PROCESS Interview with Guitarist Anders Møller Pedersen

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Process Interview

with Guitarist Anders Møller Pedersen

Interview by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs


Any artist worth their salt, pepper, and other condiments knows you can’t rush the creative process. So the fact that Danish metallers Process took some time over the recording of their debut album Through Acknowledgment Only isn’t going to get tongues wagging. What might is the musical cacophony contained within. Laying the groundwork, guitarist Anders Møller Pedersen gives us an insight into this particular Process…

As a band you were formed in 2008 – what brought Process together?

Anders Møller Pedersen (AMP) – It´s not correct that we were formed back in 2008. Process started out as an idea back in 1993 but at that time we were busier drinking and chasing girls, rather than try to learn to play our instruments. However the now era of the band started around 2008 and we are now seriously about the music.

What’s the local music scene like in Denmark? Was this something you were all involved in prior to joining the band?

AMP – Again, we have been here for a lot of years, but the scene in Denmark have matured and so have we. Now there´s a lot of skilled bands, who play different kinds of styles and tempos. In the recent years several metal festivals have emerged in DK and it gives the country an opportunity for showing the Danish bands to the world.


You actually recorded your debut album Through Acknowledgement Only in 2009 I believe – can you give us some insight into the album and its creation?

– It´s correct that we started recording in 2009 and finished in spring 2010, mostly because Jacob Hansen were busy recording other projects, and we had to wait. Actually we recorded in 3 different studios – drums in Copenhagen – guitars, bass in Ribe and vocals in Haderslev.

First we went to Ribe in” Hansen Studios” and recorded the guitars and bass sessions with a click track. After a week all were done and we moved on to the vocals sessions in Haderslev. After several nights the vocals were done and guitars vocals were sent to Mads- our session drummer- and he recorded the drum tracks. We mixed all the tracks in “Hansen Studios” and the result is TAO.

I believe the album was recorded with the financial backing of Mobile Music – can you tell us more about this?

– It´s an organisation who support upcoming bands financially in DK. Without this money we couldn’t have made this product.

Do you think these kinds of programmes are important for supporting emerging talent?

– This support is very important for the Danish bands and especially the metal bands that are underground.

What was the response to the album like?

AMP – We had a bunch of good reviews and the fans have responded nicely when we perform live. After two years there’s not so many that knows us yet, but we´re about to change that.


Is it only now coming to some wider markets? Does it almost feel like an all new album again?

– I don’t know about the other guy´s but for me, this album still makes me smile. It still has this freshness that motivates me, and I can’t wait for the next gigs.

Looking back now – would you do anything differently?

AMP – Hmm – I´m a looking forward guy and think about the new tunes we’re working on, but of course there´s things we could have done better.

I understand that Mads Lauridsen played studio drums on the album – what was it like working with him?

AMP – Mads have played in the band on several occasions and we know he was very good so it was a pleasure. He has a good professional attitude and is a good friend of ours, so we trusted his skills. We first heard the drum tracks when we mixed the tunes – quite interesting.


You’ve since solidified your line-up – would you say Process as a band is at its strongest now?

– Yes, this line up is without question the best and most creative.

Is there anything else in the process for the band at the moment?

AMP – At the moment we work on new material and try to figure out how to find money for the next full-length. We hope that people would do us that favour to check us out and support us.

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