Jalometalli 2012 – Oulu Finland

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The mighty Jalometalli Open Air Metal festival strikes back once again with a killer line-up to maintain its metallic lofty status on the Finnish festival map. The festival is known for relying on an old school metal approach offering traditional metal to extreme metal with classic metal to the extreme black metal. The festival also paid attention to young rising and local bands who played the small third stage. That was unique and thankfully most of the bands sounded killer. The Metal Rules team hit the grounds of Oulu to see several absolutely killer bands. The whole Jalometalli as a festival is so unique and one of kind that anyone reading this article should take a glance at the offering of the festival. Here is a brief article on the fest.

Article and pics by Arto Lehtinen


The Norwegian Gehenna started the two day metal festival by giving a lesson of the true Norwegian black metal. The audience had hardly arrived at the area on time, leaving arrival into the very last minute. As Gehenna had been opted to open as the first band, the audience literally ran inside. Obviously, grim black metallers weren’t thrilled about being the openers and that could be sensed and felt from their performance. The passion in the performance was gone from their set. However the material had been focused on the most recent Gehenna albums.  

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Merging Flare being the Finnish power metal outfit feat members for example from Amberian Dawn, Domination Black. For one kind of surprise the opening intro chosen was the intro music of Macgyver.  Merging Flare definitely presented the traditional power heavy metal. The band handled the gig in a  solid way. But seriously, there is nothing left about Merging Flare to express.  


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Toxic Holocaust represents this young modern day generation thrash/crossover genre. However the band’s mastermind Joel Grind has kept the old school grip alive in the bands unleashed blasting riffs. Toxic Holocaust nailed riff after the riff without slowing down. The front row and the area nearby was quite well packed by young thrashers raging with an intense passion.  

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Iron Savior stood for the true German power metal. Judging by older gigs of Iron Savior the outfit led by Piet Sielckik, the band has sounded tremendous powerful with the melodic and catchy hymns. But but the gig at Jalometalli was  quite under the expected level. The band truly sounded dull and even looked horrible. Iron Savior mostly consist of some session members without much interest towards the performance and besides Piet could have fully dressed in his shirt as it looked pretty un-metal though. Despite a few major visual failures, the German power metal outfit went through the bands most known songs.

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The Finnish thrashers Axegressor, busted in Russia earlier this year, have caused utter mayhem and rampage during the past years at festivals. The frontman of the thrashing combo may have silly  shit-talk between songs, but they work. The rest of the band mostly concentrated on playing and headbanging whereas the relentless frontman kept hassling all around. Axegressor’s vital ass-kicking thrash metal is like taking a time capsule back to the glories years of thrash metal in the 80’s, but with the modern thrash grip can be heard in the stuff for sure. 




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Vader had been recruited to replace Deicide cancelling the whole European tour again. Obviously the replacement was a good choice after all. The early flight from Poland up to the north of Finland has suckled the tightest grip from the band. The death metal artillery led by the only one surviving  member left, Peter, who has kept the spirit of Vader alive year after year. They still have that attitude and grip in their storming and blasting death metal assault. Vader has always had good, better and the best drummers, the current drummer proved to be extremely skilled and talented giving the hyper boost to Vader. Despite some minor aspects, but Vader did a brutal set.  

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It was obvious Septicflesh was one of those bands being on the must see list. The Greek dark metallers relied quite a bit on effects and other mystical sounds in their performance, giving a bit odd feeling. Of course Septicflesh sounded pompous with some industrial vibes involved due to the background dat-tapes. However the fans appeared to be a bit disappointed at the show of Septicflesh as more in your face straightforward played material was dished out.  

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The Swiss technical thrashers Coroner have been crisscrossing Europe at various festivals during the whole summer. Getting them to Finland is about time as the Swiss trio never ever made to Finland in their heyday. The trio was basically one kind of headliner of the first day even though there was no official headliner. The band were literally on fire on the stage. The set consisted of material from each album. Hard core thrash fans were willing to hear a bit more stuff from the first albums. However, the set basically focused on the later era of the bands, giving more weight to the last opus. The band sounded extremely tight and well trained. The songs sounded massive and timeless. Seriously, the list was basically the same as on other gigs. The cold weather got the audience as well as the band bit frozen toward the end. However it was about getting Coroner to Finland.  

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The Swedish occult Year Of The Goat rockers have got catapulted to a higher level of success in the wake of the raising boom of the whole occult rock. The Swedish occult rockers may have faced the same kind of ultimate success like The Devil’s Blood by getting booked by every damn festival. The melodic and catchy riffs were floating around the indoor venue. The hypnotizing atmosphere definitely spellbound the audience. The magic and the occultism could be felt in the air.  


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