Getaway Rock Festival 2012 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

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Getaway Rock Festival 2012

Day 2



Getaway Rock Festival 2012: Friday

Just as the first day, we woke up pretty early because the heat, and the sun had already placed itself high in the sky even though the clock hadn’t reached 8am. When it came to bands, the first day didn’t impress us too much and to be honest the line-up weren’t extremely tempting and strong the second day either. We got the news that Killing Joke had cancelled from the festivals app and that HEAT was going to replace them. Huh, what was the joke of the day, HEAT instead of Killing Joke, come on. On the app we could also read that the festival now had put out taps on the festival area so that the visitors could get water for free. That was something they should have thought of putting up the first day! Just as well as on the festival area there were huge flocks of seagulls hovering the camping ground and the problem with too few garbage bins was also a problem for the camping grounds.

The freaking sea gulls didn’t sleep either so there were constant noise from the early morning into the night. The party hadn’t ended since the night before for many of the campers but we didn’t want to sit at the hot camp with no shade so we went to get some breakfast and later on we headed over to the festival where we looked forward to seeing bands like Ministry and Amon Amarth. The headline act during Friday was the notorious Manowar and even though neither of us are fans of the band – contrary, we felt that we had to see what the band was going to put on. Many of the campers had come only to see Manowar and almost everywhere you went in the campgrounds you heard Manowar songs played from stereos. We really lacked a band that was something out of the ordinary or a band that popped up as a surprise. Last year played Alien, The Poodles and the Swedish punk legends Dia Psalma and even though their music maybe didn’t appeal that much to us it was however a surprise to see them and we lacked something like that this year. We headed over to the area in time to see the Finnish act Finntroll that was scheduled to being playing at 2.30pm.




We soon discovered that the same problems from the previous day remained at the area. There were not enough garbage bins to place the trash which made the area very dirty and seagulls hovered over the area almost all of the time. The bins weren’t emptied in time either so there were piles of trash laying on the ground when it was time to go to bed each day. There were no urinals during the first day for the guys to use and when we came the second day the organizers had just begun to place urinals, which were too few, out on the ground. The first you ought to place out are enough garbage bins and urinals and toilets. While we waited for Finntroll to begin we took a walk along the market area and glanced at the stuff they had to sell. We found a lot of foreign editions of various albums for a cheap amount of money that we had to purchase.

Finntroll comes from Finland but sings in Swedish. Back in the 17th century and for quite a long time forward Finland belonged to Sweden and the Finnish children have for a long time learned how to speak Swedish in school. Finntroll plays some kind of folk metal or Viking metal. It was the first time we made acquaintance with the band so we didn’t really know what we had to expect.


There weren’t many people in front of the stage waiting for Finntroll but the few there did their best to welcome the Finns to Sweden.

The members in the band are:

Routa- guitar
Beast Dominator – drums
Skrymer – guitar
Tundra – bass
Virta – keyboards
Vreth – lead vocals
Trollhorn – keyboards

Vreth said it was nice to be playing in Sweden and on Getaway Rock Festival and to our surprise the band played more straight metal with hints of folk music rather than battle, folk, pagan metal that we thought. However, it didn’t matter what kind of metal Finntroll played we didn’t much like it anyway. The band seemed to be having a great time on stage and the fans liked the show and that what counts but we weren’t convinced of the bands greatness after the 50 minutes the show lasted. The most fun was to hear the singer speak Swedish with a terrible accent in between the songs but that was also as much fun we experienced.





We were really happy when the show was over and waited for Meshuggah to go on stage. We saw Meshuggah doing a great show at Copenhell earlier this year and were eager to see if they could repeat it. Even if none of us are that much fans of the band, is it always nice to see skilled musicians in action. When we came around the corner at the beer house we could see that a huge crowd already had gathered in front of the Blue stage waiting and chanting for Meshuggah to enter the stage.


The entire stage was filled with smoke before the band came out and faced the audience appreciation. Everyone but the lead singer came out and began the show. Kidman then came out and the show began with the song “Demiurg” and as usual stood Kidman with one foot on one amp looking scary and starred down the crowd totally. The mic didn’t work when Kidman was about to sing the first notes in the first song but the mishap was soon over and the fans could enjoy the mighty roar from Kidman. Meshuggah are:

Jens Kidman – lead vocals
Fredrik Thordendal – guitar
Tomas Haake – drums
Marten Hagström – guitar
Dick Lovgren – bass

The bands extreme/progressive metal worked well amongst the people in Gavle and the fans went crazy in songs like “Pravus”, “Glint’s Collide” and “Do Not Look Down”. A small circle pit formed at the front of the stage and the band looked really happy with what they saw. “The Hurt That Finds You First” and “Bleed” continued the show and the band had really great sound during their show. The smoke machine worked heavily during the show and it was partially hard to see the members. The band did the exact same thing at Copenhell. Other songs that were played were “New Millennium Cyanide Christ” and “Lethargica” and the fans seemed to be enjoying every single minute of the show. The members are all really skilled at their instruments and the band is a tight unit and it’s hard to beat them at their own game. “Rational Gaze” and “Future Breed Machine” closed the show and the band used their 60 minutes to the fullest.





