Getaway Rock Festival 2012 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

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Getaway Rock Festival 2012

Day 3




Saturday marked the last day of the festival and as the previous two days the sun roasting the area. A few had already left the camp area when we woke up and after the usual morning business it was time to head over to the supermarket to get some breakfast. There was one shower available on the campground but there was also possibilities to shower in a gym located a few minutes outside the campgrounds. Where the gym was located was uncertain because of the poor direction signs. There were no signs for urinals for the guys so instead they used bushes to execute their needs. While we sat outside our tent, two security came up to us and asked us if we had seen people without any camping-passes in the area.



It turned out that there had been people that had climbed over the fence collecting cans, well, maybe that depended on the lack of securities/guards in the campgrounds. It’s not enough to only put up a fence around the camping area and hope for the best, you have to have staff that patrols the place as well. We rested our tired feet for a while and then it was time to head back to the festival area to visit the third and final day of Getaway Rock festival. This day was acts like Suicidal Tendencies, Saxon and Behemoth perform and headline act was Yngwie Malmsteen. One can wonder why Malmsteen was put as headline act but that’s how it was. The day began with a classical progrock band from Sweden called Nationalteatern so we headed over to the festival in order to see them. The band is one of Ulrika’s favorite acts and is an institution within the Swedish music scene. The band started out as a collective consisting of artists and actors back in 1969 and have outlived ever since. The band lost one of its lead singers a few years back so it’s not the original rockband that’s out touring today.

Nationalteaterns Rockorkester

The band didn’t waste any time and kicked off the show instantly with “Bängen Trålar” followed by “Kolla Kolla”. The small but brave audience sang a long in every song and it all felt like an intimate club gig instead of a festival show. The band of today is:

Ulf Dageby – lead vocals, guitar
Håkan Nyberg – drums
Nikke Ström – bass
Mattias Hellberg – lead vocals
Håkan Svensson – guitar

It was a really nice move to book this band to Getaway and even though the band isn’t a hardrock or metal act do they have cult status and a lot of people have them as childhood gods. Hellberg thanked everyone for coming this sunny afternoon and continued the show with presenting yet another classical song in “Barn Av Vår Tid”.





The band treated the loving crowd with a bunch of classical songs and the audience really loved the performance and it was fun to see that the progressive rock music and the critical lyrics about the society had stood the test of time. The show went by really fast and besides the 50 minutes original set came the band back out on stage to do two encores. The bands most unique personality belongs without a doubt to the really cool bass player Nikke Strom who was on fire this sunny afternoon.

Set list
Bängen trålar
Kolla Kolla
Barn Av Vår Tid
Sent En Lördag Kväll
Jack The Ripper
Ut I Kylan
Vi Fortsätter Spela Rock n Roll Men Vi Håller På Att Dö
Lägg Av!
Livet Är En Fest
Popens Mussolinis
Speedy Gonzales

For Ulrika who has loved the band for ages this was one of the highlights of the festival. Even though it had been fun to see the other original singer Totta Näslund in action, Hellberg did an incredible job as frontman. He has both a great voice as well as charisma and he’s the perfect singer for Nationalteatern of today.

While Anathema played and Rosetta closed their show we took a break and sat down as meanwhile we were trying to avoid being hit by the sea gulls that had invaded the area once again. The garbage bins looked terrible and was overflood with trash so no wonder that all kinds of nasty birds had their sights set on being as close to the festival as possible. We sat down and had a drink with friends in the beerhouse and we discovered that the beer actually was cheaper this year. Good work, the festival sponsor this year was the Åbro brewery.

The topic of the day was the cancellation of Killing Joke and the sad replacement act in HEAT and everyone we talked to was really disappointed that Killing Joke had cancelled. There weren’t lots of people on the area yet and soon was Suicidal Tendencies about to enter the largest stage. The Green stage was rigged with a backdrop portraying a cartoon face with a baseball cap and the Suicidal Tendencies logo. 10 minutes past scheduled the band came on stage and asked us to make Suicidal Tendencies from Venice Beach California feel welcome.

Suicidal Tendencies

“You Can’t Bring Me Down” was the opening song and the band gotten a warm welcome from the small but brave audience. “Ain’t Gonna Take It” continued and Muir ran around like a maniac on stage as usual. Band members are:

Mike Muir – lead vocals
Dean Pleasants – guitar
Eric Moore – drums
Nico Santora – guitar
Tim RAWBIZ Williams – bass

It was full speed ahead from the very beginning and the audience did their best to keep up with Muir’s frantic persona. The rest of the band was also acting crazy and it was only Pleasants that stood still for a little while. Muir let the music do the talking and continued the show with “Institutionalized”.




