TERRORDOME/DEKAPITED – thrashing split out soon

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On Halloween 31st October here comes the newest album thanks to Polish Terrordome and Chilean Dekapited under the brand of Thrashing Madness Records. Bestial Castigation split is nothing else than fast and brutal thrash metal represented by two totally furious bands from distant continents! Almost 22 minutes served by Terrordome and Dekapited is a dose of fresh and juicy meat in the form of 9 ultrafast, merciless hellish tracks kept in oldschool way previously invented by SLAYER, VIO-LENCE and DARK MOTHERFUCKING ANGEL! All on CD, closed in jewel case box.  Cost: 15PLN/5USD/4EUR + shipping.



01. Terrordome – Brutal Punishment

02. Terrordome – The Final Regret

03. Terrordome – Arthur The Catamite

04. Terrordome – Cross Over Cracow

05. Terrordome – Friends From The Gym

06. Dekapited – Devastación (intro)

07. Dekapited – Contra Iglesia Y Estado

08. Dekapited – Tortura Mental

09. Dekapited – Pesadilla Fatal


More info:

Oldschool Metal Maniac: www.oldschool-metal-maniac.com

Terrordome: www.terrordome.net.pl

Dekapited:  www.myspace.com/dekapited


Website orders:



E-mail orders:

Terrordome: terrordome@tlen.pl

Dekapited: thrash.pirata@gmail.com

Thrashing Madness: thrashing_madness@wp.pl

Oldschool Metal Maniac: oldschool_metal_maniac@wp.pl

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