DECAPITATED @ The Garage, Islington

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@ The Garage, Islington

16th October 2012

Review by Lianne Alice

Photography by Graham Hilling

Despite not knowing all the bands playing tonight, I really couldn’t wait for tonight’s line-up, especially tonight’s headliners Decapitated!


The night kicked off with Bloodshot Dawn; 4 piece melodic death metal band from Portsmouth.

Here to promote their first full length album, they fly off to a great start.

I didn’t know a hell of a lot about this band but after their performance, I wish I had! Fans were having deep conversations about their album in the queue, so I guess that’s a good start.

They came on stage and stormed straight into the first song, and a heavy one at that. The crowds were taking a while to warm up but they ploughed through regardless.

They broke into “Quantum Apocalypse” a song with a seriously dirty sound. They ended with a crowd favorite “Godless”.

They sound a Hell of a lot better live so if you get a chance to see them then do so. If not for the music then for the bass players’ lovely beard!


Next we have Horsham’s own answer to metal! Originally called Incarnate, they are here to night to give us a preview of their 2nd full length album “So It Came To Pass”.

They took a bit long to get started, especially for an impatient crowd who are waiting for the main event.

I haven’t heard them before so I was surprised when they started, they sound a lot bigger than their 3 piece band.

The band’s sound is very thrash/death, with an almost hip hop sound to one of the songs (I didn’t catch the name of it). They seemed to have a strong fan base here as the mosh pit was pretty fucking brutal.

A dude even got fly kicked by a girl – highly amusing! The 2 songs I did catch, “The Promethean” and “Kingdom Of The Blind” were very heavy, very thrashy. Good consistent sound, strong vocals and a good rapor with the crowd.


Tonight, giving us all the heaviness they have from their last album, “II”, is this impressive 4 piece progressive metal band.

Now this band I do know and they did not disappoint, not only are they the nicest fucking band I have ever met (even signing my hello kitty book for me!) they added an element of fun to their set, cracking jokes and ripping the piss out of each other.

Aside from that, they were heavy, if not the more melodic, band of the night. “Machine Insurgency” being the biggest hit of the night.

To me their set wasn’t long enough; they need their own tour to really establish themselves!

The crowds were really lapping them up, their heavy, melodic sound really got the crowd going, even to the point that someone started moon walking in the middle of the pit!!

Not to mention the weird dude that looked like the penguin, dancing like my dad at a wedding….


The one that everyone was waiting for, and that shit was worth waiting for….Decapitated!!

Coming back with their first full length album in nearly 6 years and a couple of old favorite’s thrown in for good measure, this beautiful 4 piece technical death metal band from Poland are back to kick your teeth in!

 As soon as the lights dimmed, the crowd knew what was coming. I’ve wanted to see this band for as long as I could remember so words can’t describe how happy I actually was to be there. Especially considering that the set list was voted for by fans so all the classics will be played.

Such a shame I never got to see Vitek play, but despite him not being there, the band were on form!

Before they went on stage they lit incense, whether it was a ritual thing or not I don’t know, but it beat the small of dirty scrot everywhere.

Their sound was flawless and had a great atmosphere, even making the place feel full (considering it wasn’t to full capacity).  The crowd went mental with “Spheres Of Madness” and “Wind Of Creation”.

They even got clapped back for an encore at the end. if that isnt a sign that people love you then I don’t know what is.

Top night!