Training Icarus – EP

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Reviewed: October 2012
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Training Icarus, are a unique band that have captivated their local scene by storm with a charismatic live show, impressive musical skill and great determination. Within this EP they have created a darkly delightful tapestry of seductive guitar hooks, powerful drumming, intense bass lines with an accompaniment of soaring vocals mixed with the symphonic orchestration of angels.

Starting the EP with “Taking what’s mine” which is a powerful piece that starts off the melodic journey. With the grandeur of melodic layering the track sends of tidal wave of presence that entices you to listen more. “Inamorato” reflects how stunning Leigh’s Vocals are, with an impressive range that fills the speakers so easily. The piece is a slow burning but with such strong built up, this is a song that you can’t help but like as the silk to the ears guitar solo kicks in and the sultry vocal accompaniment that you could listen to for hours.

The EP progresses into “Nightmares” with cryptic sounds of an anvil beat harbouring the sound of construction. The tracks’ beginning soon flows into a piece which instantly demands your attention as its Iron maiden influenced bass lines grab you, along with the hypnotic string ensemble. The final track on the album; “Now or Never”, follows suit the same winning formula of a slow melodic build up into the full strength of the track. The doppelganger vocal harmonies of the recording that are again seen on the track are really quite delightful to listen to.

The EP is filled with pure professionalism; the overall package is a perfect reflection of the bands musicality with great space to continue on the path they’ve carved so far. The band, have achieved a wealth of experience from Playing alongside Tesseract and Blaze Bailey right up winning a slot to play bloodstock. The band, are defiantly ones to look out for it you haven’t already.

Review by Ashlinn Nash


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Track Listing:
1) Taking what’s mine
2) Inamorato
3) Nightmares
4) Now or never

Leigh Turner – Vocals
Martin Eldon- Guitar
Jayson Turner- Bass
Richard Eldon- Drums.