The sound was pretty crappy and the drums was put too high in the mix, the bass was too loud and the vocals laid somewhere in the middle. Luckily more people had turned up to see the band and a circle pit was formed in front of the stage which made the band look really happy to see. Partially the crowd went so crazy so it was hard to see the band because of all the dust the fans shoes brought up when they ran around in the circle pit. “Trip At The Brain” followed and Muir actually did some talking but it was really hard to hear what he said because of the crappy sound. We overheard that he said that he had Swedish blood in his veins because his great grandmother was from Sweden. Muir introduced the song “War Inside My Head” with saying that was is a terrible thing and that differences ought to be solved in peaceful ways and that everyone is the looser in war.




Most of the fans sang along with Muir in the song and this song was clearly one of the highlights for many fans. Muir said that their European tour had just begun and asked if we were ready for the church of ST and kicked off “Subliminal”. Muir looked really happy when the audience chanted ST and said that Sweden was Suicidal for life! Then they kicked off “Send Me Your Money” and “We Are Family”. Muir wanted us to say hi to Moore behind the drums and everyone but Moore went of stage and it was time for a solo. Muir said that it didn’t matter that the crowd was small, that only made it a more intimate show. “Cyco Vision” followed as well as “Pledge Your Allegiance” that ended with the band inviting fans up on stage joining them. That song ended the outburst called Suicidal Tendencies.

Set list
You Can’t Bring Me Down
Ain’t Gonna Take It
Trip At The Brain
War Inside My Head
Send Me Your Money
Memories Of Tomorrow
Cyco Vision
Pledge Your Allegiance
Possessed To Skate

Suicidal Tendencies really showed Sweden who the kings are and it’s really hard to beat ST as a live act. The band did their best despite a small crowd and the fans that showed up really loved the show. The only thing that made the show drop was the really crappy sound system. And why on earth put this band so early during the day? The big question is also how on earth Muir managed to run around like a maniac during every show? Suicidal Tendencies is also about to release an album later this year which is something to really look forward too.

Yesterday Finntroll and HolyHell had meet and greets and this day they had a Devin Townsend Project and Saxon a meet and greet and it seemed to be a really appreciated move to host these meet and greets. Long lines of people queued to all of the meet and greets and it seemed that the artists also liked to meet their fans in a relaxed form. Next band for us was the Swedish lumberjack metal act Raubtier that comes from far up north in Sweden. Their debut album came 2009 and so far the band has unleashed three albums. Raubtier’s music can best be described as light industrial metal with the very charismatic Hulkoff on lead vocals and guitar. Due to heavily touring have the band gained a strong and quite big fanbase in Sweden and there were a lot of people that had turned up to see what Raubtier had to offer the crowd in Gavle. The band had only a backdrop, a drum set and mics on stage and they had been given 60 minutes to play for.


The first song out was “Det Finns Bara Krig” and the band was warmly welcomed by the fnas. The trio wore the same outfit and it consisted of camouflage pants and Raubtier t-shirts. Hulkoff thanked for the applauds and said that the band had travelled for a  really long time to get to Gavle and now that they were here it was time for the crowd to hear the mighty “Achtung Panzar”. Raubtier is:

Hulkoff- lead vocals
Buffeln – drums
Jonas Kjellgren – bass

Both frontmen used the stage and walked around while they played. The audience sang a long in most of the songs and we were a bit surprised that the band had so many hardcore fans in the audience. Hulkoff dedicated the song “Sveriges Elit” to one of the critics on one of the two biggest newspapers in Sweden that don’t like the band much. Both Hulkoff and Kjellgren seemed happy with the respond they got from the fans and Hulkoff introduced Kjellgren after which he rapidly said that enough about him now let’s talk about me and introduced the next song which he had written about himself called “Hulkovius Rex”. Hulkoff was in a brilliant mood and joked around with the fans all the time. “Dobberman” ended the show and by then had the band only played for 40 minutes and needless to say wanted the fans hear more from their favorite orchestra. Hulkoff seemed really happy with the warmth the fans showed the band and Raubtier fired off three encores.







