Danko Jones w.support at the Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue European Tour 2012 at KB Malmoe,Sweden

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Danko Jones

Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue European Tour 2012

Bombus – Special Guest

Thundermother – support act




20/10 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




At the beginning of fall Danko Jones visited the best club in Malmoe and every ticket was sold so the club was jammed with people eager to hear and see what the band was up to. I have spent so many hours in the club during my years in this town the club almost feels like my second home. And what better way than to listen to Danko Jones in your own livingroom? The show took place on a cold Saturday which meant the club turned into a nightclub after the show. It feels like the band always is either out on tour or recording a new album and the brand new disc the band is out promoting this time is titled ROCK AND ROLL IS BLACK AND BLUE. The band has also got a new drummer in Atom Willard formerly in bands like Rocket From The Crypt and Angels And Airwaves and tour with Social Distotion and Offspring. Bombus and Thundermother was the name of the two opening acts, I hadn’t heard either of the bands before but decided to listen and see them with an open mind.

The audience was a mixed one and I could see teenagers and hardrockers team up with hipsters and middleage men/women. Nice to see that the music of Danko Jones appeals to such a variety of people. The venue was filled pretty fast and Thundermother was the first act on stage.


The band consisted of five young females and their music was heavily influenced by AC/DC and those kinds of rock bands. The leadsinger thanked Danko Jones for letting the band open for them and said that the band is about to return to Malmoe in December and then together with Bonafide. From what I could hear have Thundermother the potential to go far in the future. Nice to see an all female band playing good old rock’n’roll music. After about 20 minutes was it then time for the second opening act Bombus to take place on stage and by now started the venue feel a bit crowded.




The band kicked off their show instantly and their music had a lot in common with Danko Jones’. If Thundermother had the focus from the audience right from the very start had Bombus some trouble maintaining the interest from the crowd. The show rushed by and lasted for 30 minutes. The band was OK but nothing that made a lasting impression.



The crew worked to prepare the stage for the headline act and soon was there a drum kit and mics geared up and ready for use. By now it was really hard to move around inside the club and with 750 people began the temperature to rise. The change of gear took a while and the crowd began to feel impatient as the time went by. Many began to cheer and shout for Danko Jones to come on stage and suddenly silenced the pause music and the lights went down and finally it was time for the Canadian band to enter stage.



Danko Jones

As soon as the trio showed up began the fans to clap and cheer and the first two songs that was played were “Terrifired” and “I Want You”.  Jones had total control of the show and the crowd right away and he used the ramp in the middle of the stage a lot in order to get closer to the fans. The crowd exploded when they heard the first notes of “Forget My Name” and everyone in the club sang a long in the song.

The trio is:

Danko Jones – lead vocals, guitar

John Calabrese – bass

Atom Willard – drums

Jones thanked the fans so much for being there and thought it was fun to see that so many had turned up to see the band. He said that Malmoe were the most crazy motherfuckers there is and asked the crowd if they kissed on the first date. Naturally followed the song “First Date” which the crowd loved and again sang chorus together with Jones. It was also about now the temperature turned tropic and both band as well as fans seemed to be really hot already. Both Jones and Calabrese worked really hard connecting with the crowd and the fans loved what they saw and heard. New drummer Atom did a good work behind the drums but what is it with Danko Jones and drummers? this is the sixth one since the start of the band. The speed was set to high right from the start and live is the music much faster than it is on album. More edge, weight and attitude is also put into the music live and Danko Jones sure is a live act not a studio band. “Papa” followed and Jones seemed really pleased when he saw the respond the band got from the fans this night. He said that Kulturbolaget is one of the places the band have performed at the most times when they have been in Sweden but when he looked around he said that he didn’t see any poster with Danko Jones on it on the walls. He said that the next time they are in Malmoe he wants to see a poster of the band on the walls at Kulturbolaget. (at the walls of KB there are a row of framed and signed tourposters from bands who have played at the club earlier).



“Code Of The Road” and “Full Of Regret” continued and then it was time for Willard to show his skills on drums. The solo gave Jones and Calabrese a minute to go off stage and breathe but as soon as the solo was over came the two back on stage again and finished off “Full Of Regrets” which was the song Willard made his solo in. Jones said he now heard that there were a poster of the band hanging at someones office, next time move the poster of Dexys Midnight Runners and hang up us he said in the mic. He continued with proclaiming Kulturbolaget to be one of the best clubs in Europe. Jones said that the next song was about oralsex and it was a hard transition to go from talking about posters to oralsex. He introduced the band to the fans and then fired off “Lovercall”. He said that this was his particular favorite part of the show – when he introduced himself. Despite the oralsex talk it felt like Jones had toned down his sex talk and the talk about Jones as a sexgod and rock’n’roll monster – only positive in my opinion.






The bands more current songs didn’t work as well as the older ones did however seemed the fans be really satisfied with the show and sang a long in most part of the songs. “Conceited”, “Cadillac” and “I Believed In God” followed and the last song also ended the ordinary show. Jones once again thanked everyone for being there seeing and supporting the band for almost 60 minutes.


But 60 minutes wasn’t enough for the hungry crowd and shouted and clapped for the band to do encores. “I Think Bad Thoughts” was first out, in the middle came a few tones from the Black Sabbath song “Iron Main” before they switched to the Judas Priest tune “Breaking The Law” and Jones wanted everyone to sing a long. Jones said the band wanted to thank Thundermother and Bombus and asked the crowd to give them an applaud for good work. Jones said that he had been working on a biography for two years and that we could buy the book in the merchandise stand. Last songs for the night was “Had Enough” and “Mountain” in which Jones as usual said he was standing on a mountain together with Cliff Burton, Dimebag Darell, Randy Roads, Bon Scott, Joey Ramone and Ronnie James Dio looking down on everyone. He also repeated the story where he says that if you wake up and don’t like what you see etc just repeat the sentence “this skin gets thicker, this mouth gets louder” and you’re going to feel better. That ended 20 minutes of encores and story telling and a really sweaty audience thanked their favorite band for a terrific evening with a roaring applaud. Jones played altogether for 80 minutes which left 10 minutes to spare this night. 

To me this show was another great performance by the motormouth Danko Jones. The set list was pretty OK but I missed a few personal favorite songs. It was nice and fun to see how loved Danko Jones is in Malmoe and that the audience hadn’t gotten tired of the bands music even though the latest album isn’t much to cheer for. The only bad thing this night was the long for Danko Jones to begin the show.



I Want You

Forget My Name

First Date

Just A Beautiful Day


Code Of The Road

Full Of Regret




I Believe In God


I Think Bad Thoughts

Had Enough





Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass to this show.


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