Set list
Glint’s Collide
Do Not Look Down
The Hurt That Finds You First
New Millennium Cyanide
Rational Gaze
Future Breed Machine

The set list is not in order.

Meshuggah delivered a rock solid show but who could have doubted that? It was a brilliant show put on by one of the best bands in the world when it comes to this kind of music. The only thing that was wrong with this show was the crazy smoke machine again.

Now was it time to walk around the corner of the beerhouse again to see one of the bigger Swedish bands take on Getaway Rock and of course are we talking about Amon Amarth. One can wonder why the organizers chose to put this band on so early on during the day. Despite the early time, they had a huge fanbase gathered in front of the Green stage. The biggest disadvantage with the Green stage was the really small and narrow photo pit. This combined with a stage that was really high up made it really hard for Anders to take pictures. For some reason were there was much more space in front of the Blue stage.

Amon Amarth

A huge backdrop portraying the cover of the new album hung on stage when we arrived but besides that weren’t there much equipment at all so the members had a lot of space to move around on. “War Of The Gods” kicked off the show and the crowd tagged along from the start and clapped their hand and cheering. “Runes To My Memory” followed and Hegg stood in the middle with Andersson behind him and Söderberg to the left as well as Lundström and on the right stood Mikkonen. Hegg said that it was the first time the band performed in Gavle (not so strange this is the third this festival is going) and that it was nice to see so many fans had come. “Destroyer Of Universe” followed as well as “Live For The Kill. The guys did some serious synced headbanging and it sure looked powerful to see the guys do that to the furious music. Amon Amarth is:

Johan Hegg – lead vocals
Johan Söderberg – guitar
Olavi Mikkonen – guitar
Ted Lundström – bass
Fredrik Andersson – drums

It seemed like both the band and the fans had equal fun and a circle it was formed quite instant. “Cry Of The Blackbirds” continued and Hegg once again thanked the fans for being so great.





Hegg is a brilliant front man and he looked really mighty on stage with his appearance. “The Fate Of Norn” followed as well as “The Pursuit Of Vikings” in which Hegg urged the crowd to sing along. “Under The Northern Star” and “For Victory Or Death” then came as well as “Victorious March”. As soon as that song had ended went the band of stage because their time was about to end, we couldn’t believe that one hour could run by so fast and hoped for at least one encore. And the band didn’t make us or the fans sad as shortly after they went on stage again to fire off the mighty “Twilight Of The Thunder God”. As if that wasn’t enough, Hegg wanted everyone to welcome an icon on stage and in came the legendary Entombed singer LG Petrov to help out Hegg in the brilliant song “Guardiands Of Asgard”. What a way to end a show!!




Set list
War Of The Gods
Runes To My Memory
Destroyer Of The Universe
Death In Fire
Live For the Kill
Cry Of The Black Birds
The Fate Of Norns
The Pursuit Of Vikings
Under The Northern Star
For Victory Or Death
Victorious March
Twilight Of The Thunder God
Guardians Of Asgard

This was a rock solid show and we were really happy when we walked away from the stage. Amon Amarth sure proved why they are one of the biggest metal acts in Sweden at the moment. It was a brilliant set list and a smart move to bring Petrov on stage. This show was definitely a highlight. We took a break and rested our feet for a while because it takes its toll to be standing on concrete for the most part during three days.

There were one merch stand located at the back of the Blue stage where you could purchase original merch from the bands that performed during the three days. Many of the acts didn’t sell any stuff at all like Nightwish, Amon Amarth and Saxon. The stuff was also removed quite fast after the show so many of the fans didn’t have the time to buy anything. The positive thing was that not all t-shirts cost the same. The first year every piece cost the same amount of money and it was expensive. This year there were more variety in prizes.





Next band on the agenda for us was Ministry that was going to perform at the Blue stage. Anders really looked forward to see Jourgensen in action again; it was a few years since last time. When we waited for the show to start we met a few friends that was really unhappy with the way the organizers had planned the festival when it came to the things we have pointed out earlier like the garbage bins, the urinals, the expensive and limited amount of various food. The beergarden was full of people drinking beer waiting for Ministry to begin and people began to gather in front of the stage. Two smaller backdrops that looked like flags hung behind the drums and many smaller amps were placed in front of stage. Jourgensen’s micstand stood in the middle of the stage and it was quite huge with a skull on it.


