Svartsyn – The True Legend

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Reviewed: October 2012
Released: 2012, Sound Riot Records/Agonia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This 2 piece band from Sweden is well renowned and highly respected within the black metal scene. The formed in 1991, then known as Chalice (later changing their name to Svartsyn in 1993). “The True Legend” was originally released in December 1996, after a long stint of being out of print; they have re-recorded vocals and guitars and even got a new cover!

When the album kicks in with track 1, it starts off with a good, heavy rift. The sound is so thrash it hurts! It makes you wonder how only 2 people can make this sound, and as for his voice, can’t say I have heard one like it.

When track 2 starts, again you have a very thrashy sound. The song has this weird undertone to it. It’s almost like a record being played backwards, however, this makes it very repetitive sounding. Track 3 has to be my favourite off the whole album, it has a bit more melody to it which makes it flow a bit more. I absolutely love the symphonic part at the end! The next track almost has an Iron Maiden feel to it! I would have like the thrash to have been a bit toned down for this one as it has an excellent guitar melody. Track 5 really just sounds like the others; it doesn’t have much individuality to it. Track 6 has a better sound; the song is broken up into more riffs which make for a more interesting listen. The last track on the album could do the same as what I said for track 4, tone the thrash down. It overkilled the sound a bit. They have a part towards the end that sounds like funeral music and it is amazing! A great way to end the album I feel.

On the whole, I wasn’t greatly impressed with the album. It has some really outstanding parts but most of the album just really sounds the same, which is a real shame. In saying that, I think this album would be amazing played live! The thrash parts would really get the crowd going and give off an amazing atmosphere.

Review by Lianne Alice


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Track Listing:
1 – Tearing Your Soul
2 – The True Legend
3 – Snake In The Garden Of Eden
4 – Ghoul Haunted Forest
5 – Under The Devil\’s Moon
6 – Cursed Blaze From The Castle
7 – Shadows Painting My Eyes

Ornias – vocals, guitars, bass
Draugen – drums


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