Set list
Det Finns Bara Krig
Achtung Panzer
Sveriges Elit
Hulkovius Rex
Låt Napalm Regna

Raubtier delivered a strong and fun show that everyone, both fan and band had to enjoy. The only weird thing was that the band uses a lot of pre-programmed keyboard parts in their music but there’s no one playing live keyboard. Raubtier have already conquered the Swedish market and now it’s maybe time to try to take on the Scandinavian market. If you’re into Rammstein then maybe the music of Raubtier will appeal to you.

In just a few minutes it was time to see one of the reasons why we visited the festival this year. Saxon was soon about to enter the Green stage. The band isn’t out touring on a new album but on a DVD/CD called HEAVY METAL THUNDER LIVE EAGLES OVER WACKEN. And because we missed the first part of the show when we were at Copenhell Festival we headed over in a hurry in order to see the very beginning of the performance. The amount of people that had gathered to see Saxon was much larger than it was on Suicidal Tendencies and everyone looked as eager as we were to see the British legends in action. The big question was why the organizers didn’t re-schedule and let Saxon play later during evening instead of HEAT.


The members entered the stage at the stroke of 7 and kicked off the show instantly with the major classic “Heavy Metal Thunder” and what better way to start off a show with that piece? The audience tagged along with the band from the very start and everyone in the crowd sang with Byford throughout each and every song. As everyone knows is the line-up:

Biff Byford – lead vocals
Paul Quinn – guitar
Nibbs Carter – bass
Nigel Glockler – drums
Doug Scarratt – guitar

Byford greeted the fans with saying that it was amazing to be back playing in Sweden amongst Vikings again and announced the song “Hammer Of the Gods”. After that was it time to head back in time and to play the amazing “Power And The Glory”. Needless to say did the fans enjoy every single minute of the star-packed show and it really felt that the band also had as great of a time as the fans. Byford looked really cool in his army-coat and Quinn had as always a bandana and sunglasses on. Byford asked if the fans were doing alright and the response was a huge yes!





He said that the next song was something that both the band and the fans had in common and that we all had to have some of it to survive – “I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)”. That song was followed by a piece the band wrote inspired by a letter they got back in the 80’s from a fan that was on deathrow, it was the song “To Hell And Back Again”. That song is maybe not one of the band’s most solid ones but all of the fans jumped and sang along with Byford and seemed happy. Carter, Quinn and Scarratt also helped Byford with connecting with the audience and especially Carter did a great job. He ran around on stage headbanging like a madman through most part of the show. He is sure a fuel injection for the rest of the members.


Byford told us that the band had performed at the Download Festival earlier this summer and that it had been raining during their show and that it was nice to be playing in sunshine in Sweden this day. The next song was a tribute to all of the Saxon fans and it was “And The Band Played On”. It was shortly followed by “20,000 feet”, the amazing “Crusader” and the furious “Motorcycle Man”. Byford said it felt great to be performing for three generations of fans with the youngest fans in front of the stage, the slightly older a little bit back and the old hardcore fans in the end of the crowd. “Strong Arm Of the Law” and “Denim And Leather” followed and as you can see was this show just a performance of great songs from an amazing band. Byford said that the audience had to vote for the band to come and play at Sweden Rock Festival next year because Saxon does enjoy performing in Sweden.





Then was it time for Ulrika’s favorite song in “747 (Strangers In the Night)” and it was obvious that the fans really loved to see Saxon on stage. Byford said that it was time to close the show and said that the band hoped that we was going to have a good time together with HEAT and Malmsteen later on during the night and closed the show with “Wheels Of Steel” with the usual sing a long part in the middle of the song and “Princess Of The Night”. Byford said that the band was currently in the process of recording a new album and when that was done the band is coming back to play in Sweden. The amazing “Princess Of The Night” ended the show and the band went of stage after having thanked the audience.


Set list
Heavy Metal Thunder
Hammer Of The Gods
Power And The Glory
I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
To Hell And Back Again
And The Band Played On
20.000 ft
Motorcycle Man
Strong Arm Of The Law
Denim And Leather
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Wheels Of Steel
Princess Of The Night

This was an amazing show put on by an amazing band that once again showed why they have lasted through all these years and still have the power to deliver rock solid metal shows.

It felt like more people had come to the festival area and we went over to the Blue stage to catch a glimpse of the very special Devin Townsend Project. There were so many people heading over to the Blue stage from the Green stage that the road got blocked and we had to wait in line to get further. The shortest way in between the stages was easily blocked, and that happened after many of the shows, so it wasn’t so smart to put the stages so close together. Townsend is about to release a new album after the summer (it might be out right out) and many of the fans had anticipated his arrival to the festival a lot. A backdrop, a drum kit and a few amps was what we saw placed on the stage when we arrived. The fans got anxious waiting for Townsend and shouted for him to come on stage and 8.30 was it time for Townsend and his project to kick off the show.