The clock turned 8.30 and we had about one hour of Ministry mayhem to look forward to. The members came on stage and got ready during the intro and Jourgensen entered the stage when the intro faded out and kicked of the show with “Ghouldiggers” and the crowd tagged along for the crazy ride from the very start. “No W” followed and the god of industrial metal raised his glass and yelled Cheers motherfuckers. “Rio Grande Blood” continued and Jourgensen actually looked quite ill on stage. He seemed even more pale and skinnier than usual. And a few weeks later we got the news that he collapsed during a gig in France, it could as might as well have happened in Gavle from how he looked.






When we went closer to the stage we could see that it actually wasn’t so many people seeing the show as we thought when we saw the crowd from behind. Jourgensen said “Ok Sweden this is an occupied moment so let’s get on with it”, and the song “LiesLiesLies” followed. Even though Jourgensen didn’t look healthy he seemed to be having a great time on stage and looked really happy with the great response he got from the fans. Partially it was a really noisy show and sampled voices came out from the speakers like a flood of noise. Jourgensen did not talk much between the songs but when he did so much of what he say was strange. During “99 Percenters” the fans formed a circle pit which Jourgensen seemed to appreciate a lot. Jourgensen said that Sweden actually rocks and said it was time to play the title track from the new album RELAPSE. The band backed up Jourgensen great and they all felt like a solid unit. “The Last Sucker” and “N.W.O” followed and it felt like the crowd began to wake up when they heard the old songs. “Just One Fix” and “Thieves” closed the show that only lasted for 50 minutes. At the end of the song Jourgensen sat down on the edge of the stage singing the lyrics. When he was done he fell down in the photo pit and then disappeared.


Set list
No W
Rio Grande Blood
99 Percenters
Life Is Good
The Last Sucker
Just One Fix

Ministry delivered a strong but short show with a great and varied set list but we missed “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. Despite his fragile appearance Jourgensen sang as good as ever and we think that the fans were really happy with the show. On the Green stage the crew had began to prepare for Municipal Waste and we could see a small backdrop and a few amps on stage. The band’s latest album THE FATAL FEAST came out in April in Sweden. We wondered a little why the organizers had put the band on the biggest stage when they maybe have gained on playing on a smaller stage that could give the show a more intimate feeling. And instead of putting Amon Amarth so early during the day them and Municipal Waste should have changed times with each other.

Municipal Waste

The small amount of fans did their best to give their heroes a warm welcome and the band came out and began the show with “Unleash The Bastards” which was followed by “Mind Eraser”. Singer Foresta said it was great to be in Sweden and announced the song “You’re Cut Off”. Municipal Waste is:

Tony Foresta – lead vocals
Ryan Waste – guitar
Philip Landphil Hall – bass
Dave Witte – drums

A circle pit was formed instant and the band looked really happy when they saw what was going on. “Wolves Of Chernobyl” and “The Thrashing Of The Christ” continued and the band seemed have as a good time as the fans had. The band seems to be humble guys that don’t take themselves too seriously. Foresta joked around with the band members as well as with the crowd. All of the members did their best to get the crowd going which was unnecessary because the audience loved what the band was doing and jumped around like maniacs during the entire show. Foresta said that the next song was about a beer that the band loves and it was the song.




“Beer pressure”. The bands crossover thrash/party thrash went really well in Gavle and even if you hadn’t heard the band before you couldn’t but love the guys for their happiness and craziness. “Authority Complex” followed as well as “Terror Shark”, “Wrong Answer” and “The Fatal Feast. Other songs that were played were “Black President”, “New Dead Masters” and “Sadistic Magician”. Foresta said that the show was about to end soon but they still had a few great songs for us left to play and fired off the crazy “Boner City” and “Pre-game”. Foresta thanked the audience for being there supporting the band and said that the two last songs were “The Art Of Partying” and “Born To Party”. The band had 1.15 to play for but didn’t use all of the time.


Set list
Unleash The Bastards
Mind Eraser
You’re Cut Off
Wolves Of Chernobyl
The Thrashing Of The Christ
Beer Pressure
Authority Complex
Terror Shark
Wrong Answer
The Fatal Feast
Toxic Revolution
Sweet Attack
Headbanger Face RIP
Black President
New Dead Masters
Sadistic Magician
Acid City
Boner City
The Art Of Partying
Born To Party

Municipal Waste was a really nice surprise for the both of us. We had never heard them much before but are definitely going to check out their albums. It was a great and fun show overall the only negative thing was that they were playing on a far too big stage.

