LACUNA COIL @ KoKo, London

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Lacuna Coil @ KoKo, London

 28th October 2012

Review by Ollie Thomas

Photography by Graham Hilling  

2012 marks fourteen years since Lacuna Coil released their EP and first album, In a Reverie, and they have decided to celebrate that history by bringing a set spanning some two hours to London.

There should be something for all fans tonight as they will be playing something from every album. 

Tonight’s support is the LA trio This is She [2/5], who have quite a stale reception from the crowd.

For having just three members they use all of the stage just as well as anyone.

They have a guitarist, but what he actually does remains in some doubt.

Drowned out in a sea of synth and electronic sounds, he is more often seen than heard.

Bands like This is She illustrate perfectly what gets the majority of female-fronted bands in the rock/metal genres a rather tainted reputation.

All-in-all they sound like a glossed over pop band masquerading as rock and the performance is rather uninspired as they plough through their EP (also taking the time to plug it throughout their set).

That tarnished image is not something Lacuna Coil [4/5] usually have to deal with.

This is their night and unsurprisingly the atmosphere goes up a few gears as they take the stage, and the crowd are at their loudest yet as Cristina Scabbia walks out.

Starting with I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow off Dark Adrenaline before launching into the first half of their set which includes I Won’t Tell You, Senzafine, and Heaven’s a Lie.

Then they disappear for a few brief moments before starting the second half of their set which gives songs such as Closer, Shallow Life and Falling the acoustic treatment.

The songs sound good enough and the crowd seem to enjoy it as much (if not more) than the band. The only real danger in this short acoustic set and the costume change that follows is a knock on the momentum they built in the first half of the set.

Any worries of that being the case are quickly dismissed as band and crowd immediately pick up where they left off as we go into Our Truth as most of Camden tries to wail along with Cristina on the intro.

This last part of the set sees Survive, Swamped, No Need to Explain, and Dark Adrenaline’s lead single Trip the Darkness get a well received airing. They end their set on My Spirit, accompanied by a very heartfelt tribute to late-Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele.

Tonight was definitely a triumphant celebration of a long and successful career for Lacuna Coil. Even with two members of their usual compliment side-lined (one to be at home with his recently born child, and the other suffering a bad case of tendonitis) the band are on top form and Scabbia and Ferro sound at their best.

No-one knows what Lacuna Coil have planned for the future, one thing’s for sure… the only way is up!



I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow,

I Won’t Tell You,

Kill the Light,


Heaven’s a Lie,

Self Deception,


To the Edge,

Give Me Something More.

Acoustic: Falling,


Within Me,

End of Time,

Shallow Life.

Electric set 2: Our Truth,


To Live Is to Hide,



No Need to Explain,


Trip the Darkness,


My Spirit.