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“Born Undead” DVD out now via Peaceville Records

CALIFORNIA – The U.S. death metal legend, Autopsy, who recently served up the five hour epic DVD, Born Undead, has checked in on the run up to the recording of the band’s sixth studio album, due for release on Peaceville mid-2013:

“Greetings casket crawlers and gore ghouls! Autopsy is ready to bleed out a bit of news for all to gnaw on…

“2012 has been a hell of a year for the band, with the All Tomorrow’s Funerals album release, a string of insane shows throughout the world and the Born Undead DVD hitting the shelves.


“Adding to the insanity is the first official Autopsy sanctioned comic book titled ‘Feast for a Funeral’ out on Halloween 2012. More info on these releases can be found at:


“Now it is time to begin constructing the next deathly audio monstrosity. Consisting of all new material, Autopsy promises the heaviest, darkest and most devastating album to date.


“This task is not being taken lightly and the band will see to it eardrums are torn, minds are destroyed and skulls are crushed. To make the horror complete, none other than famed artist Joe Petagno is handling the cover painting. Brace yourself for a mid-2013 release and know your hunger for death metal will be met with soul bludgeoning darkness and blood spattering savagery.


“Also, we’ve got a special end-of-year competition for all you sickos, with a chance to win one of 3 signed copies of the Born Undead DVD. To enter just answer this question: ‘Which artist created the cover artwork for the Born Undead DVD?’ Submit answers here:”


In other Autopsy related news, Peaceville has also just released a vinyl edition of Autopsy’s original 1995 swansong release, the sumptuous, Shitfun, plus the Abscess classic, Through the Cracks of Death, marking 10 years since release, and now presented for the first time ever on vinyl.


Stay tuned for more information on Autopsy.



Autopsy is…


Chris Reifert – drums/vocals

Danny Coralles – guitar

Eric Cutler – guitar

Joe Trevisano – bass



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