Now was it time to check out some Norwegian black metal at the Blue stage in Satyricon. The duo is one of the biggest bands out from the Norwegian black metal forest and suitable began the darkness to take over the area now that the sun was setting.The band is not not currant with anything the last album “THE AGE OF HERO” come out back at 2008. So the big question is what the band is doing at the festival this weekend to be honest. On stage there stood a mic shaped as a trident along with amps and a keyboard.


A ton of smoke rolled in as the members came on to stage and was greeted by the rabid fans. “Now Diabolical” began the show and Satyr told the fans to shout at his command. “Black Crow On A Tombstone” followed and Satyricon was surely one of the bands the audience had longed for to see the most. (Ulrika) This blue stage at the entrance to the festival is no good at all, now there is so many people that it looks at Satyricon that this now creates a bottleneck at the entrance. People have a hard time to get into the festival now. Satyricon was one of the bands that draw the most people to the Blue stage. The audience was totally freaking out during the show and it was no doubt that the band loved to see the mayhem.

Satyricon is:

Satyr – lead vocals
Frost – drums
Steinar Gundersen – guitar
Gildas Le Pape –guitar
Anders Odden – bass
Jonna Nikula – keyboards

Satyr thanked fans for the support and said that it was fun to be playing in Gavle and introduced the song “Forbekset”. To be in the photo pit during this show was awful because of all the smoke and the poor lighting so it was really hard for Anders to take pictures. It was nearly impossible to take pics because it was almost pitch black on stage therefore there is a lack of pictures.

“Possessed” was followed by “Hvite Krists Dod” and it was great fun to see Satyricon in action. We heard many saying that it’s an experience to see the band live and now that we have seen them we can agree. Rock solid and led heavy music paired with a crazy frontman can’t go wrong. Songs that followed were “To The Mountains”, “Mother North” and “Fuel For Hatred”. The 50 minute show closed with “K.I.N.G” and we couldn’t believe that the time had run past so quickly.

Set list
Now Diabolical
Black Crows On A Tombstone
The Wolfpack
Hvite Krists Dod
To The Mountains
Mother North
Fuel For Hatred

Satyricon gave proof on why they are one of the biggest bands in their genre with this show. It sure was an amazing experience to see the band live and we urge everyone who haven’t seen the band yet to go and see them.

After having seen the northmen of Satyricon it was time to go and see a band that thinks they are Vikings of the north, of course we’re talking about the headline act of Saturday – Manowar. Manowar merch had been dominating the one and only authorized merch stand that sold original t-shirts of the bands that was performing and the stand was located behind the Blue stage. Manowar music and flags had also been dominating the camping and for those (us) who never really liked the band was it a bit tiring to hear the same songs over and over again before the show had even begun. The brand new Manowar album THE LORD OF STEEL was released in the beginning of June and it was obvious that most of the people that attended the festival during Saturday were there to see Manowar.



Manowar has a history of being hard on photographers but no restrictions had come up during the day when we visited the press center. But of course it wasn’t going to be easy to take pics of the band. When I (Anders) came to the photo pit a press-woman came and told us that waited outside the pit that we were only allowed to take pics during the first song and nothing more. We weren’t allowed to take pics in the audience either. She seemed to be really nervous and kept on counting all the photographers waiting and just as I expected was it really crowded in the pit because every single fanzine and newspaper was there to cover the show. While Anders took place in the pit, I (Ulrika) stood and waited in the crowd for the band to enter but as the clock turned 24 when the band was supposed to begin the show no one was spotted on stage. The minutes passed by and Manowar was the only band that was late during the three days. 15 minutes late came the intro and a huge backdrop was fired up behind the drums.


The members went on stage to the roar of the audience and after the intro kicked the show off with the obvious choice of opening song in “Manowar”. I couldn’t help but laugh for myself when I saw the horrific backdrop that of course portrayed an over-sized well-oiled broiler to a warrior. I know that this is a part of the cult and of the bands image but I’m surprised that people do take this band serious. “Gates Of Valhalla” continued and the fans seemed to love the show. On each side of the drums stood rows of amps placed on top of each other so the band had literally a wall of sound behind them.

