK organization who struggled with all kinds of unexpected problems. The event received controversial headlines in the local press when it came up that one of the performers represented Nazi ideology. But whatever, the festival consisted of brutal, grim, evil sounding and looking bands and dedicated/passionate extreme fans. As for the bands in general,  the offering would be nothing but an utter wet dream for underground black metal maniacs. was present witnessing the blackest black metal of the underground.


Uncreation’s Dawn previously known as Uncelestial hit the stage after Sargeist (that was missed in action). After the tremendously long opening intro was followed by a few songs before the whole thing turned to be an embarrassing flop. The band’s set was plagued by severe technical problems, ruining the whole set. The singer remained on the spot, starring into the oblivion. It ain’t sure if the band has gigged a lot or remained a more loyal to the roots not performing that often, but this performance by Uncreation’s Dawn didn’t give that convincing feeling.

_MG_3505.JPG _MG_3491.JPG

The Swedish black metal next when IXXI got on the stage. When following the Swedes’ playing and moving on the stage the obvious thought was that, this band has rehearsed and timed the stage performance carefully. Apparently all of manners of IXXI looked suitable, but considering the meaning of the fest, in the long run it started looked a bit amusing. Maybe the band has adopted the more standard stage manners,  being a bit too standard as well as hilarious for the underground black metal audience at the Black Mass Of Blasphemy. The Swedes definitely received the warm and polite reception from the audience. But hey why did the singer wear sunglasses, hmmm.



Originally the domestic black metal squad Goatmoon was supposed to hit the stage. However the Finnish tabloids had published quite weird article referring to the Black Mass Of Blasphemy and picked up Goatmoon, blaming them for the Nazism idealogy. Of course the owner of the venue saw red and got upset. The band was removed from the list and was replaced by Sarven Varjo being kind of a renewed version of Goatmoon. Simply as hell ?  Sarven Varjo had been strengthened by a keyboard player Helheimt. However the replacement delivered the utter raw black and of course the audience remembered raise the hands into the certain direction…. 


Sarven Varjot
Sarven Varjot



Being a new and unknown acquaintance to most of the crowd, but Saturnian Mist is fronted by the vocalist of Charnel Winds. The stuff is basically common standard black stuff. However the singer deserves to have for kudos for the ultimate passionate performance at the stage. But as for the stuff, well…  Maybe some sort of output is needed..

IMG_3609.JPG IMG_3604.JPG



MgÅ‚a enjoys the true cult following in the underground catacombs of the black metal for sure. It wasn’t any wonder that the Polish grim blackersters had been placed to headline the first day. The whole venues was totally packed when the hypnotical hymns literally spellbounded the audience. It was a piece of evidence the Polish blackersters had been awaited amongst the people for sure.  The outfit doesn’t need or rely on the extra gimmicks or trick in their performances. The frontman’s M and the rest of the band didn’t spin around like restless and wild, just letting the music float all around. MgÅ‚a doesn’t present the traditional non-sense black metal reckless driving with the full speed ahead. Instead the music has been built on the melodic riff and hymns creating the spellbounding and atmospheric journey into the world beyond.MgÅ‚a with the faces covered is one of those bands which will follow the paths of their own in terms of music and attitude as well. But if Mgla happens to drop by to your neighborhoods, get to see them.






The mastermind of Satanic Warmaster arrived at the Black Mass Of Blasphemy with his another called The True Werwolf. The name of the game was the primitive raw black metal, what else. But the whole performance was rather boring and to be honest the band looked like they would have been somewhere else. There is no compare The True Werwolf to Satanic Warmaster as the difference is major.


IMG_3694.JPG  _MG_3698.JPG


Hailing from Canada, Godless North being the four piece unleashed the total uncompromising set of the war or bestial black metal. The line up was rumoured to included some former Blasphemy member. The performance by the Canadians were quite boring, mostly strating thru evil grim eyes at the audience under the hoodie.


IMG_3705.JPG IMG_3708.JPG


The French black metal tornado Antaeus unleashed the kind of Marduk inspirited black metal assault. The frontman with the intensive and out of control stage performance made the audience go even more restless and beserk. The French black horde nailed the audience with the tight brutal set of the straightforward fist in your face black metal. The band threw a few bibles into the audience ripping them apart. Even though Antaeus has soldiered on for about twenty years, but never rose to the big league. Instead the band has kept the intensive and demonic possessed performance thru these years.





Baptism presented the more sophisticated and mellow black metal compared to the previous ones. The grim and cold sounding material appealed to the audience. The cold spellbounding hymns have made Baptism extremely solid and guarantee name on the Finnish black metal map. The band has always done strong and extremely reliable and even strong performance at gigs. The one at the black metal fest didn’t make differ from their other shows. The former Enochian Crescent singer visited as the light carrier…

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The two day Black Mass Of Blasphemy festival was concluded by the German ritualistic death metal name Necros Christos being the only one death metal name on the roster. The disemboweled carcass of the pig had been carried off from the stage and the stage looked more clean than other bands played. It ain’t sure what the Germans may have thought about the whole episode thing in the first place, but however they delivered the real lesson of the death doom metal in front of the enthusiastic crowd. Despite some technical problems the German occult death metallers offered a lethal set of the doom based death at its best. The band definitely sounded tremendous tight despite some technical problems popping up here and there.


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Well the third Black Mass Of Blasphemy was an utter success indeed. The whole venue was totally packed by over 600 black metal worshipers. Even thought there were two other metal shows in Helsinki pulling the audience. Despite the yellow press showed the interested toward the whole event, it definitely increased the interest toward the fest, on the other hand the upcoming events will never be arranged in the same venue as the owner got a bit upset. Hopefully the KRK organization will carry on arranging in the future, as these kinds of events are needed in the catacombs of the underground death/black metal for sure…