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Reviewed: October 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Given their 20 year long career and great history of six previous blisteringly extreme studio albums (as well as a Live Album and EP) which have forged the band’s legacy as creating material that goes far beyond the status quo of song writing when it comes to extreme music, Cyptopsy should be a name that is very familiar to the average Extreme Metal fan. Now with the release of the self-titled Cyptopsy album comes the bands seventh full length album and they have recently gone so far as to say that this latest release will be their most brutal, technical and dynamic offering as of yet, which for anyone who knows Cyptopsy will know that this equates to pure musical chaos!

The album is brought in with a slow eerie intro on the first track Two-Pound Torch which lasts for a matter of seconds before the inevitable whirlwind of Death Metal destruction begins. This is quite simply some of the most technical, fast, brutal and unrelenting Death Metal that you’ll hear and it’s clear that despite line-up changes in the past and the departure of Lord Worm on lead vocals, the band have still lost none of their unique spark and frenzied energy that creates such brilliantly chaotic Death Metal.

The production on the album is great and does a really good job of cutting through a lot of the wall of sound created in some of the faster sections to allow each band member to come through clearly. The guitars, bass and drums have a nice amount of low end bass to them which really just adds to the crushing heaviness of the album brilliantly and Matt McGachy’s vocals are punchy and immediate in the overall mix. Overall it’s a combined sound that from the start will make you sit back and think “whoa!”, it’s quite impressive just how heavy they’ve managed get their sound to become on the album.

In terms of the strength of each song on the album, the technicality is most definitely there and the mixture of tempos from slow grooves to extremely fast blast beat segments comes thick and fast. Songs like Red Skinned Scapegoat and the opening track Two-Pound Torch demonstrate this quite well, and perhaps for me personally it seems like at times that some of the songs sound more like a technical exercise (especially in the sense of Red Skinned Scapegoat which even includes a Smooth Jazz breakdown towards the end before exploding back into Brutal Death Metal for the outro) in how to be fast, brutal and technically extreme rather than being a well-rounded and well written Death Metal song. But I guess that Cryptopsy have always had that as their formula and if it’s not broken and it works, why change it?

I’m not sure if I can really pick out any stand out tracks from the album as each song almost seems to blend into the next and the album becomes a continuous 35 minute assault on the senses. I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing as it certainly keeps your attention and makes you want to listen from start to finish, and as the album is a fairly short one compared to average standards, it’s unlikely that you’ll lose interest before the end. It’s not an album that you’ll probably listen to every day given its sheer ball crushing ferocity but you can’t help but still be impressed by what Cryptopsy have created with this album.

This is an album that fans of Cryptopsy and extreme technical Death Metal in general will definitely be happy with. The band are absolutely on fire on every song, the guitar playing is fast as ever and the riffs fire out at break neck speed throughout the entire album. Flo’s drumming speed is so insane it’s enough to make your head explode and Matt McGachy’s vocals sound like a Gorilla that’s been given steroids! This is simply 35 minutes that will smash you across the face and give you a true demonstration of how to shred each and every instrument in a Death Metal band to absolute destruction and at the end of it all you’ll be left catching your breath and wondering what the hell just happened!

Review by Joffie Lovett


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Track Listing:
1. Two-Pound Torch
2. Shag Harbour\’s Visitors
3. Red-Skinned Scapegoat
4. Damned Draft Dodgers
5. Amputated Enigma
6. The Golden Square Mile
7. Ominous
8. Cleansing the Hosts

Flo Mounier: Drums/Backing Vocals
Jon Levasseur: Lead & Rhythm guitar
Chris Donaldson: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Matt McGachy: Lead Vocals
Olivier Pinard: Bass Guitar


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