Devin Townsend Project

The members came out one and one and kicked off “Truth” as the first song. Townsend looked really crazy when he walked around on stage and posing for the photographers. “Seventh Wave” and “Life” followed and the project consists of:

Townsend – lead vocals, guitar
Young – guitar
Waddell – bass
Poederooyen – drums

Townsend was in a brilliant mood and joked around with the fans during the show and it seemed like the projects progressive and introvert metal worked really well in Gavle. Even though neither one of us is a fan of Townsend we couldn’t but be impressed by the way he dominated the audience.





This night he was on a really good mood and he was a brilliant frontman. “By Your Command”, ”Supercrush” and “Regulator” followed and Townsend urged the fans to wave their hands so it would look like an ocean. But he shortly after changed his mind and told them to stop because it looked ridiculous. The band was tight and knew what their task was but it was no doubt that the big star was Townsend. The songs “Junlar”,”Vampira” and “Bad Devil” ended the show and as soon as the project went of stage walked also the crowd over to the Green stage.

Set list
Seventh Wave
By Your Command
Bad Devil

After a great Devin Townsend Project show were we a bit hesitant to go over and see HEAT, we’re not a fan of the band and think that it was a really weird decision to replace Killing Joke with HEAT. We decided not to see the band and instead focus on some quality music that suits better. The darkness had now set and it had even gotten a little colder in the air and fog from the ocean started to come in over the area and what better way for Behemoth to enter the stage to this scenario. Bandleader Nergal suffered from leukemia earlier but luckily he beat the demon and is now out on tour with his Behemoth again. The Blue stage was rigged with a backdrop portraying the cover of the latest album but that was also it. The fans in front of the stage chanted Behemoth and at the stroke of 11 came the Polish extreme metal act out on stage.


As soon as Inferno showed up on stage to the tones of the intro began the fans to scream on the top of their lungs and the noise gotten even louder when Nergal stepped out and met the fans. “Ov Fire And Void” was the given show-opener and it was a pleasure to see that the mighty Behemoth had risen again. Band members are:

Nergal – lead vocals, guitar
Inferno – drums
Orion – bass
Seth – guitar

Straight after followed “Demigod” and there was no time for the fans to catch their breath once the show had begun. Maybe you could tell that Nergal wasn’t totally OK but it was only for short brief minutes and overall it was hard to believe that the man in front of us recently had been deadly ill. A circle pit formed instantly and it was a wild one. “Moonspell Rites” continued the show and unfortunately the band suffered from the same thing as Satyricon suffered from the day before – the poor lighting. Member partially stood in solid black which maybe was good for the atmosphere but it was hell for the photographers.





The sound system worked a little better but there were some huge problems with that too. “Conquer All” and “Christians To The Lions” followed and Nergal said it was great to be alive. The fans clapped their hands and screamed for Nergal the announced “Alas, Lord Is Upon Me”. “Decade Of Therion” followed and straight after came “At The Left Hand Of God”. Nergal didn’t say much at all he mostly thanked the crowd and announced the next song. “Slaves Shall Serve” and “Chant For Escalon 2000” closed the one hour show. The audience shouted for encores and after a short moment came Behemoth back on stage again thanked the fans and fired off the one and only encore “Lucifer” and walked off again.

Set list
Ov Fire And The Void
Moonspell Rites
Conquer All
Christians To The Lions
Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
Decade Of Therion
At The Left Hand Of God
Slaves Shall Serve
Chant for Escalon 2000

Behemoth showed that they are back with a vengeance and this was an excellent performance that no one can be disappointed by. It was nice to see that Nergal felt better and even though the band didn’t look exhausted, the show proved that Behemoth still is a force to reckoned with. Sadly, the poor lighting and the strange sound dragged down the experience a bit and we think that Behemoth definitely should have played on the larger stage. We also lacked to seeing the synchronized headbanging when all three in the front waved their hair at the same time. After having witnessed the Polish beast in action it was time to witness some Swedish fury unleashed.

