Getaway Rock Festival 2012 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

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Getaway Rock Festival
Gasklockorna, Gavle, Sweden
5-7/7 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson


This is a review of the third edition of Getaway Rock Festival that was held in Gavle, Sweden during three hot days in July. The festival has a new organizer – the German FKP Skorpio – and we were eager to see how the festival was planned this year. We got to see some exclusive Swedish performances by Suicidal Tendencies, Nightwish, Venom, Manowar, Ministry and Yngwie Malmsteen to mention a few. Other acts that performed were Mustasch, Saxon, Finntroll, Satyricon, Behemoth, Devin Townsend Project and Ghost. Read more about the festival down below.

This year’s edition of Getaway Rock Festival took place an the beginning of July under three days of burning sun. If you live in or visited Sweden this summer you know that rain had dominated the forecast this summer except for the days of Getaway the sun actually shine down from a bright blue sky. It was the third year of the festival and one of the headline acts, Manowar, was announced back on the last night of the festival last year. The festival has gone through some changes with a bigger area this year as well as a brand new organizer in the German company FKP Scorpio. Some of the acts announced to perform were Yngwie Malmsteen, Behemoth, Ministry, Nightwish, Saxon, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Red Fang, Dying Fetus, Graveyard and Ghost. Both Graveyard and Ghost performed last year but then at such small stages that many of the fans couldn’t get into the building where the smaller stage was placed to see their favorite act. We remember that the lines to both of the shows ran long across the area and many of the fans waited for hours to come in. So this year was both Graveyard and Ghost scheduled to play at the larger stages – a nice gesture from both the bands as well as the organizers. New for this year was the Red stage and there were also a Yellow stage where local bands took the opportunity to perform and it all was encouraged by the local politicians that run Gavle.

FKP Scorpio was really late to confirm the press/photo passes for us and because we live quite a long way from Gavle, about 800 kilometers and this made us almost miss the festival. The organizers were also really late with putting up festival info for the guests on the website which made many visitors angry and irritated. It took until the 30th of June before even a proper map for the festival area come online on the festival website. And it took until Wednesday, the day before the festival began, until a map over the camping ground came up online. The festival also searched for volunteers at that time and many of the ones who had showed interest in helping out hadn’t received any answer until the beginning of July. On the website it could also be read that a warm up party was going to be held the 29th of June with performances of Engel and Entombed but the show was later cancelled due to lack of tickets sold one or two days before the show. Maybe you can question why to have a warm up show so long before it was time for the festival to begin. Why not put a warm up show the day before the festival?

The main stages this year was called Green and Blue stage and the bands on the Green stage were given about 80-90 minutes to play for and on the Blue stage the artists was given about 60 minutes. On the Yellow stage, that was located inside a house as well as on the outdoor Red Stage was the band given in between 30-40 minutes.

When we arrived to Gavle we couldn’t see any signs showing where to go to the festival but since we visited Getaway the last year we began the walk towards the area. There were no problems with getting our passes and we headed over to the camping are to put up our tent. The area was as big as last year but hosted twice as many people and to our surprise there were only one tiny row with running water so it got really muddy right from the start when so many people collected water from the same taps. We could only see two security’s on the camping during the four days we were there and it seemed like the organizers had put the responsibility of checking bags etc on the company The Festival Bus who originally arrange trips to various festivals in Europe and Sweden. Both motorcycle and trailers were allowed into the same place as the tents and during the first days so many trailers came that the organizers had to remove tents in order for the trailers and MC’s to fit into the area. The staff at the camping simply removed tents without saying anything to its owner and made room for the trailers, is it OK to just move anyone’s tents without telling?



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