STEEL PANTHER w/Kobra and the Lotus, live at The Circus, Helsinki 2012

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21’TH OCTOBER 2012


American glam metal parody band Steel Panther returned to Finland just six months after the previous visit. Although there’s no new album to promote on this round, it seems that there’s still plenty of demand for these glam heroes. Last March, the Panthers played in front of 700 people in the sold-out Club Nosturi, and now there were about 1000 pairs of eyes packed into The Circus in Helsinki.

The show was opened by the Canadian band Kobra and the Lotus. Gene Simmons’s Simmons Records recently signed the band. The self-titled album was released last summer, and it seems that the band is getting a good upswing currently. Unfortunately, the band did not convince. Although splashy and handsome-voiced vocalist Brittany Paige did her very best on stage, she couldn’t manage to hide the fact that the band’s material was very mediocre at its best.

Steel Panther took over the stage at 09:00 PM. The show started up with the intro “In The Future” followed by “Supersonic Sex Machine” and “Tomorrow Night.” The band was full of energy, and they looked as ridiculously awesome as ever! The show and the setlist were basically pretty much the same as heard last March, but there were some minor changes. The stage setup was way bigger than before, but perhaps that’s just because of the venue’s bigger size. On the setlist, there was “Girl from Oklahoma,” “If You Really, Really Love Me,” “Let Me Cum In,” and “The Shocker” now added, whereas “Gold-Digging Whore” and “Weenie Ride” had been dropped off.


Many have complained that there’s always a really bad sound quality in The Circus, but there were no problems this time. The sound was really clear and sharp throughout the set. Steel Panther’s over-the-top image is a combination of everything which was supposed to be great in the golden ’80s. Cheesy and sexist lyrics, big spiky hair/wigs, ridiculous movements on stage, striped spandex, and loads of machismo. They put the classic cliché “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” to the extreme. Many people are thinking too seriously and can’t get the deepest essence of Steel Panther. The fact is that they truly are a great band!


First of all, all the guys in the band really true professionals with their instruments. Vocalist Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz, ex –L.A. Guns, etc.) would be an excellent frontman for almost any band existing, and guitarist Satchel (Russ Parrish, ex-Fight) is nothing but a sensational player.  Another thing, if you take off the cheesy and somewhat embarrassing lyrics, you’ll find some extremely good, catchy riffs and melodies, which would make most band’s faces green with envy. And last but not least important thing, they are entertaining. Those are the words, entertaining and fun because Steel Panther shows are more than just concerts. Besides excellent songs, playing and giving 100% on stage, they have a great talent for doing a kind of “stand-up comic.” On every show, there’s a ton of extremely tasteless jokes which are all about sex, drugs, and rock & roll, like it or not. I do!


Like said before, many people can’t understand Steel Panther’s point, but for those, I would like to say, be brave, forget your prejudices and catch a Steel Panther show anywhere you can!


In the Future (intro)

Supersonic Sex Machine

Tomorrow Night

Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)

Asian Hooker

Just Like Tiger Woods

Let Me Cum In

If You Really, Really Love Me

Turn Out the Lights

The Shocker

It Won’t Suck Itself

Girl From Oklahoma

Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

Death to All but Metal

Community Property

Eyes of a Panther

17 Girls in a Row




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