Yes, of course we’re talking about the legendary guitarist and artists Yngwie Malmsteen that was about to close the third and final day of the festival. The last release from Malmsteen came 2010 called RELENTLESS. To Anders surprise there were there no restrictions regarding photos. He had expected some fuss….I mean come on, we’re talking about Malmsteen here, but there were no restrictions at all. People had turned up to see the show but not as many as we had thought. The drum kit and keyboard was placed at the left of the stage and to the right stood a huge wall of amps and that was the only thing that was up there. We had no idea who Malmsteen had brought with him on keyboard, drums and bass so the show was a bit of a questionmark for us.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Of course Yngwie opened the show with “Rising Force” and I (Ulrika) tried to see who the rest of the band members were but I didn’t recognize any of them. There was smoke like crazy on stage and Malmsteen stood on his own side in front of the wall of amps playing guitar while the rest of the guys were placed to the left. We thought it was going to be Tim Ripper Owens on lead vocals and had looked forward to see him live but apparently it was it a guy called Ralph Ciavolino that sang and played bass. Malmsteen hadn’t changed his moving patterns at all and kicked and threw his guitar round and round during the show. If you have seen the man live you know what we’re talking about.


Ciavolino’s task this night besides from singing and playing was to praise the band leader and tell the audience how great he was. Ciavolino’s first line to the crowd was “Give it up for the prodigal son” – and that pretty much set the tone for the night. “Never Die” followed as well as “Critical Mass” that in the middle transcended into “Demon Driver”. There was nothing wrong with the band members effort as they backed up the lead star perfectly and Ciavolino’s voice fit perfect for singing Malmsteen’s music. It was pretty obvious who the star was, and if Malmsteen could he would play all the instruments on his own on stage. Malmsteen ended “Demon Driver” with playing the Swedish national anthem. Ciavolino asked us to give it up for the maestro before “Far Beyond The Sun” kicked off.


The further the show went into the night the more it became the Malmsteen show and we lost count of how many guitar solos in each song we heard. The amount of scales and solos he played was huge and people actually started to leave the show in the middle of it. At the end of the show almost 50% of the original crowd had left and there were no problems with cruising the way to the front of the stage. In “Live To Fight” took the keyboardplayer over the mic and he did a great job. The lighting was pretty bad and the smoke machine had gone crazy but we guess that’s the way Malmsteen wants to have it. Malmsteen took the mic and said that he doesn’t only love to play the guitar he actually enjoy reading books as well and laughed at his own joke. The cover of the Rainbow song “Gates Of Babylon” followed and Ciavolino urged the crowd to scream maestro, maestro. Unfortunately was he the only one screaming it and the crowd paid him no attention.

The small hardcore click of fans in the front of the stage screamed for Malmsteen to play something more and they got their wish granted when he fired off “Damnation Game” and “Dreaming (Tell Me)”. In “Icarus Dream Suite op4” was it again time for Malmsteen to show off on guitar and this show turned out to become one of those only a mom or a hardcore fan could love. It was getting really boring and for Anders who have seen Malmsteen live many times before this show didn’t belong to any of the more memorable ones. By know you could easily go and stand in front of the stage because so many people had already left the premises. It can’t be fun to be Malmsteen’s guitar tech, Malmsteen changed his guitar so many times and he threw it through the air to the poor tech. What if the tech would have missed the guitar? Terrible thought. Malmsteen finally took the mic and said that it was nice to play in Gavle and that it was long time since he last performed in Sweden. Malmsteen sang the cover “Red House” by Hendrix and then followed “Cherokee Warrior” also sung by Malmsteen. “Heaven Tonight” woke the fans and screamed and sang along with Ciavolino. The song is a classic taken from the best album ODYSSEY from 1988.



Anders has listened to Malmsteen since the beginning and he feels that he hasn’t delivered anything solid since the late 80’s and the ODYSSEY album. Hence the set list that isn’t in order. That song also marked the end of the ordinary set and 1.20 had slowly gone by. Surprisingly the fans wanted to hear more and shouted for Malmsteen to come back. Which he and his ego did to perform a really long song in “Trilogy Suite op5” which was followed by the solo guitar piece “Adagio”. It all ended with the song “I’ll See The Light Tonight” in which Malmsteen totally smashed his guitar and threw the parts out into the audience. That was the end of 1.35 minutes of music/solo guitar and while we walked from the stage we saw pieces of papers that was put up everywhere on the area saying that Cult Of Luna had canceled their show at the Red stage. Due to the bad lighting during this show the pictures is not much to cheer for.


