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Reviewed: October 2012
Released: 2012, Sonic Attack
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having been around for sometime now and changing their line-up from 2010, Superbutt from Hungary is ready to show the world that the next stage of their evolution is one not to be taken lightly. Having shared stages with big names such as In Flames, Soulfly and Ignite, and carving a interesting sound that is hard to pigeon hole into one genre, I gave this record a spin not entirely sure on what to expect.

Opening with, ‘Cleaver’, the track begins with infectious riffs, harsh grunt style vocals and catchy drumming giving a rock n roll vibe compounded metal riffs thrown into the blender. The later part of the song comes with an unexpected mid breakdown and lead guitar passage, show casing some already positive signs to crank up the volume.

Next up, ‘Best Plays’ has a clean guitar intro and slow downbeat guitar riffs before pummelling into a thrash metal powerhouse with thunderous drum work, and sonic driven solos. This comes with enough punch to leave faces black and bruised.

‘The Devil you run with’ has a gritty and grunge fuelled essence with brooding drumming and an interesting use of melodic/ thrash injected riffs. Meanwhile the intro solo of ‘Natasha’ will leave air guitar fans dumbstruck with face melting solos. The song wades into heavier territory as the accelerated riffs collide with furious drumming.

Meanwhile, ‘Out of Gloom’ remains one of the albums standout tracks with its solid transition between verse chorus and group vocals, whilst the lead guitar breakdown shifts further into some fret board mastery from the lead guitarists effortless finger tapping.

Closing off with ‘The Murder of Socrates’ opens with a lush proggy landscape as spoken words can be heard woven into the brief interlude. The darker and gritty riffs intrude in a way that is reminiscent of Mastodon. The later half of the track harbours upon a climatic guitar solo that displays some of the albums most well refined lead guitar offerings before dispersing into murky an atmosphere of slow tuned down riffs.

Ok so, having never heard of these guys and not knowing at all what to expect I can safely say how genuinely surprised I was. This album comes intact with some dangerously talented musicians who know how to sculpt some truly interesting works of art that are both obscure and tangible. Firstly there is a strong metal streak running alongside the hard rock edginess. But once delving further into the record there’s a heavy emphasis upon progressive undertones that should keep even the most open minded of listeners satisfied. The production is clear and well refined and there really isn’t much else to say, besides give this album a spin and you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Review By Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
1. Cleaver
2. Best plays
3. The Devil You Run With
4. Natasha
5. Out of Reach
6. Of This Gloom
7. Ugly Nerd
8. Evil Blues
9. Revolting Kids
10. The Murder of Socrates

András Vörös: Vocals
Tamás Práznek: Guitars
Attila Kovács: Guitars
György Nedoluha: Bass
Adam Fellegi: Drums


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