Needless to say is the bandmembers:

Joey DiMaio – bass
Eric Adams – lead vocals
Donnie Hamzik – drums
Karl Logan – guitar

Both Adams and DiMaio looked satisfied when they marched across the stage doing their thing and Adams thanked the fans for being there and supporting the band. “Kill With Power” followed and almost everyone in the crowd sang along in the song. “Sign Of The Hammer” came straight after and even though the fans loved it we heard that there was problems with the sound and the drums was put too high in the mix and the bass was put too low. It took a few songs before the technicians adjusted the sound but unfortunately the technicians couldn’t adjust the performance. Adams had the most fanatic fans in the palm of his hands from the very start but the further away you came from the stage you could see people just standing and watching the show not caring that much about what they saw.



Even though the band was headlining, there weren’t that much people there to see them. Yes, it was a big crowd but there were more people attending the Alice Cooper show last year. “Fighting The World” and “Kings Of Metal” followed and Adams let the fans sing the chorus to the last song. As soon as the song was over Logan took over with a boring guitar solo and the pace and the mood sunk immediately. If it was hard to take this band seriously before, it is even harder to take them serious after having seen them live – at least for me (Ulrika). I know you shouldn’t take this band seriously (I think) but I totally detest their fake Viking style and the way they treat women. DiMaio’s bass solo made us laugh and we asked ourselves once again where the greatness in this band lies? The funny backdrop changed to another equally hilarious one and “Brothers Of Metal Pt1” and “Call To Arms” continued and Adams began to yell at the crew and said that the band had a shit crew, we had no idea what he meant. He continued saying that it was great to perform amongst true Vikings and that the band had longed to be playing in Sweden again. It had been 10 years since they had been performing at a festival in Sweden and that they really care about their Swedish fans and that it was a blast coming to Gavle and play.

Adams wanted the fans to scream for the band and asked if anyone in the crowd knew how to play guitar and that one fan was going to picked up on stage playing with the band. Of course also a girl was picked up and the band said that she should encourage the guy to play better with showing him her breasts. Many of the people that stood around us just yawned at Adams when he said that and we couldn’t but agree. Come on, let the music do the talking and don’t make people embarrassed. Luckily had the girl integrity and didn’t show her breasts to the crowd. The guy began to play and the girl stood beside him and the band when they played “The Gods Made Heavy Metal” and the guy kept the guitar when he walked of stage. Adams asked the crowd if the guy should have the girl as well and told them to get backstage and get acquainted. All this took a really long time and it took away valuable time from the show. Afterwards we heard that the guitar couple was rigged. Apparently, the guy had won a Manowar competition in one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden that’s why he was taken up on stage. “King Of Kings” and “Sting Of The Bumblebee” followed and it was about now we could hear that the band didn’t sound tight at all. The band also stuffed the songs with too many unnecessary and long solo parts that didn’t move the show or the music further in any way.



And when DiMaio announced a drum solo from Hamzik we seriously started to think to abandon the show. DiMaio came out after the solo giving a speech in Swedish about how important the fans are to the band and how great it was for the band to be playing there. DiMaio should have props for giving the speech in Swedish, he really must have put some serious time into the learning the speech, but this was just another thing that stole minutes from the show. Why don’t focus on bringing music to the fans instead of speech. “Warriors Of The World” followed as well as another change of backdrop and Manowar have spread the rumors of being one of the loudest bands in the world, well, they were certainly not the loudest band on this festival. “Hail And Kill” followed and that song also marked the end of the original show after 1.35 minutes of not so good music. While we thought that was more than enough the fans wanted more and the band shortly returned back and kicked off the encores with “The Power”. “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” continued and as soon as that song was over took the band off their instruments and Adams said Hail Sweden, and that ended the 20 minutes of encores. As soon as the band had walked off there were large fireworks fired off behind the stage and that was really the nicest thing with the entire show.

Set list
Gats of Valhalla
Kill With Power
Sign Of The Hammer
Fighting The World
Kings Of Metal
Brothers Of Metal pt1
Call To Arms
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Hand Of Doom
King Of Kings
Sting Of The Bumblebee
Warriors Of The World United
Hail And Kill
The Power
Black Wind, Fire And Steel

Last year when DiMaio stood on the Getaway stage announcing that Manowar was going to headline the festival he promised to put Gavle in ruins, did the band manage to do that? No. The band put on a rocky show that made it clear that the guys are not that good on handling their instruments. There were too many unfocused solos and stuff that took too much time away from the main show like taking up the guy on stage as well as the long speech from DiMaio. Maybe this show appealed to the hardcore fans of the band but we’re pretty sure that they didn’t gain any new fans with this performance.

We bought food before we headed home to the camping talking about what we really had seen this afternoon/night. When we came to the camping there was no one again that really checked if we had camping passes or had something in our bags like glasses or so. Do we have to say that the Manowar fans kept on partying in the camping area so we fell to sleep listening to the music of Manowar ringing in our heads.




Read about the third and final day of the festival on the next page…..