Set list  not in order
Rising Force
Never Die
Critical Mass/Demon Driver
Far Beyond The Sun
Live To Fight
Gates Of Babylon
Damnation Game
Dreaming (Tell Me)
Icarus Dream Suite op4
Black Star
Red House
Cherokee Warrior
Heaven Tonight
Trilogy Suite op5
I’ll See The Light Tonight

The lasting impression for us, and for friends we met who also had seen the show, was that is was boring. It was too long, and even though we expected a lot of guitar masturbation, this was too much of it. The lighting was poor and the smoke took over the stage. It’s not a good thing when half of the audience chose to leave the show in the middle of it. Malmsteen may be a star 15-20 years ago but he’s not headline material anymore. For this reviewer, his peak was with ODYSSEY back in 1988 and since then it has been a downhill road for him. He may be a great guitarist but it feels like time has passed him by. One can also question the choice for headlines during the three days as well as the running order and what kind of bands that the organizers booked. The two past years line-ups were much stronger with bigger bands compared to this year.

When we made our way out from the area we walked through what felt like tons of garbage and the cleaning patrol must have stopped cleaning the area sometime during the day. Half of the visitors on the festival must have been the sea gulls that flew constantly over the area grabbing pieces to eat. The garbage bins was flooded and it all looked really sad. When we got back to the campground there were an eager volunteer that checked everyone’s camping passes , maybe they should have done that during all of the three days and not the last night. They also checked our bags for glassbottles and other contrabands as they said which was good but come on, not only on the last night. It feels like Getaway Rock Festival has a lot to sit down and think of before next year’s edition of the festival.




On the negative side, we had the few garbage bins that wasn’t emptied, the lack of urinals and the toilets that when placed wasn’t connected to each other and it was really easy for someone to tip them over. It was madness not to have running water for free during the first day when it was so hot. It was only put out on the festivals facebook page that it was water at the end of the beer house; however it was only one tap available and that people hardly found. The festival had also taken away the VIP bar so the artists had to walk around on the ground drinking beer in the beerhouse. Sure, good for fans but not good for the artists that maybe wanted to meet up with friends and family in a more private area. The food stands were too few and really expensive. It was also really bad that you couldn’t walk through the house in order to come to the stages like last year, this year you hade walk around it all and we met many that were irritated of that.



There were not many volunteers working on the area walking around that we saw. We didn’t see many securities, police, nurses or first aid personnel either. Why let an outside entrepreneur take care of the camping? Why not run it yourself like last year? This year we met staff that worked on the camping that worked crazy 10-hour shifts and didn’t almost have time to eat nor visit the area to see any of the bands. Last year there were no problems with unauthorized people coming in on the camping like this year when people climbed over the fence collecting cans. The camping area also had increased for people with only tents and now they had shoved in MC’s, trailers and tents on the same area as last year which made the camping feel really small. The lawn was also separated in order to make parking spaces for the cars, that narrowed down the space a lot. The festival had created an app which was good but it didn’t answer all of the questions you might have. The festival has got a lot to figure out before it’s time for the next years festival.


The positive things was the meet and greets that was really popular amongst both fans as well as amongst the bands. The price on beer was lower than last year which made many people really happy. The decision to widen the festival area was also a smart move, it made it all feel more spacious and not so compact. The metal market was also bigger and more vendors were there to sell their stuff this year compared to last year. It was fun looking at cd’s and we found a few highlights.

FKP Scorpio announced shortly after the end of the festival that the next years edition of the festival is moved to the beginning of August instead of July. We also got the info that about 12000 visitors had come to the festival which sounds like a lot of people, it felt like it maybe were 6000 and not like it was 12000 there.

We have spoken to a lot of people that thought the festival was better last year and we’re obliged to agree. Maybe this year was a one-time thing when it comes to all the negative things we have written about at least that what we hope for. We have met a lot of people that had the same criticism that we have taken up and we all hope that FKP Scorpio takes all the negative as well as the positive remarks and have them in mind for the preparation for the next year’s edition of the festival. We really like the concept of a hardrock/metal festival in the middle of Sweden and hope that Getaway Rock Festival has many years ahead of it.


Footnotes: Since this was written, Anette Olzon has left Nightwish. This show was the last one she did with the band in Sweden.

Straight after the end of the festival FKP Scorpio announced that they had changed dates for the festival next year. First suggestion was 1-3 of August but during that time Wacken Open Air is held so due to the public demand the dates moved to 8-10 August.


Thanks to head of press Ami Moren and press assistant Gustav Tranback at FKP Scorpio for help with press/photo pass to the festival.
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