Malmoe Festival 2012 with Marduk,The Hives,Imperial State Electric and Graveyard in Malmoe,Sweden

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 Marduk – Posthusplatsen

The Hives – Big Square

Imperial State Electric – Posthusplatsen

Graveyard – Posthusplatsen

Malmoe Festival



22-24/8 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Malmoe Festival is a seven day long festival held in the central parts of Malmoe. This year the bands above were of interest so read on for the reviews. 



The Malmoe Festival is a festival located in central Malmoe and lasts for 7 days. The festival is free and besides all kinds of music are there is also art to see, food from all over to world to try, and various kinds of happenings to attend. The festival is held at the end of August and either you love it or you’re not that into it. The festival attracts tourists from all over the world and from the entire Sweden and is a great way of showing Malmoe from its best side. The stages are put up in two of the squares and in some of the parks and down by the Central station. The acts that performed on the festival this year include Graveyard, Imperial State Electric, Rebecca & Fiona, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Hives and Marduk to mention a few. There was also a 60’s band, symphonic music, swing music, and folk music so there’s something for all kinds of people and tastes.


There were voices raised this year regarding the lack of harder acts on the festival. The only hard acts that was represented was the ones I covered and that was about it. Four acts for 7 days was a bit cheap and it was sad to see that the festival had canned the hard rock/metal/punk night they have had previous years. The first hard act for me this year was Marduk that performed at the Posthusplats stage which was located behind the central station right where the canal meets the ocean. The band was scheduled to begin at 6 o’clock in the day which was far too early for a band of that caliber to perform. Marduk needs the darkness in order to put on a show and the only thing that worked in their favor weather-wise was the gray sky and the raindrops that kept on falling here and there during the show. The band released SERPENT SERMON earlier and it got great review in media. The line-up of today have been solid since 2006 and it’s nice to see that Hakansson have managed to keep at least one line-up intact for such a long time as this one.


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