Fester – A Celebration Of Death

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Reviewed: October 2012
Released: 2012, Abyss Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Fester are a 4 piece blackened death metal band from Norway. First forming in 1989, they went under the name of \”Heroic Conduct\”. Known as one of the pioneers in blending the black and death metal scenes together. \”A Celebration of Death” is the band’s first bit of material in over 17 years.

Right from the get go it is doom doom glorious doom. This is an excellent start to the album as it is atmospheric without going over the top. As you get onto track 2, you are greeted with the pleasant sound of rain then POW!! Metal to the face! It has a slight scratch sound which kind of adds to the sound. Makes me feel sad and I can\’t think why. Track 3 also begins with rain but with the sound of crows. Very dark and when it kicks in you are almost ready for a fight! Track 4 is a lot thrashier than the previous offerings, very heavy. Track 5 is one filthy piece of metal and I feel like a filthy girl for listening to it! An amazing continuous riff! The next track is actually quite similar to the previous on except with a bit of sword play sounds thrown in. Think it may be my least favourite of the album but it’s still good, just lacking that one thing that sets it apart from the others. Tracks 7 and 8 are a 2 part deal, the first part being slower and the second faster. The melody is beautiful; this is a very technical piece of work. Once the air raid sample kicks in, the song becomes full of melancholy, quite easily the best song off the album. In track 9 you can almost hear the strain of the guitar chords, making it slightly creepy. Don\’t know if that was intentional or not. You can also hear a lot of static when he sings. Last track, quite simply, fucking amazing! It has an almost industrial feel to it, a dirty sound and very bassy. One song I would absolutely love to see live!

The sound is a tiny bit grainy, they could have used a little bit more production, but you know what, that really adds to their sound. Shame it took them this long to make a comeback but it was totally worth it. The tracks flowed together beautifully and really built up the hype. I would certainly recommend anyone listen to this!

Review by Lianne Alice


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Track Listing:
1 – Rites Of Ceres
2 – The Black Tower
3 – March Of Death
4 – I\’ll Hunt You Down
5 – Metalized
6 – Jeg Spytter Pa Deg
7 – Last Day Of Battle (Part 1)
8 – Last Day Of Battle (Part 2)
9 – A Face For A Funeral
10 – Rites Of Mortiis (Rites Of Ceres Remix)

Jon Bakker – bass
Jotho – drums
Bjorn \’Tiger\’ Mathisen – guitar, vocals
Thomas Andresen – vocals


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