Sadistic Intent – Helsinki Finland

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Live at The Club Perkele

The 10th of September

Helsinki Finlnd

The long time underground, uncrowned, death metal legends, Sadistic Intent, rarely tour in Europe. The last time the mighty Sadistic Intent left death metal fans gasping for more old school death metal a few years ago. Therefore, returning to Europe was definitely long awaited amongst the fans.  The four piece LA death metallers went through Europe by playing a gig every night somewhere in Europe within three weeks. Getting Sadistic Intent to Finland was a great accomplishment from the KRK organization. Approximately between 100-150 maniacs had arrived at the obscure club Prkl on Monday night to witness the third visit of Sadistic Intent on the Finnish soil.  

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Before the LA death metallers unleashed their obscure funerals hymns in the Club Prkl a couple of domestic names had been booked to warm up the show. Frankly one of them could have been dropped as 99,99 % of the crowd had just entered to witness the mighty Sadistic Intent in action. Of course, Gorephilia and Desolator received a warm response from the audience.  However, seeing one of them would have been more than enough.

As stated earlier, apx. 100-150 people had crawled to the Club Prkl to testify the third visit of Sadistic Intent on Monday night. The band hasn’t given up an inch in the way of the look at the stage. Younger death metal bands should pay attention and take a lesson from Sadistic Intent’s relentless custom of the true leather rebel. Spikes and leather are the essential dress code as Sadistic Intent had stuck to the roots of the real death metal thing.

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The four piece unleashed utter eternal darkness over the club by delivering a lethal set of the old school death metal. The passion, dedication and uncompromising playing could be seen and felt thru the intensive performance. The combo has never let people down at their shows, nor did they this time. Sadistic Intent are capable of keeping intensive playing and performance alive thru the 90 minute set.  Once again younger bands should take a lesson of these legends.

The set consisted of all the killer Sadistic Intent battle hymns and included a couple of new songs. The most bizarre and eccentric cover choice had been chosen Darkthrone’s “Fuck Off And Die”. It definitely sounded different and a bit odd for sure. Above all, these new songs sounded brutal and had true SI quality and are as vicious as hell. Expect something new from Sadistic Intent in just a matter of time.

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Sadistic Intent spread their true morbid faith during apx. 90 minute without slowing down.  Even though most of you reading this article and taking a glance at pics may claim to be a death metal fan, witnessing Sadistic Intent on stage will bring an entire new meaning about being a death metal fan. The band’s brutal, catchy, and above all brutal sounding tunes, make them so unique in the whole death metal genre.   


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