TRISTANIA Interview – Vocalist Mariangela Demurtas

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Tristania Interview

with Mariangela Demurtas (Vocals)

Interview by Victoria Fenbane

London is your only UK date on this European tour. Has London been a good place for you to play in the past?

Mariangela Demurtas (MD) – I’ve always had a good feeling playing in London, we’ve always had a good time, and a good response from the audience

How does the audience in the UK compare to Europe? Are they less/more responsive?

MD – Some say that London is a very difficult audience when it comes to playing live, but sincerely I think that after I’ve played in Norway I don´t expect any other place to be as cold as Scandinavia, so I actually find London quite all right if you ask me.

You’ve played in Camden Underworld before. Do you prefer small venues such like this or festival gigs?

MD – It depends on the situation, I actually like both. If I am playing on big stages I enjoy the fact that there is more room for moving and do some stage acting up and down, and I love big crowds, but then again, sometimes a very intimate situation in a small club can move my heart into warmer feelings.


How has the tour gone so far? Any problems so far? Highlights so far?

MD – The tour is going very well, and I am very happy with the response. There are always some difficulties during the tour, but the good thing is that we are always positive and get fast to solutions.

Does the band get on well when on tour?

MD – The band gets on very well on tour yes, we know each other very well and we are friends, no egos in the band, just collaborative mood and everything is fine.

Are you going to play any new material during the UK set? Which songs in particular are you excited to introduce to the fans?

– We have added to new songs to the setlist, and they’ve been very welcome from the crowd. The songs names are Requiem and Cathedral, the second one is probably my favourite.

How do you feel the new songs fit within the band catalogue?

MD – These two new songs do not sound very different to the Rubicon songs and of course they fit! Tristania wrote them! 🙂


With the next album being the second with yourself, and a relatively new line up as a whole, has it been a difficult second album situation?

MD – Absolutely not, it’s been a perfect situation already since we know each other better and we’ve built up a very good relationship both professionally and in terms of relationship too.

When is the new album out? Would you have preferred to tour with it released?

MD – The new album should come out next spring, we will probably have a tour after the release of the album.

Are you itching to get back to writing?

MD – We are writing, yes and we always itch anyway, even before playing live


The band in its various incarnations has been in existence for quite a while now. What keeps you inspired to explore and create new music?

MD – Music is a tool for expressing my feelings and my emotions, experiencing life as much as possible and it is just perfect for keeping me alive.

What do you consider to be the bands strength?

MD – I think we are one of those few bands where everybody takes part in the writing process and where everybody has a creative mind and comes from different musical backgrounds.

At this point what do you value most in this band?

MD – The grown up attitude which is very much needed nowadays.

What are some of your passions outside of music?

MD – I have too many passions and not much time, sport, reading, music, languages, acting and of course: impossible love stories.