NYC Black Metal Philosophers IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Unleash ‘Abominamentvm’

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After laboring in the shadows for nearly half a decade, releasing a string of obscure demos and EPs and honing their baroque, highly conceptualized strain of black metal psychosis, New York City’s IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT have unveiled their debut full-length. Entitled ‘Abominamentvm‘ and currently available on the band’s Bandcamp page, the album’s eight tracks were brought into being by Colin Marston at his Menegroth: The Thousand Caves studio. ‘Abominamentvm‘ was officially released on September 5th, 2012, and currently exists solely in digital form (though plans for physical manifestations are forthcoming).

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The music contained therein is suffocating, disjointed, unsettling – an uneasy marriage of dark ambient, atonal riffing, Deathspell Omega, early Immortal, and drug days Nachtmystium, filtered through a philosophical, nihilistic lens. IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT‘s ranks include two members of similarly twisted experimental death metal troupe PYRRHON, and feature lyrics inspired not by Satan, but by the evil in man himself, as well as the writings of Rousseau and Nietzsche (as guitarist and vocalist Ilya Ezrin elaborates upon in this interview with The Metal Observer). The same publication gushed, “IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT truly operates within the upper echelons of American Black Metal. As impressive as it’s unsettling, the music of IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT is arguably the grotesque Black Metal equivalent of PORTAL’s Death Metal, and should be considered compulsory listening to all who crave kick-ass forward-thinking Metal,” while Pure Grain Audio hailed it as, “A modern futurist work…a monolith to the will of the American nihilist.”

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT are currently preparing for a rare live performance as part of NYC’s Precious Metal at the Lit Lounge on October 15th alongside VATTNET VISKAR and SO HIDEOUS. Stay tuned for more updates!

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